Hairstyle for long hair: instruction. Evening and everyday hairstyles

Every girl knows that if you have long hair, you can make beautiful and very complex hairstyles. Owners of long hair do not just know all the secrets of hair styling, but also divide all their varieties into two large groups: evening and every day. The difference of one category from another is that each day’s hairstyles on long strands are made quickly and are simple forms that every girl can realize in a couple of minutes.long haircutEvening hairstyles are, of course, better to be entrusted to professionals: long hair requires special care in creating complex styling, but if you don’t have time or the opportunity to go to hairdressers, you can do it yourself, the main thing is to choose the right shape and know detailed instructions for its implementation.

Hairstyles with braids: both for work and for a holiday

A very relevant form of styling can rightfully be considered braiding in all its manifestations. Long since this hairstyle was considered the standard of femininity and beauty, especially on long hair. Today, the classic idea of ​​pigtails has already collapsed: now it’s not just three strands intertwined with each other, but complex compositions that combine several techniques and can be done even on hair with a long haircut.

If we consider the braids for every day, then it is important to use the "spike contrary." This hairstyle is done pretty quickly for long hair. The instruction is just a couple of items that are easy to remember.long braid

  1. First you need to carefully comb your hair, as for any weaving you need unraveled strands.
  2. The weaving of the “outer spikelet” is the most relevant, therefore, in this case, it is necessary to separate the strand at one temple and divide it into three parts.
  3. It is necessary to make one binding of these three strands, shifting the hair not from top to bottom, but vice versa.
  4. Then to each new stitching order, which will then be in the middle, you need to add a portion of the hair on the head.
  5. Gradually braiding the "spike vice versa", we get a volume braid.
  6. When it will be impossible to take the hair (they will all be woven into the braid), you need to weave the tail into an ordinary three-strand pigtail and fix the end with an elastic band.

Festive version of braiding

If we talk about evening styling, the braiding is much more difficult, especially if you do hairstyle for long hair. Instructions for the implementation of such styling will contain a number of other necessary details. For example, very often the braid is combined with curls, but the binding technique itself is very different.

Favorite hairstyle of brides: braid with overlap

Especially popular are the "overlap braid" with brides. How to do it?hairstyles with braids

  1. Hair is wound with a curler or curler.
  2. Since it is better to lay long hair on one side, overlapping weaving is done only on one side.
  3. Hair is shifted to the desired side, and is separated from each edge by one strand.
  4. Since they are curled into curls, the braid will have a good volume, but you need to fasten the selected strand exactly on the opposite side. For fastening it is necessary to use stealth, hairpin.
  5. Also from the side where the strand was now stabbed, you need to separate another part of the hair and attach it to the opposite side. All "hanging remnants" should be carefully straightened between the "snaps" in the strands. Large volume in this case is guaranteed.
  6. The braid turns out to be very voluminous, it is easy to decorate it with various accessories, right down to fresh flowers.

Spit - a favorite option due to its convenience and practicality.

Hair with braids are popular especially among brides. Why? The answer is pretty clear and logical. Long hair, even twisted in tight curlers, will surely straighten out under its own weight, which means leaving them in a loose state is impractical: styling simply will not live to see the evening. The braid keeps its shape perfectly, it can be made of any size and size, the veil is perfectly attached to it, because this evening styling is most often used for long celebrations and events.long hair without bangs

French waterfalls - a great option for long-haired girls

The long braid is certainly the pride of the girl, but this styling is annoying too quickly. If you want to have in your arsenal a universal hairstyle for long strands,so that you can go to university and on a date with the styling done, it is worth considering the “French Falls”. This is really a very feminine and neat hairstyle for long hair. Instructions for creating it are quite simple:

  • Carefully comb your hair.
  • Take the most extreme strand of the temple and divided into three parts.
  • To make a cover, and let the middle strand down, and in place of it take new hair on the head of the type "spike".
  • Thus, braiding the "French waterfall", you need to make a smooth bezel from one temple to another.
  • The end of the weaving can be fixed with a bow or some hairpin.
  • All straightened strands need to be tightened with a curling iron, without stretching the braid. If desired, curl and all other hair.

Such a long braid along the head keeps perfectly and allows the girls to feel free: the hair is collected, but they will not be worn out even with great activity, bends and turns of the head.

Curls - the most popular version of the festive styling

When you want to make your hair spectacular, voluminous and even pompous, gathered in some form, it is better to do curls for long hair.When curls are made, preferably small and elastic, they can be collected in bundles and shells, which allows you to make the installation extremely feminine and beautiful. Curls for long hair can be done for a variety of roles, but if you want to wear a long evening dress and look like a star of show business, you can try Hollywood styling. Its feature is to achieve perfectly smooth waves on the hair. How to make a stylish and neat haircut for long hair? Instructions for the incarnation of Hollywood waves are quite short:women's haircuts for long hair

  1. With the help of hair curlers, twist the hair all in one direction, after carefully washing and drying it.
  2. Put all the curls on one side and comb the hair with the help of a comb with large rare teeth.
  3. Make neat and smooth waves.
  4. Fix hair hairstyle with hairspray to prevent hair from becoming disheveled, but looking smooth.

"Ladder" and "cascade" is not a reason to refuse stylish hairstyles for long hair

Since there are different women's haircuts for long hair, and the shape of hairstyles is very diverse.Many girls, wanting to change themselves, make a long-haired haircut "ladder" or "cascade". This hair shape is distinguished by the fact that along the perimeter of the entire head there is hair of the most varying length, from a couple of centimeters to maxi. It is extremely difficult to make hairstyles on such hair, but if you are interested in a festive version, then a fleece on curls will be perfect. In such a style, all hairs are subjected to a rich pile: the larger the volume, the better.curls for long hairPre-hair is better to wind on large curlers, as small curls create only chaos, and especially on the haircuts "ladder". In this case, you can only use large curling curlers or hair curlers.

Tails - comfortable and beautiful

On all women's haircuts for long hair, even on the "ladder", you can make tails. In such a case, it is important to have a strand longer than the ear line. You need to carefully comb your hair, collect them at the top and secure with a rubber band. In order for the styling not to look boring, you need to make a volumetric bouffant at the base of the tail or ¾ its entire length.hairstyle long hair instructionAt the same time, hair tucked into the tail should not stick out or “fly out”; everything should be smooth and neat.

Hairstyles with bangs or without long hair

Very often, girls keep their bangs: oblique, torn, straight, even, depending on the type of person. Sometimes it causes inconvenience, especially for girls with a wavy hair structure, as it needs to be straightened regularly, exposing to thermo-action. It damages the hair structure. But if there is nowhere to go and you need to find a hairstyle for long hair without bangs or with it, so that you can easily realize it? Girls who often have to straighten their hair will especially like Greek hairstyles. To create them you need to use a special bandage. It is worn along the forehead and tied at the back of the head. All hair is twisted in a spiral into this tape, forming a very voluminous and beautiful shape. Such styling is used for every day, and for some more solemn event than a date. Greek hairstyles are great for girls with or without bangs.

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Hairstyle for long hair: instruction. Evening and everyday hairstyles 93

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Hairstyle for long hair: instruction. Evening and everyday hairstyles 90

Hairstyle for long hair: instruction. Evening and everyday hairstyles 85

Hairstyle for long hair: instruction. Evening and everyday hairstyles 100

Hairstyle for long hair: instruction. Evening and everyday hairstyles 53