Happiness with the cafe "Happiness" in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are a lot of old places and buildings. Its atmosphere is literally saturated with history and true beauty of Russia.

And in one of its districts, near the Petrogradskaya metro station, there is one very interesting, cozy, inspiring place! And the name to him is "Happiness"!

This is a restaurant or, according to some sources, a cafe, a bar-restaurant, in which it is always good, warm and homely ... And the emblem of the cafe are two angels.

Cafe "Happiness" St. Petersburg

Time stops at "Happiness"

Not every similar institution in any city in the world fits in so well with the life of a megacity. What can not be said about the cafe "Happiness" in St. Petersburg! It naturally lives in the same rhythm with it, reflecting its moods, as well as people - the city residents themselves and its guests.

For a cup of fragrant tea, you can spend hours of friendly and romantic conversations, whisper sweet words in your ear to your beloved one and confess your love, savoring the delicious coffee with freshly baked tasty author cakes.And at the same time observe beautiful views of the city itself, feeling at the same time absolute happiness and peace.

Metro Petrogradskaya

And also just on the way to work or home to cheer up yourself and friends and arrange a real breakfast or dinner for the whole company in this wonderful cafe with a wonderful name - “Happiness”! And with excellent cuisine. Yes, the menu of the cafe "Happiness" is varied and very tasty.


There are also children's dishes, which are called exactly the way kids love. For example: "Mashed potatoes with sausages" or "Makaroshka with cheese" sounds joyful! There are also children's desserts for every taste.

Cafe "Happiness" St. Petersburg addresses

For adults, there are delicious sweets: “Home-style chocolate”, “Candy and truffles”, ice cream, “Candy of happiness”, “Macaroni”, “Croissants” and so on.

Cafe "Happiness" menu

The appetizers in the cafe offer specialties “Bagel with spicy turkey”, “Burgers”. And from the hot: "Tomato cream soup", "Spaghetti carbonara", as well as "Homemade ravioli with marbled beef."

In the cafe "Happiness" a sufficient number of meat and fish dishes, snacks and spirits.

The wine list of the cafe "Happiness" in St. Petersburg is very thought out and interesting. Here everyone will find for himself what he likes and mood at the moment.

Where is it located

A cafe is located near the metro station "Petrogradskaya" - in a fairly quiet area of ​​the city, but at the same time near the center. There is a botanical garden, a zoo. A lot of people with children walk around this area during the day.

Also in this part of the city there are hotels and hostels for tourists who, after walking through it and its sights, want to calm down a bit, relax and have a tasty meal in a cozy place.

Metro Petrogradskaya-2

And the cafe "Happiness" with its exquisite cuisine and pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff just will be very helpful. But, nevertheless, residents of the city - both adults and children who have visited the cafe at least once - are also regulars of this town.

The atmosphere of the cafe "Happiness" (St. Petersburg)

The light furniture, the walls and the soft light of the café simply inspire dreams of beauty and allow you to escape from all vain thoughts and deeds. Everything here is simple, but at the same time elegant and tasteful, as if you come home and find yourself in a familiar comfortable atmosphere, or on a visit to an old and kind friend who is always happy to meet.

And the most important creators of such a pleasant atmosphere are the people who work here! Friendly staffwho with his kindness and attentiveness to each visitor becomes not just a waiter, administrator, but a true friend.

And, of course, outstanding chefs: Dmitry Reshetnikov and Konstantin Bruka - gastronomy, Ekaterina Kiselkova - professional pastry chef, Laurent Moreno - Master pastry chef from France.

The whole team works very smoothly and together. And because any dish in the cafe "Happiness" - is the result of inspired creativity of real professionals!

Everything is made from natural products.

As Dmitry Reshetnikov and Konstantin Bruka say in one of their interviews, all the dishes in the cafe "Happiness" in St. Petersburg are made only from natural products grown and harvested by human hands. Suppliers are farms located in ecologically clean rural areas.

That is why the food prepared from such products is really tasty, healthy and looks very appetizing. And chefs invest in every dish, except for their mastery, a piece of the soul, which also has a favorable effect on the quality of the food offered.


Reviews about the cafe "Happiness" (St. Petersburg) - it is mainly true confessions of love for him and his staff. Visitors who have eaten a dish or dessert at least once, return, as a rule, again and again. And also recommend it to your friends, relatives, acquaintances. Tourists also come here, and quite often and, in the case of a second arrival, they again return to their favorite place and recommend it to their friends.

And yet, an important point: in this cafe you can order takeaway food. Especially popular are desserts. They are taken with them to eat at home or in a pleasant friendly company with a cup of tea.

And even relatively high prices for dishes are still not an obstacle to occasionally allowing yourself a piece of “Happiness” in the heart of St. Petersburg.

Afterword ...

By the way, the address of the cafe "Happiness": St. Petersburg, Bolshoy prospect PS, 88. Very simple and understandable. It is also sometimes called "Restaurant on the Big".

Everyone who has been here knows for sure that the morning, filled with the invigorating aroma of coffee, fresh and bright morning ideas, bold plans for the day, in the cafe will be complemented by delicious expectations and awareness of true happiness.
After all, happy hours are not observed!

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