Green tomatoes. Blanks

Green tomatoes - the most common vegetableThe culture that is valued for the high content of vitamin C. The amount of nutrients in the tomato varies depending on the variety, but invariably it contains vitamin C, b-carotene, malic and citric acids, various minerals and other vitamins.

Thanks to this composition, they are increasingly usedin medical nutrition. Tomatoes, along with proper nutrition and medicines, will help people with obesity, metabolic and salt metabolism disorders, with diseases of the stomach and intestines, heart and blood vessels.

Green tomatoes are more enrichedvitamin C, in order to preserve it, use various methods of minimal heat treatment. Dishes from this vegetable are useful and tasty, and also perfectly suited as a snack at any festive table. Dishes from green tomatoes are most often cooked without heat treatment, not counting blanks, therefore they keep all the necessary substances in full.

Recipes of blanks

Green tomatoes, marinated in Georgian

  • a kilogram of green tomato;
  • half a glass of peeled walnut;
  • garlic to taste;
  • half a pod of hot pepper;
  • one spoon of coriander seeds;
  • one spoonful of dried mint;
  • half a spoonful of basil and tarragon;
  • half a glass of vinegar.

Wash the green tomatoes under running water,pour boiling water and insist for about twenty minutes. Cut into four pieces. Nuts, garlic and pepper to grind to a homogeneous mass, squeeze the juice. In this juice add spices and vinegar, mix. Put tomatoes in prepared jars, put tomatoes and nuts together with garlic and pepper. Top with juice. Banks twist and put in a dark cold place. When tomatoes turn yellow, you can eat them.

Green Tomatoes Pickled Classic

For one liter of water:

  • nine hundred milliliters of vinegar;
  • two hundred grams of sugar;
  • one hundred gram of salt;
  • two lavrushki;
  • ten pieces of scented pepper;
  • ten grams of dry, hot red ground pepper;
  • one kilogram of onions.

Wash tomatoes and cut into circles thickabout a centimeter, peeled onions and finely chopped. Tomatoes together with onions are placed in a bowl and poured with a cooled marinade from the ingredients listed above. Insist in the fridge for eight hours, then merge the marinade, and put the tomatoes in a jar, boil the marinade and again pour the tomatoes, but already hot. Banks twist and pasteurize to twenty minutes, depending on their size.

Green tomatoes marinated in Polish

  • a kilogram of tomato;
  • one hundred grams of onions;
  • sixty grams of coarse salt;
  • eight hundred ml of water;
  • three hundred ml of vinegar;
  • fifty grams of sugar;
  • bay leaf to taste.

We cut the tomatoes into slices and put them in a bowl,top with salt and put onions, cut into slices. We put in the refrigerator for a day. After the tomatoes are infused, merge the resulting juice. Tomatoes together with onions are put in boiling marinade, boil for about three minutes and put into cans. Pasteurized for up to twenty minutes, depending on the capacity of the can.

Green tomatoes with garlic, onions and carrots for a snack

  • on a kilogram of carrots, onions, bell peppers;
  • three kilograms of tomato;
  • one hundred ml of vinegar;
  • salt;
  • half a head of garlic;
  • pepper;
  • half a liter of unrefined oil.

Tomatoes we cut slices, onions and peppers by rings,garlic finely chopped. Carrots three on a grater. Vegetables are mixed in a saucepan, add butter and simmer until cooked, adding seasoning and vinegar. We cool, insist for twelve hours and transfer it to cans. Banks are pasteurized, stored in a cold place.

Cooking dishes from green tomatoes is not only easy, but also useful for your body.

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