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Modern cars even in the basic configuration are equipped with controls. This system greatly simplifies driving. To perform the maneuver, it is enough to apply minimal effort to the steering wheel. Let's see how this mechanism is arranged, how to maintain and repair power steering, what it is in a car.

How to create a power steering

The first passenger car with such an option was the Rolls-Royce Phantom in the mid-20s of the twentieth century. But he remained in a single copy.

In the mass production GUR hit during the Second World War.gur itArmy of Britain and the United States put the system on heavy armored cars. Then, in the 50s, this option was available on Chrysler and Citroen.

Device and principle of operation

GUR - is power steering. The system is a cylinder, a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic distributor, a reservoir with hydraulic fluid. In addition, the device has nozzles that allow you to combine all this into a single whole.

A rotary or axial-piston type pump uses a drive belt from the crankshaft to suck fluid from the reservoir and feeds it into the spool valve under high pressure. It helps to determine the force that the driver applied to the steering wheel. Also, the device must be strictly metered to help turn the wheels. As the tracking element used torsion. Often it is already built into the steering shaft.

Power Steering is a hydraulic system that greatly simplifies handling. When the car is standing or moving straight, the steering wheel is not used and the power steering does not work. At this point, no-load liquid is circulated through the reservoir.gur repairWhen the driver begins to turn the steering wheel, the torsion bar in the form of a metal rod will begin to twist. A part of the spool valve will also rotate with it. The outer part of the valve is fixed, and at this time the channels are combined, and the hydraulic working fluid enters the power cylinder. Another cavity gives it to the reservoir.

The greater the angle of rotation, the wider the overflow valve will become. So the distributor monitors the force on the steering wheel and with the help of the torsion bar strengthens the applied force, and then turns the steer wheels.

GUR on "Lanos"

This system is put as an option, but you can purchase a kit and install it yourself.gur what is it in the carIn addition to the fact that the mechanism greatly facilitates the control, it also smoothes the shock loads from driving on domestic roads. The machine becomes more responsive and keeps the course better. When trying to automatically turn the wheels in the other direction, the hydraulic booster prevents this.

Gur is a great solution for those who spend a lot of time driving a car. He arranged for the "Lanos" traditionally. This node consists of standard mechanisms. The special design of the spool element makes driving more comfortable.

On the “Lanos” there are pumps powered by the engine. Such a drive will absorb some of the power that is generated by the power unit. The pump is constantly used, because you need to keep the working pressure. In this case, the amplifier is connected only at the time of rotation of the steering wheel. In other words, the pump just eats up some of the power.

The higher the speed of the car, the more power goes to the pump.Gur Reno KengoHowever, at high speeds, control is much easier, and the enormous power does not affect the power steering.This can cause such unpleasantness as uninformative steering. To avoid this, it is recommended to install a mechanism with adjustable gain.

Typical faults

In general, power steering is a reliable mechanism that does not require any serious maintenance. Even if the system breaks down while driving, nothing terrible will happen, and even it will be possible to continue driving.

Among the typical faults can be distinguished two types. These are hydraulic breakdowns or mechanical ones. So, we will consider the main problems of power steering, repair and elimination of these problems.

Problems and solutions

If shocks are transmitted to the steering wheel, the reason for this is weak tension or a worn pump drive belt. To eliminate enough simple replacement, tightening or adjusting the position of the element.

If you need to put more effort to maneuver, then the driving belt is to blame or the fluid level has fallen. Leak is often observed in the GUR "Renault Duster", but the mechanism can be replaced under warranty.

Does the engine at low speeds not give the required number of revolutions, is there insufficient pressure in the system? Possibly in the air system.Among the ways to solve the problem is to replace the drive belt, add hydraulic fluid, adjust or replace the seals.

The ambiguity of control and the lack of information on the steering wheel are observed due to a drop in the level of liquid in the tank. Air could also enter the system. It also fixes when there is a problem with the details of the steering mechanism.

gur on lanos

Eliminate malfunction by adding fluid, stopping the leak, removing air, replacing worn parts. This is a simple problem with power steering. Repair in this case can be done independently.

If to turn the steering wheel in the middle position you have to put a lot of effort, then there is a problem in the pump or breakage of the steering mechanics. It is necessary to check and replace the pump, as well as diagnose the entire system.

Fast maneuver requires great effort - low tension of the drive belt, low engine speed, mechanical damage. Air conditioning suffers GUR "Renault Kengo."


To keep the mechanism in working condition for a long time, you need to follow the rules of operation. Periodically, according to the regulations, you should replace the hydraulic fluid.Old and dirty oil is subject to elements of the system to wear.Gur Reno DusterConstantly monitor fluid levels in the vehicle system. When they fall, the mechanisms will wear out more rapidly, which would entail costly repairs. Use only fluids recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

So, we found out what it is for and how the hydraulic power steering of the car is made.

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