Grooming "ladder" without bangs on medium hair: who fits, photo

"Lesenka" came to us from the distant 70's, butit can not be said that it carries a particularly vintage style. In the modern world, the haircut surprisingly harmoniously fits into different styles. Today, the most popular cascade multilayer hairstyles, and it is to them is the haircut "ladder" on medium hair. Photos of public figures and celebrities with this hairdo confirm its incredible relevance and popularity. "A little scaffold" in the hands of a skilful stylist helps to create complex and unusual images that conquer the hearts of beautiful women.ladder without bangs on medium hair

Technique and features of "ladder"

Before the beginning of the cutting process, it is recommended first of all to align the hair color. If this is not done, then the uneven coloring will look messy and will spoil the whole expected effect.

It is also necessary to remove the split ends throughoutlength of hair. It is best to use a technique called "hot scissors". It is very effective and helps to keep the tips intact for about six months.

Begin to cut the "ladder" without bangs on mediumhair is needed from the level of the earlobe. Technique of haircut is that over the entire length of the hair are cut layers. So, on the vertex will be the shortest hair, which gradually transformed into longer strands.mowing a ladder on medium hair without bangs

Despite the fact that the very technique of "ladder"it is quite simple, it belongs to the category of highly professional haircuts, and it can be perfected only by an experienced stylist. It is the high-class professional who will be able to select an individual pattern and outline. "Little Tree" looks very beautiful. Volumetric and multilayered haircut can not not like girls.

For different types of hair

The hairdress "ladder" on medium hair without bangs is great for straight strands. This hairstyle is one of the varieties of the cascade, so even hair is suitable for her as well as possible.

For thin hair, "ladder" is also perfect, it will give a visual amount of hair.

But a thick hair cut hair adds textures. "Lesenka" beautifully and gracefully framing the face, and from behind shows all the beauty of healthy and well-groomed hair.

It is not recommended to do this hairstyle onweakened hair, seeded, exhausted. Haircut can not hide these shortcomings, but on the contrary, will only emphasize them. Before you make a "ladder" without bangs on medium hair, you need to treat your hair with masks and special tools and get rid of the ends you've seen.

Girls who have by nature toughwavy or curly hair, you should think well before you go to the salon to make a "ladder". With such initial data, the hairstyle will require daily styling. Without it, the haircut will look disheveled and sloppy. In order not to harm the hair with the constant use of curling irons, forceps, hairdryers and styling aids, it will take time and money to properly care for your hair.hairstyle on a medium hair photo

"Lesenka" with different types of people

"Lesenka" is a universal haircut, itsuits absolutely everything. The main thing, making such a hairdress, is to choose the length of the steps and the silhouette correctly. The professional of his business is able, with the help of "stairs", to make the appearance more elegant and to hide some of the shortcomings.

The possessor of a round face is best suited if the strands of haircuts lie flat on the face. This will visually narrow it.

The triangular shape of the face to give more grace will help styling with spun inwards locks.

The gradual transition of the steps of the "ladder" will make the silhouette of the square face more smooth and elegant.

Cutting "ladder" on medium hair without a bang should not be chosen by girls with an extended face. In this case, it is better to close the high forehead with a bang.

Color options

Who is suitable for "ladder" without bangs on mediumhair more: blondes or brunettes? For this haircut, the color of the hair is not so important, any color solutions are acceptable here. "Lesenka" looks good on the owners of light shades of hair, and on burning brunettes.

On light strands, the volume of the hairstyle is well-defined, but the precise cutting lines are smoothed out and lost, so it looks more inviting on the owners of dark hair.ladder without bangs on medium hair

Who does not fit the "ladder"?

It has already been said about this, but we will outline the clear parameters of those girls who do not want to make a "ladder" on medium hair without a bang:

  • Owners of a large (high, bulging forehead). In order not to focus attention on it, it is better to hide it with a bang.
  • If the hair is curled, then the haircut looks untidy and does not produce the proper effect.
  • Girls with a tough head of hair. For the same reason as with wavy hair.
  • Owners of excessively thick hair. "Lesenka" on medium hair without bangs significantly adds volume to the hairstyle, and his thick hair is in abundance by nature. And such a haircut can make the image more massive and visually weight the hair. There is an exception. If the owner of thick hair has an outstanding bust and mouth-watering forms, then the "ladder" will perfectly blend in with the magnificent figure.
  • If the hair is damaged and split, the haircut will make hair shortages more noticeable.

Age limits

For ladies of middle and older age "ladder" onHair of medium length without a bang fits with a short top and smooth silhouette lines. This can be achieved using a cascade technique, filing, grading, varying the length of the strands. This approach to haircut is suitable for fans of strict images.hairstyle staircase to medium hair without bangs

Clearer lines and transitions, as well as a striking structure of haircuts are suitable for representatives of youth fashion.


Types of haircut "ladder" on medium hair, likeother varieties of cascading equipment, provide the professionals of hairdressing art a whole field for stylistic experiments and the creation of real masterpieces.

Here are the most popular options for laying:

  • Naches + effect of disheveled hair. It has long become a popular version of the styling, suitable for both youth hairstyles, and for strict images.
  • Hair can be gathered in the tail.
  • A spectacular contrast on the hairstyle with even hair will create a strand-gofre.
  • Ideally even strands that fall on the face, like all the famous heroine of the series "Friends."ladder for medium length hair without bangs
  • Elegant curls that can be created with curlers or curlers.
  • Everyday version of the styling can be done easily by simply placing hair with a hair dryer and fixing with a spray. You can still carefully twist the tips inward or out.

Styling at home

On the presented photos the haircut "ladder" onmedium hair is laid with skilful hands just perfect, but this does not mean that at home, without attending an experienced hairdresser, it will not be possible to recreate such an effect. Doing such a haircut, you need to be ready for the fact that she needs constant care and her styling will take a certain amount of time and will require training in several new skills.

To create a perfect laying, you need a hairdryer anda round hairbrush or a hairdryer. Still need to purchase funds for styling. Armed with the necessary items, we proceed to the laying process:

  1. Wash your hair well with a dry towel.
  2. Apply mousse along the entire length of the hair.
  3. Begin to blow dry hair from the roots. To do this, a strand of hair is wound on a round comb and is kept under a stream of hot air dryer for about 3-4 minutes.
  4. Short hair is completely dried first, then gradually begin to descend below. The ends of the strands with the help of a round comb can be bent either outward or inward.
  5. Completely dry hair can be fixed with varnish.

Hairstyle can be decorated with a rim or barrette. It fits more young girls, middle-aged women are better suited just styling.

Care of a hairstyle

As already mentioned above, "ladder" without a bang onmedium hair requires daily styling, which means that the hair will be constantly exposed to hot air, curling irons, means of fixation. Also, various mechanical effects, such as various combs, hair curlers, brushes, towels, etc.types of haircut stairs to medium hair

Therefore, choosing such a haircut, it should beTo get not only the means for styling, but also the health. It can be various masks, gels, balms, oils, restoring sprays based on natural ingredients. It is necessary to apply these funds constantly and it is recommended that you regularly visit beauty salons for professional health-restorative procedures.

For the "ladder" you need to follow and periodically contact your stylist. He can see the unevenness and sloppy haircut and correct it in time.

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