Healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke. Application of Jerusalem artichoke: recipes

The word "Jerusalem artichoke" sounds unfamiliar to many people. It is a pity that such a wonderful root crop has an undeservedly low popularity. We propose to study together the Jerusalem artichoke, beneficial properties and contraindications of this product, as well as some recipes for preparing delicious and nutritious dishes.

healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke

History of origin

The root vegetable received its unusual name from the name of the North American Indian tribe - topinambo. In areas of the Great American Lakes, a unique plant began to grow even two thousand years ago. In Europe, Jerusalem artichoke came before potatoes. This happened in the XVI century with the assistance of French immigrants who survived the famine in 1610 thanks to the unknown tuber. In France, Jerusalem artichoke very much, and it began to grow as a cultivated plant. Soon it was driven out by potatoes, which showed a high yield and had a neutral taste.Gradually, Jerusalem artichoke moved into the category of delicacy plants and began to receive undeservedly little attention from people.

The vegetable was widely spread only in the thirties of the last century. This was largely facilitated by the All-Union Conference on the Study of this Culture, organized by Academician N. I. Vavilov. On it, an outstanding breeder gave a detailed description of the plant and called for the cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke everywhere. Useful properties and treatment of root diseases of various diseases began to be actively used in traditional medicine.

Biological portrait

Another name is the earthen pear - the plant received due to the external similarity with sweet fruits. The Jerusalem artichoke has a variety of different “nicknames”: the solar root, the Jerusalem artichoke, the tuberous sunflower, the sweet or schnapps potatoes. Different names have been assigned to the root for many years, all thanks to its remarkable properties and extraordinary utility.Jerusalem artichoke medicinal properties of a photo

Experienced gardeners speak of Jerusalem artichoke as an unpretentious vegetable crop that does not require special attention and special care.A perennial herb can grow up to three meters high in a season. But the main value - in its tubers, which safely winter in the ground. Their shape is varied and can resemble a pear, apple or spindle. Under the thin skin lies white elastic flesh, having a slight taste of sunflower oil. Tubers in soil can withstand severe frosts, reaching –30aboutFROM.

Unique features

The healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke are based on the most valuable quality - the almost complete absence of heavy metals in it. The root has an amazing ability - not to absorb any artificial fertilizers and harmful substances. Moreover, Jerusalem artichoke grows well on lands affected by radiation, while remaining absolutely clean.

The unusual taste and dense structure allow you to eat a vegetable in any form: raw, fried, boiled. From it you can cook sweet dishes, compotes, jams, mashed potatoes and much more. Any food will be extremely beneficial to health, if the preparation is the topinambur. Medicinal properties (photos of plants are presented in the article) are based on the rich chemical composition of the root.

The benefits of earthen pear

If you list all the components that make up the root, you get a very long list, which will include a large part of the elements of the periodic table. Iron, potassium, silicon, magnesium, zinc, various vitamins, carbohydrates - these are just a small list of the most important substances that Jerusalem artichoke contains.Jerusalem artichoke healing properties and treatments

Useful properties and treatment of various diseases are based on the remarkable property of the plant to remove toxins and toxins from the human body. The action of the root can be compared with the work of the brush, which carefully cleans everything around you. The removal of toxic substances contributes to the presence of pectin, which in excess contains topinambur.

Useful properties and contraindications to the use of this vegetable interest many. Note that the first significantly more:

  • A rich set of trace elements, similar in composition to the pharmacy potassium-magnesium complex, improves cardiac activity, cleanses the walls of blood vessels and stabilizes blood pressure.
  • A high iron content quickly heals the body of anemia.
  • Jerusalem artichoke improves the intestinal microflora with dysbiosis, can cope with such problems as constipation.
  • High anti-inflammatory effect is observed in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases: ulcers, colitis, gastritis.
  • Vegetable perfectly neutralizes heartburn.
  • It has a choleretic property.
  • It is recommended in cosmetology for rejuvenating procedures and improving the tone of the skin.

All men should be aware of the fact that the healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke positively affect the sexual sphere, contributing to the preservation of potency until the very old age. Also, the earth pear reliably prevents the development of prostate adenoma. Regular consumption of a healthy plant will relieve men from unpleasant ailments forever.Jerusalem artichoke syrup useful properties

The healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke also apply to children. Tasty dishes made from earth pears improve appetite, increase hemoglobin level in blood and contribute to general immunity strengthening. Thus, topinambur can be considered a family product.

Inulin - the basis of the healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke

The content of dry substances in the earth pear reaches 20%. Of these, the majority (about 80%) are carbohydrate inulin. It is a natural insulin analogue, almost entirely composed of fructose.Once in the body, inulin partially decomposes into individual molecules and enters the blood. The remaining undigested part actively binds and removes from the body a large number of harmful and ballast substances, including: fatty acids, toxic compounds, heavy metals, pathogenic microbes. Strengthening the contraction of the intestinal walls, inulin contributes to the release of the body from toxins and undigested food. In the blood vessels of the molecules of this carbohydrate produce a similar job, cleansing them from harmful metabolic products and chemical components trapped in the blood with drugs.

The healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke are manifested in the resistant body resistance to various infections, intestinal bacteria and viral diseases. Inulin also has a lot of positive actions, including the improvement of the intestinal microflora, activation of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulation of the gallbladder and the protective functions of the liver. A high antitumor effect of carbohydrate has also been noted.healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke

Inulin polysaccharide is an ideal sugar substituteits presence allows you to actively use the vegetable in the diet. Jerusalem artichoke is an indispensable tool for the treatment and prevention of diabetes. Doctors recommend regularly eating several tubers a day, and the blood sugar indicator will always be normal.

When using, be careful

No matter how useful the product is, there are always a considerable number of people who do not tolerate topinambur. Healing properties and contraindications to the use of this culture must be known to all who wish to replenish the menu with an interesting vegetable. In any case, you need to introduce a new product into your diet gradually, checking the body's reaction to it.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that some substances in the composition of the Jerusalem artichoke contribute to increased gas formation in the intestine. People suffering from flatulence, it is better to avoid eating dishes from earthen pear. Even if your body will willingly take a tasty root vegetable, you should never abuse it.

Leaves and stems: gain

Not only tubers are of great importance, but also the ground parts of the Jerusalem artichoke plant.Medicinal properties, recipes for the preparation of healing tinctures and tea will be useful to find out those people who suffer from various diseases of the joints. The easiest way to prepare a decoction of dried leaves and stems. A tablespoon of crushed mass is poured with a glass of boiling water and infused for half an hour. The resulting drink can be drunk evenly throughout the day in small portions.

An additional effect will have a bath for which the leaves of Jerusalem artichoke are brewed. Therapeutic properties allow the use of such procedures to alleviate the condition of arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis, osteochondrosis. Good baths and in the complex of medical measures after injuries of the musculoskeletal system. To cook the broth, 100 g of dried or chopped fresh leaves need to be poured with five liters of water and boil a little over moderate heat. After forty minutes, the mixture should be drained and added to the bath. The procedure should not take more than 15 minutes.Jerusalem artichoke tea useful properties

People who suffer from vascular disorders, also helps the bath, which uses the stems and leaves of Jerusalem artichoke. The beneficial properties of the plant cause a positive effect of such procedures on the walls of blood vessels. The recommended course of treatment is at least ten baths.You can repeat the therapy after a month's break. Green decoction is also used as a homemade lotion, daily rubbing their face and neck. The natural remedy perfectly cleans and tones the epithelium, besides eliminating dermatitis, diathesis and acne.

In the treatment of many diseases, traditional medicine recommends taking tea from Jerusalem artichoke. Useful properties of the drink are diverse and versatile. But it is not necessary to prescribe it to yourself, it is better to first consult with your doctor.

For those who want to replace the use of white sugar with useful natural substitutes, will be an excellent alternative to Jerusalem artichoke syrup. Its beneficial properties are based on the rich content of fructose, which is able to completely replace the usual sugar sweetness. In appearance and taste, the syrup resembles floral honey, featuring a clear amber hue. It can be added to taste in hot drinks, compotes, pastries and chocolate.

Jerusalem artichoke in cooking

The healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke can be used in the organization of a healthy diet.In addition, dishes based on earth pears can significantly diversify the daily menu. Jerusalem artichoke useful properties and contraindications

  • Salad. Adding raw, chopped Jerusalem artichoke tubers to a seasonal vegetable mixture will significantly enrich it with flavor and nutritional benefits. Carrots, apples, beets, sauerkraut are well combined with an earthen pear. Fill vegetables preferably with vegetable oil - sunflower or olive. You can also cook a salad of boiled root. For 3-4 medium-sized tubers, you need to add boiled eggs (2 pcs.) And canned young corn (1 can). All products (except the last) cut into medium cubes and fill with mayonnaise. As a result, we get nutritious food.
  • Soup puree.The first dish is cooked in meat broth or vegetable broth. For this, cleaned Jerusalem artichoke is cut into thin plates and lightly passaged with onions and carrots until transparent. Then the vegetables are placed in boiling broth and cooked over low heat until softened (about 15 minutes). A thickener for soup can be a dressing made from dried flour and broth, or 2-3 tablespoons of mashed potatoes.At the end of the preparation add low-fat sour cream or cream. All products are ground to uniformity by hand or using a blender. After that, spices are added to the soup, brought to a boil and kept on fire for another five minutes. When serving, do not forget to sprinkle the dish with chopped fresh herbs.Jerusalem artichoke medicinal properties recipes
  • Pancakes. Peeled girasol rubbed on a fine grater and add the flour, egg, salt. Delicious pancakes are fried in vegetable oil from the mixture obtained. You can diversify a simple dish by adding grated carrots and a little flour for pomp.
  • Roasted Jerusalem artichoke.Peeled tubers are doused with boiling water and thinly sliced. Fry in hot vegetable oil, adding salt and pepper to taste. The finished dish is very reminiscent of fried potatoes, differing sweet taste.
  • Casserole. The dish contains grated Jerusalem artichoke, beaten egg, milk and a few spoons of semolina. The resulting mass is well mixed and placed in a greased form. Baked casserole at t 180aboutC for 40–50 minutes. When serving, you can pour sour cream.

How to choose the roots

healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke

Buying Jerusalem artichoke in the store, you must first look at the condition of its skin. Wrinkled appearance and dark spots speak about the low quality of the product and violation of its storage rules. Tuber must be dense to the touch, without visible damage and soft areas. The normal surface of Jerusalem artichoke looks slightly rough and sometimes uneven.

Storage rules

The thin skin of Jerusalem artichoke is easily damaged during transportation and storage. Keep the tubers in the refrigerator, putting them in a paper bag. At home, Jerusalem artichoke can normally remain no longer than a month. Therefore, it is not necessary to store it in large quantities. Significantly prolong the shelf life will help freezing.

Those people who grow their own vegetables in garden plots are advised to leave part of the crop in the ground, not digging until spring. This preserves all the beneficial properties of the plant. The supply of sugars and vitamins during the cold period will not only be preserved, but will also multiply.

Another Application of Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke leaves useful properties

Earth pear is useful not only in nutrition and treatment. There are some varieties of plants that are also used as ornamental crops.As you can see, Jerusalem artichoke has a multiple purpose: it benefits in nutrition, it decorates the territory of the garden and reliably protects other plantings in the garden plot with tall and strong stems.

In beekeeping, the use of earthen pear as a late melliferous culture is also noted. Green mass of Jerusalem artichoke is an excellent pet food.

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