Healing Disease Prayer

The fate that God has chosen for us is unknown. Many people think that everything that happens in their lives should be perceived humbly and uncompromisingly. But when it comes to illness, the perception of the world changes.

Lord's love

God's relationship with us is very similar to the relationship of parents and their children. The King of Heaven loves people as firmly and sincerely as the mother and father of his child.

disease prayerIf the baby has something to hurt, then he runs to his relatives, and they immediately disinterestedly try to help him. It is the same with the Lord. Ask him for salvation for the soul or body; He will not disregard His servant.

Heal the disease and heal the wound can prayer from disease. Parents receive joy from the happiness of their children. The Lord also triumphs from people's smiles. No wonder the main prayer of Christians to God begins with the words "Our Father."

It is worth noting that the Creator himself does not send misfortune against peoples just like that. There is a great purpose in every step of His.

Who to contact?

With requests to heal their turn Orthodox to heaven.You can pray for health and strength of the Most High, the Virgin Mary, angels and various saints. Helps to improve the state of communion, confession and unction. Another name for the last ritual is the Sacrament of Unction. The purpose of such a ceremony is that the grace of God falls upon him when the man is anointed with the consecrated oil. It strengthens and heals the spirit and body of a person.

One can ask for the health of oneself and one's family without any heavenly patrons. Need to contact the angels, whose names you are named. The priests believe that the prayer for the healing of the disease is most powerful if you turn to the blessed, with whom you communicate constantly. After all, it is this saint who understands you better and is sure to thank for loyalty and devotion by sending health.

Miracle of Panteleimon

It can be assumed that those righteous who were miracle workers and had special abilities even during mortal life contribute to the recovery. Rev. Sampson helped people, healed the wounds of St. Spyridon Trimyfuntsky, the doctor the martyr Diomede and many others. An exceptional gift was possessed by the early Christian Panteleimon.

Moscow matron prayer for healing from diseases

Prayer to the holy from the disease today sounds in all languages ​​of the world. Every righteous man helps, helps everyone. The secret of healing power in its history.

He was born the great martyr in the year 275. His father was an ardent pagan, and his mother - a Christian. The woman wanted to raise a son in her faith, but she died when the boy was still young. Subsequently, Panteleimon studied medicine. Then the emperor noticed him and took him to himself.

The fate of the martyr

Further, fate brought with a man named presbyter Yermolai. It should be noted here that this is a mentor of Panteleimon, and he also had the gift to heal. Therefore, a prayer for diseases can also be addressed to him.

It was he who told the young man about Christianity. The guy liked this religion, but he believed in the power of God only when he saw a miracle. In his eyes, the snake bit the child, and Panteleimon asked the Lord to revive the little one. This is what happened. After this incident, he was baptized and received the gift of healing.

The Emperor learned about the wonderworker. He made an experiment. One patient should have been treated by pagans and Panteleimon. When a hopeless man recovered from the words of a Christian, the king became angry and ordered the execution of the saint.But all attempts to kill the martyr were in vain. The righteous man died when God himself called him into his kingdom.

prayer for healing from the disease

Talking with Panteleimon is a strong prayer for disease. The patient can read the holy text or in his own words ask for help from the great martyr. Sincere and desperate treatment will not remain without attention of the righteous.

Bird thing

A special place in the Russian church is Matushka Matrona. Many facts remain from the biography of this woman. Considering the miracles she did during her life and after her death, the righteous woman was canonized in 1999.

Today, her icons save from harm and help all who come to her with a sincere request. Matrona of Moscow prayer for healing from the disease is very popular. The blessed herself was ill, but thanks to the gift God had given her, she could heal others.

A girl appeared in a simple peasant family on November 10 (22), 1881, in the Tula province. The parents of the child were elderly and already had three children. For the upbringing of the fourth daughter would not have neither the strength nor the means. Therefore, the old men, before the birth of the child, decided to give him to a shelter. It would have happened if it were not for the dream that the holy mother saw.She saw a white, very beautiful blind bird. When the baby was born, the woman realized that her newborn blind daughter was a winged miracle from a dream. Girl left at home.

Wonders of a child

Apparently, due to the fact that the child was deprived of sight, the prayer to the Matrona of Moscow from diseases has such great power. But physical disability did not prevent seeing her heart.

When the baby was baptized, a white cloud rose over the vat of water. The priest then noticed that the child was predicted to do great things.

Since childhood, Mathena was drawn to faith. One day, the mother of a blind girl saw her praying in a corner. The woman sighed bitterly, to which the blessed replied that she should not be sorry for her, for God is with her.

matron disease prayer

Subsequently, the child predicted the death of a local priest. Since then, a crowd has gathered on the threshold. The girl warned of trouble and healed from ailments. Sincere was her prayer for disease. Matrona herself was not lucky to live a full life, so she helped everyone who came. Her abilities were known far beyond the village.

The life of the righteous

There is a fact that the relatives of one cripple turned to the blind girl. She said she would be waiting for him at home.If he can't walk, let him crawl. The patient crawled to the threshold of the house of the saint. And after meeting with Matrona he went home on his own. When the girl was 18, she herself was partially paralyzed. Since then, she has not got up. That is why the prayer to the Matrona of Moscow for the healing of the disease does not go unnoticed holy. After all, the woman herself was suffering.

Mother's fame spread throughout the country. It is said that even Stalin himself asked her to look into the future and tell about the consequences of the Patriotic War. But such information does not have reliable evidence.

Blind woman clearly saw tomorrow. She prophesied her own death. In the last hours of life, she accepted those who asked for help. People who knew her personally said that the saint almost never slept, but allowed herself to doze while sitting.

Appeal to the Mother

She was buried at the Danilovsky cemetery on May 4, 1952. And in March 1998, the blessed relics were transferred to the Pokrovsky Monastery. Now it is there that the prayer for healing Matrona’s disease is heard most often. But everyone can appeal to the patroness even at home.

The saint during her life said that it is not she who treats people, but God.But now the martyr is in heaven.

Moscow matron prayer for diseases

Tell her these words: “Blessed Mother Matron! Hear our request! Your whole life is illumined with the good, the light of the Lord. All my life I took the poor, the rich, the evil and the humble, equalizing them. Miracles worked your hands, you removed mental and physical afflictions. So help us today. Give strength to bear your Cross, in health and joy to praise the Most High, to sow the truth, to glorify the Orthodox faith. May the love of God grow stronger in me and my family. Ask the Almighty that we may live in health and be accepted into His Kingdom of Heaven. Amen"

During the life of the Matron, she said that death would not prevent her from healing people - everyone who turns to her receives help. Such a prayer from diseases will strengthen your faith and love for the Most High. In return, you will receive health and well-being.

Trail of truth

It is worth noting that one can refer to the saints and the Lord not only by some special texts. If a person is a believer, then trouble will avoid him. Sometimes it is the demons who send us various diseases and problems. God may subject his servant to the test, which he must pass in order to turn on the path of truth.

Often the cause of our poor health are slander and curses of envious people. Special prayers from illness will save from unkind words and views. From damage they defend and add the power to fight the demons with such words: “Lord, merciful and mighty, whose deeds are great, the plans are righteous! Give me, thy servant (name) a blessing. So that in health and joy I would meet and glorify the truth with the light of your heavenly light. I pray You tearfully, forgive my sins and let me stand on the path of Thy truth. Give me and my relatives my faith to live and good in Your name to create. Amen"

If you are worried about your loved ones, then the words of the previous text can be somewhat corrected and pray for the health of another person.

Each has his own patron

Almost every saint is responsible for his direction, but none of them will refuse to help the sincere heart. Nevertheless, it is better to turn to those righteous who “specialize” in a particular area. For example, a prayer from the diseases of children may be pronounced to Saint Stylian. This person is even depicted in icons with babies. The righteous saved people whom society considered hopelessly sick.But he especially loved children. He treated not only their physical defects, but also spiritual ones. Many parents even gave up their children to the saint.

prayer for healing from matron disease

Virgin Mary will help women. She is merciful and kind. In addressing her, girls ask for a successful marriage, and older ladies - about the birth of healthy and beautiful children. Greater power is the prayer from female diseases to the Virgin Mary.

The main thing in such requests is sincerity and purity of thoughts.

Thanks for healing

The deep essence of the phrase “debt is red is payment”. These words relate not only to our daily, earthly concerns, but also to the agreements that we make with heaven. Disease prayer is usually pronounced in cases where everything else cannot help. At such a moment, a person relies only on the Lord, and in distress He does not abandon his slaves. But the believer often, apart from requests, strengthens words with promises that he really intends to fulfill. The Most High is merciful and heals the wounds of the soul and body of his children. He believes that we will keep our word.

But later, during a time of joy, a person forgets about what he has promised. Fun obscures the mind.All the miracles that the Lord has done, the slave perceives Him as something ordinary and earthly.

children's prayerIf your promises to the King of Heaven are not fulfilled, then the prayer for healing from the disease will not be effective. Moreover, it is in the power of the just Lord to punish the babbler.

That is why, if the grace of God has descended on you, lead a righteous life and thank the Most High for mercy.

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