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Probably everyone agrees that nothing can compare with which sometimes delivers unbearable torment. However, unfortunately, not everyone undergoes routine checkups at the dentist. But what can we say, even knowing about the presence of a tooth damaged by caries, a significant number of people because of fear of lack of time or simply in the absence of a desire to strive to postpone the solution to this problem until a later date.home treatment for flux

It is with such a negligent attitude toward the state of your oral cavity that odontogenic periostitis develops, better known by the people as flux. In fact, it is a purulent abscess on the gum, the causes of which are associated with the release of pus from the cavity of the diseased tooth to the periosteum. For a long time in the treatment of this disease recipes of alternative medicine have been successfully used. Let's look at how to properly organize flux treatment at home, which folk remedies will be most effective.


This is an excellent tool to help get rid of acute flux.It is enough just to chew it all day long, occasionally swallowing small pieces. On the basis of propolis for the treatment of flux, you can also make a special ointment. The recipe for its preparation is simple.

It is necessary to take the enameled ware and pour refined vegetable oil (1 tbsp.) Into it. Add propolis (50 g) and beeswax (20 g). Send the container to the stove and heat it over low heat. As soon as the wax acquires a liquid consistency, add boiled yolk (1 pc.) Grated on a fine grater to the total mass. Mix everything well and remove the pan from the heat. After cooling, place the ointment in a glass jar and send it to the refrigerator, where it should be stored in the future.

How to remove flux using this tool? It is necessary to lubricate the gum twice a day with prepared ointment, preheated to room temperature using a water bath.how to remove flux


Effective is the treatment of flux at home on the basis of special compresses. So, to relieve pain, you can prepare them from a decoction of mustard grass and sage. You must take 1 tbsp. l each of these components and brew all a glass of boiling water.Allow the broth to cool slightly, and then moisten a cotton pad or bandage in it and apply to the affected gingiva. A simple compress of baking soda (1 teaspoon) wrapped in a wet bandage will also help in the fight against flux.

In order to disinfect the gums, it is recommended to moisten the swab in freshly squeezed onion juice. Reduce the accumulation of pus is designed to help and cabbage leaf. So, it should be boiled for a few minutes, let it cool, and then apply a small piece to the sore area.

The time during which the compress should be applied is on average 20 minutes. It is important to know that it is strictly forbidden to use hot compresses, as they can only aggravate the situation and worsen inflammation.

Herbal Broths

Home treatment of flux includes such an effective and time-tested remedy as herbal decoctions intended for rinsing the mouth. Consider some recipes:

  • It is necessary to take sage leaves, oak bark, calamus rhizome, and leaves of dioecious nettle one tablespoon. Mix everything and pour boiling water (1 l). Leave the agent for 2 hours so that it can infuse and strain it. Ready to rinse the broth mouth cavity every hour.
  • Calamus rhizome and sage leaves (1 tbsp.l.) pour boiling water (1 cup). The resulting mass is placed in an enamel container and send for 15 minutes on the stove. Boil means necessary over low heat. After the broth has cooled to room temperature, you can begin to rinse the mouth. Such procedures should be carried out every two hours.
  • Pods of yellow acacia (100 grams) pour hot water (1 cup), put on the stove and boil for five minutes. Wait 20 minutes until the infusion is infused. The cooled liquid to carry out rinsing of the mouth every 1-2 hours.

flux dental treatment

Honey ointment

To prepare an effective and not quite ordinary ointment for flux, you will need natural honey and a rusty nail. The recipe is simple. It is necessary to pour the lime honey (2 tbsp.) In a shallow container and place on the stove. Heat the product over low heat and at the same time heat the rusty nail. When he gets a red tint, it should be completely immersed in hot honey. Further it will be possible to notice how a thick mass of black color is formed around the nail. Allow the product to cool down, after which it is necessary to carefully remove the substance formed on it and apply it before going to sleep on the affected gingiva.

Rinsing with pharmacy tools

Home treatment of flux can be carried out with the use of drugs. So, an effective remedy is the tablets "Furacilin", which, having an antiseptic effect, will help relieve pain, reduce inflammation and eliminate puffiness. You need to take two tablets, grind them into powder and dissolve in a glass of boiled water. Perform the procedure should be every 2-3 hours.

A worthy alternative to the tablets "Furacilin" is the drug "Chlorophyllipt." 1 tbsp. l the solution of this tool to connect with a glass of boiled water, mix well. The obtained therapeutic liquid is used for rinsing the mouth (the procedure should be performed up to 8 times a day).treatment of flux folk remedies

Other recipes

There is a huge amount of alternative folk recipes to combat flux. Consider some of them:

  • Take a small piece of bacon, wash off the salt from it and lay between the cheek and gum in the area of ​​the affected area.
  • Green tea (1 tsp.) Brew with boiling water (1 cup) and pour in it table salt (1 tsp.). Use the resulting mouthwash, which should be done every hour.
  • Mix sugar and salt, taken 1 tsp., Add ground black pepper (0.5 tsp.).Pour 3% table vinegar or rum (5 drops) into the mixture and mix thoroughly. The result should be a thick, mushy mass, which must be kept above the lighted candle until it thickens. A warm tool to attach to the patient area and keep until the disappearance of pain.
  • Grate fresh horseradish root. The resulting slurry (1 tsp.) Pour any wine (1 cup) and let it brew for 4 hours. Strain the infusion and rinse their mouth as often as possible.
  • Table salt and baking soda, taken 1 tsp., Pour warm water (250 ml). Means for rinsing the mouth.

Antibiotic flux treatment

The most reliable and effective way to combat the problem in question, which is able to stop the development of a purulent process and prevent the spread of infection, is taking antibiotics.

What antibacterial drugs for the treatment of flux are most common? These are tablets or suspension "Amoksiklav", means "Ampioks", "Doxycycline", "Lincomycin" and "Tsifran".

It is worth noting that each of these drugs affect the flux in different ways, and the choice of a particular drug should take into account the degree of complexity of the disease, its symptoms.If there is a flux, what should be done to recover and prevent the development of complications, should suggest an experienced specialist. And because the trip to the dentist is inevitable. antibiotic treatment for flux

Flux treatment in children

If you find flux in your beloved offspring, you should not self-medicate, you need to seek help from a doctor. It is important to ensure that the child does not touch the affected gum with his hands. In no case should not wrap up the cheek and apply warm compresses.

To relieve pain, dentists do not recommend the use of any means, but not every child will be able to withstand such pain. In this case, will help the infusion of sage, oak or chamomile bark, soda-saline solution. Since, due to his age, a child cannot rinse the mouth, it is enough for him to take one of the indicated means in his mouth, hold it in a sore spot, and then spit out.

It is strictly forbidden to give anesthetics to the baby, and especially antibacterial drugs. Prescribe medication can only be a doctor who, given the age characteristics of the child, prescribe the most optimal dose.treatment of flux in children

Preventive measures

In order to avoid dental flux, the treatment of which should not be delayed, it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  • Carefully monitor the condition of the oral cavity, for which at least once every six months to undergo a routine examination at the dentist.
  • Take the brushing process very seriously, do it diligently twice a day. Brush and toothpaste must be selected according to individual peculiarities; it is best to get expert advice on this matter.
  • Tartar should be removed more often due to the fact that bacteria accumulating in the space between the teeth can transform into stone deposits. And this, in turn, injures the gums, causing their bleeding and inflammation.
  • Enrich the diet with foods high in calcium - an element that is responsible for the condition of the teeth and bones.

flux: what to do

It should be understood that the treatment of flux with folk remedies does not always give a positive result. Recipes for alternative medicine are recommended to be combined with the treatment prescribed by the dentist. And, of course, it is necessary to eliminate the carious process in the tooth, because it is in the overwhelming majority of cases that it causes flux.Only then can we expect a speedy recovery.

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