Guessing on the coffee grounds - the interpretation and meaning of symbols and figures

People are constantly exploring themselves, their desires and opportunities. Often, to achieve the goal, they resort to the help of otherworldly forces. Inquisitiveness, reinforced by unknown things, forces a person to learn to guess the coffee grounds and study the interpretation and meaning of symbols and figures.

Some people consider ritual entertainment, others - deception, and others do not take important steps until they carefully examine the bottom of the coffee cup and interpret the meaning of the symbols that have appeared.

Guessing on the coffee grounds provides special training. To perform a magical ritual at home, you will need special attributes, including a glass cup, saucer, Turk and brewed coffee.

Step-by-step action plan

If you like sweet coffee, I advise you to sacrifice the habit for a while, as sugar is bad for the results of divination.The correct proportions together with the right combination of ingredients are considered to be the key to the truth of the information received.

  • Make coffee. Pour a teaspoon of coffee powder with a glass of boiling water and cook over low heat. Take care that unexpected guests or phone calls do not distract from the procedure. Concentrate and calm down.
  • For the ritual will require a mug and saucer. The best option is considered to be round, bright and monochromatic capacity. At the bottom of such dishes to consider the patterns easier. This is important, because a clear understanding of symbols is a pledge of a correct interpretation.
  • Even the emotions and movements affect the accuracy of fortune telling.. Perform all actions correctly. Pouring the drink into the cup, in your thoughts ask the question to which you want to get an answer. Concentrate all the time on it.
  • The process of drinking is also important.. The main thing that the handle was located correctly. Take the cup with your right hand. Make sure the pen is looking to the right.
  • Drink your drink thoughtfully and slowly, in small sips.. As a result, the grounds will remain at the bottom, and you calmly drink coffee. Remember to leave some liquid in the cup.It is required for the ritual.
  • For precise symbols, make a few moves.. Hold the cup with your left hand in a clockwise circular motion. At this stage, ask a question and turn over the container on the saucer.
  • Immediately do not lift the cup. Wait a few minutes for the thickened to dry, and the liquid is completely glass. Turn the dishes and examine the location of the figures. The point at which the figures are located is of great importance.

If the handle of the cup looks at you, the right half of the surface of the dishes means the future, and the left half - the past. If the symbol is located near the rim, it is a sign of the imminent event. The lower the symbol, the more time will pass before an important event.

As you can see, the answer to the question of how to read tea leaves is quite simple. For best results, take a moment, retire, focus on fortune telling and listen for inner feelings. Everything will work out.

Ways to guess the coffee grounds - free and paid

Coffee grounds for fortune telling

Divination is a kind of hint that warns of upcoming changes, helps solve problems or warns against danger.

People who have imagination and associative thinking, consider fortune telling at the coffee grounds at home a pleasant pastime, and this is so. Ritual helps brighten up leisure and learn something new. I offer two free ways of divination using a coffee drink.

Method number 1

Make coffee, pour the drink into the light cup with the gloom. Then take the container with your left hand and shake the drink in a circular motion. Turn the cup over the saucer. When the coffee grounds drain, proceed to the interpretation of the drawings. This will help fantasy. Just do not overdo it.

Method number 2

The second method of fortune telling is more complicated. Make coffee, pour the thicker into a cup, cover with a saucer and turn it over. I advise you to repeat this action several times so that the thick adheres well to the inner surface of the cup. Taking the dishes by the bottom, remove them from the saucer and, without turning it over, immerse it three times in a saucer with water. At this point, in a whisper, utter the words "loyalty friendship and consent." Turn the cup and study the pictures.

Regardless of the method of divination, clear signs or full-fledged figures are not always formed on the surface of the cup.That is why fantasy and attentiveness play an important role in the process. Do not invent anything. Catch the association, guided by the subconscious.

If you want a fortune telling on coffee to be as truthful as possible, use the paid method. The psychic will conduct the ritual and correctly interpret the meaning of the drawings, taking the nominal fee for the work done.

Video instructions

Guessing on the coffee grounds - an incredibly interesting experience. If you master the art, become a master in this field. As a result, the future will open before you a curtain of mystery.

Free guessing online for the near future on the grounds of coffee

Photo collage with splashes of coffee

According to historians, the inhabitants of the East in the XIV century were the first to carry out a magical ritual using coffee grounds. Later, the rumors of the mystical features of the coffee drink learned Europeans.

Coffee for fortune telling was used by all, regardless of status, and the knowledge gathered in this field gathered over many years. This is how the Encyclopedia of Coffee Fortune Encyclopedia appeared. This book contains all the wisdom of mankind, along with secrets, the knowledge of which helps to make predictions through the coffee grounds.

The rapid development of technology has contributed to the emergence of virtual fortune telling. Visiting one of the Internet projects, through the virtual Turks brew a cup of coffee and hold ceremonies. Upon completion of the procedure, you will learn the description of the figures that appeared at the bottom of the cup.

All this simplifies the process of divination, but the result in accuracy and truthfulness is inferior to real divination. Therefore, examples of sites I have not led. It is much more effective to learn to guess at home, and not to trust computer algorithms. Only a real coffee drink will tell you what to expect in the future and how to act correctly to achieve the goal.

Interpretation and meaning of symbols and figures

Pegasus symbol during divination

During a magical ritual, a guessing person asks a question, the answer to which appears as a symbol on the bottom and sides of the cup. Of great importance is the character, its location and size.

  1. If the thick left large spots, the signs will have a great impact on life and vice versa.
  2. If the symbols appear close to the edge, the events will be executed in the near future.
  3. The location of the characters in the bottom of the tank indicates a long wait for events.
  4. The handle of the cup is a symbol of an inquisitive person.If the characters are located next to the pen, the events occur at the moment.
  5. If there is a lot of coffee ground left in the cup, upcoming events will bring problems.
  6. A small amount of thick is evidence of joyful events.

In order to correctly interpret the signs formed by the coffee grounds, it is necessary to know the symbols, to be able to listen to the inner sensations and enjoy the advantages of intuition. Below is a list of symbols that most often appear on the walls of the vessel.

  • "Dragon" - success in the work begun.
  • "Horse" - in love with you.
  • "Dolphin" - help from the outside.
  • “Heart” is an even and beautiful sign that testifies to happiness and love. Crooked heart - herald of health problems.
  • "Bird" - good news.
  • “Fish” is a noisy party.
  • "Bear" - the danger.
  • "Turtle" - universal criticism.
  • "Dog" - you have a reliable friend.
  • "Pig" - the wish will come true.
  • "Tree" - the implementation of the plan.
  • "Unicorn" - an incident.
  • “Home” is a favorable development of the situation.

To read the predictions, carefully consider all the symbols that appeared on the surface of the cup. Analyze the pictures in combination to get the full picture.Making it yourself is not easy, but real.

Meaning and interpretation of numbers

A mug of coffee for divination in the thick

Often on the inner surface of the cup do not appear characters, and numbers. They also carry a certain value. Depending on the location, the figures open up an unknown future or point to moments from the past.

  • "0" - from childhood you are under the protection of the stars.
  • "1" - conquered someone's heart.
  • “2” is a serious disease in the future.
  • "3" - a lucrative deal.
  • "4" - hope in expectations.
  • “5” - surrounding unclean thoughts.
  • "6" - problems in the family.
  • "7" - family life in happiness.
  • "8" - disagreements with loved ones.
  • "9" - a pleasant acquaintance is not far off.
  • "10" - life filled with happiness.
  • "101" - your work will be appreciated.

Video lesson

There are cases when other figures appear during a magical ritual. In this case, astrologers recommend to draw parallels with numerology and to consider the situation more deeply.

Meaning and interpretation of letters

Photo of coffee mugs

In themselves carry the value and alphabetic characters. Some point to events that will take place in the near future, while others call for actions that need to be done to a fortunate person.We will understand what this or that letter means.

  • "A" - win.
  • "B" - the power goes into the hands.
  • "B" - get ready for grief.
  • "G" - visit the church.
  • “D” - financial problems.
  • “E” - conscience will remain untainted.
  • "F" - around you weave a conspiracy.
  • “Z” - fun and entertainment will fill life.
  • "And" - thoughtless actions are fraught with consequences.
  • "K" - buy a cross before the upcoming trials.
  • "L" - love and happiness.
  • “M” - life in abundance.
  • "H" - anxiety.
  • "O" - get ready for the trip.
  • "P" - insincerity.
  • "P" - you like alcoholic beverages.
  • "C" - the dispute is not far off.
  • "T" - new acquaintances.
  • "U" is a quarrel.
  • "F" - the hope is alive.
  • "X" - the upcoming wedding.
  • "C" - promotion on the career ladder.
  • “W” - a close person will leave for the world of the fallen.
  • "W" - a quarrel will end in a truce.
  • “B” - flirt.
  • "Kommersant" - expect guests.
  • "E" - the disappearance of things.
  • "U" is a disease.
  • "I" - life will improve.

The meaning of letters, numbers and symbols you know, you can now read the tea leaves. But remember that fortune telling is not a panacea for ills and not a medicine for a terrible disease. Often do not guess. Soothsayers advise to conduct the ritual in the thick only as a last resort.It is not recommended to do this for entertainment, otherwise there will be deplorable consequences. Doing magic, remember the measure. Good luck!

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