Green snot in an adult: causes and treatment

A runny nose is such a common phenomenon that many do not even consider it a disease. In some cases, snot are not really a symptom of any serious illness. But if they are thick, and even green, in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred we are talking about a big health problem.

Why green?

By themselves, snot is mucus, which is produced in the nasal cavity and consists of water, salts and proteins. Its goals are noble: it protects the lungs from falling into all kinds of garbage. When mucus gets too much, it flows out of the nose. And in certain situations it loses its usual transparency and changes color. This often happens with children. Although green snot in an adult is not snot in an adult

The nasal mucus acquires a green color because of the neutrophils that were killed and decomposed in it (leukocytes fighting against infection). Their decay products, as well as the decay of harmful microorganisms have a green color.

Thus, it can be concluded that if a liquid of this color has flowed from the nose, an infection has settled in the body. And the neutrophils sent by the brain fight it for life and death.

Green snot in an adult: specific causes

Virtually any catarrhal disease is accompanied by nasal discharge. At the initial stage, they are usually transparent and have a liquid consistency. But if the process is started, then the color of the snot and its density also changes.

When an acute respiratory infection, not destroyed in the embryo, goes down from the nasopharynx to the trachea, and then even lower, bronchitis begins. This is one of the most common diseases of the upper respiratory tract among the adult population. Its main symptoms are cough, snot, fever, general weakness, etc. Moreover, cough is usually debilitating, aggravated at night, the temperature is often high, and snot is thick and green. This is a typical manifestation of bronchitis.acute sinusitis

Green mucus can also be caused by other viral-inflammatory diseases. For example, acute sinusitis is a purulent inflammation in the paranasal sinuses.This disease is fraught with serious consequences - such as, for example, meningitis, sepsis and even complete loss of vision.

Inflamed adenoids, allergic rhinitis, pneumonia, etc., are also often manifested by green snot.

Can I ignore the treatment?

As noted above, many people do not take seriously the cold. And even the green snot in an adult is not alwaysable to cause his concern. The person hopes that he will pass by himself, and at best eliminates the symptoms, and not the disease, with the help of vasoconstrictor drops.

A runny nose can really go away on its own, without treatment. But only if the discharge is rare and transparent. And if thick and green, then, most likely, the body attacks the disease, and everything is already very neglected.what to treat snot

True, there is one option when the "greens" has nothing to do with infections, but appears due to an unfavorable environment. If the human mucosa is weakened and cannot cope with the effects of negative factors (dirty air, etc.), nasal discharge may turn green. In such cases, there are no other symptoms of viral diseases, and treatment as such is not required.The only thing that the doctor can advise is to strengthen the mucous membrane with fresh air, regular moistening and washing the nose.

In all other situations, therapy is usually prescribed much more serious.

Treatment without drugs

It's no secret that taking medication, especially antibiotics, has side effects. Therefore, their use is desirable to minimize.

Before you begin drug treatment, it is recommended to hold a series of activities that can reduce the problem, and sometimes completely cure thick snot green. Among them are such as:

  • Durable air baths in environmentally friendly places.
  • Regular rinsing of the nose with saline.
  • Daily wet cleaning of the house.
  • Use of an ionizer - a humidifier.
  • Drink plenty of water.thick snot

These simple methods contribute to the improvement and strengthening of the body, give him the strength to independently combat the disease.

Drug treatment

Considering that green snotusually become a consequence of infection, treatment should begin with a diagnosis. If it happens that the body is infected with a virus, the doctor will prescribe antiviral agents, such as Amixin, Arbidol, Amizin, etc.In case of bronchitis and pneumonia, antibiotics will most likely have to be taken.

In case of allergic rhinitis, antihistamine therapy with "Loratadine", "Levocytirizine", etc. is required.

Acute sinusitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa) is usually treatedtopical antibiotics. Generally prescribed drugs are prescribed only in particularly severe cases. Sometimes a sinus puncture and cleaning of the sinus cavities is required. Another method is washing the nose with saline under pressure (the so-called cuckoo).

In parallel with the elimination of the causes, the snot itself is also treated. Medication relieves swelling of the nasal sinuses, used vasoconstrictor drops and saline solutions. All this is well supplemented by folk remedies to defeat the disease for sure.color snot

How to treat snot? Tips for traditional medicine

There were times when the usual cold could be fatal. Therefore, the people came up with many ways to deal with it. For example, such:

  • Inhalation of boiled potato vapor.
  • Inhalation decoction of chamomile, oregano, eucalyptus (not more than three times a day).
  • Rinsing the nose with salt (preferably sea), 1 tsp.on a glass of warm boiled water.
  • Instill nasal juice with onion juice, aloe, parsley or a mixture of beetroot, carrot and potato juices.
  • Instill the nose with honey mixed with saline.
  • Instill the nose with a decoction of the yarrow and calendula flowers (one tablespoon of each plant plus a glass of boiling water; leave for half an hour).

Prevention of rhinitis

Even in children, moisture under the nose is an unkind sign. And green snot in an adult is a mess, which is best avoided in advance. What measures are offered by the doctor as a prevention of rhinitis?cough snot temperature

Of course, they recommend more walking in the fresh air. Regularly conduct wellness and tempering procedures. To eat good healthy food, in particular, sea fish, which strengthens the immune system. In the cold season, it is necessary to lubricate the nasal mucosa with antiviral drugs. Indoors maintain a balance of temperature and humidity.

And always need to be in a good mood. Try not to be sad and worry less for any reason. After all, a great mood is a sure remedy for both green snot and other sores.

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