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The myth of motherhood - the mother does not give birth to a child.

A woman (mother) does not give birth to a child. This is the greatest misconception. So you can talk about the apple tree, that it is the tree that gives life to the apple. But the fruits are formed through the supply of trace elements from the roots along the trunk and branches. Mother only transfers important and necessary resources for the full formation of the child and nothing more. A woman has no purpose to bear children, like many trees do not have fruits. All trees exist in a single ecosystem and some purify the air, others soil, and still others produce fruit. And if a tree simply gives shade on a hot, hot day, it doesn’t make it any less valuable than a fruit tree. Mother can be called any woman, if she gave everything necessary in time. Someone can give protection from the heat, someone just by their presence cleans the space from negative external influences (cleans the air). All different and hang labels and even more so to force a woman to give birth to please speculation - this is to demand a cherry from the tree. This is the height of insanity and stupidity.If a woman has genitals - this does not mean that a child should come from there, must come out. Simply, it is physiologically different from the opposite male. And without the features of the structure of the female body, a woman can not be herself. The hormonal system of the woman’s body helps each woman to be herself - someone can give birth (bear fruit), someone can shelter from the weather (warm and protecting foliage hugs), someone just sings a quiet gentle song (rustling leaves), someone creates purity and comfort (cleans the space from the harmful effects). And in all these manifestations the hormonal system of the woman’s body is involved - the hormones are one, but the manifestations are different. From each woman different fruits - individual. And if a woman is intelligent and educated, she can shape the information into a pure conceptual form - this is the fruit of it. And this fruit will be in demand by those who need it. The state system forcibly forces a woman to supply what is required by the state - the bodies of new citizens. And the resource goes to the wrong manifestation. Downs and cripples, schizoid marazmatiki and politicians, bankers, presidents are born.The world has decayed from this, that where there is a need for air, space will disappear, where information is needed, its complete absence, where water is necessary — complete draining of the soil. No psychology will fix this situation in the world until they stop demanding oranges from the tree. P.S. The only woman who told me the truth was a grandmother. She told me: "Granddaughters, what can I give you? I am not educated, stupid. What have I seen in life? No, I have a grandmother." . That was enough. The woman spoke honestly, sincerely - as they say without lies. Children need accurate information. And it was the grandmother who gave birth to 9 children and knew how to save the child from the disease. She was able to go out twins - each was born weighing 1250 grams. She knew everything that was needed in the first years of the life of a new human organism. And it was her path. For every child, accurate and open information is important. There will be no whims and demands, there will be no malice. For the woman herself, it is important to be able to say as is - I can or cannot. The body can not be fooled. The brain calculates all the resources of the body. And in an attempt to please everyone - a collapse occurs, as if a woman is torn to pieces, demanding the impossible from her.Well, she can not be affectionate, but will create comfort and cleanliness. Well, she is not competent, but she gives birth and leaves a child. Well, she can not give birth, but she will write a book and give a lot of food to the younger generation. These actions are the true manifestations of motherhood. A society based on religious dogma demands everything from a woman at once and a lot. It does not happen. It is said that the lot of a woman is to be a mother, but not a non-bestowal. To give birth to this one, to bring up another. The whole priory pack clogs the brain and says that the tree should be beaten, chopped and kicked - to demand the rustling of leaves and apples from it. But the tree has a wonderful drug - essential oils, protection for the body from parasites. And this tree is good. A woman is beaten, crumpled, squeezed out of her what is not in her. Brain sharashitsya in different directions, not understanding the requirements for the body. There are exact data that a woman can give, and these manifestations take time and not a clogged brain. and then every woman will manifest herself in her beauty completely as it is. This is harmony. A woman screams, squeals, hysteria, crying - all these are manifestations of unreasonable demands on her as a woman. She has not yet been able to understand herself, but already the labels of the obligations should be on her. And men do not grow men, because they see not accurate and important information for their manifestation, but rubbish in the heads of parents who have not grown themselves, but are already tied by the dogmas of society — to give birth to and bring up, to build a house, to grow a tree. Yes, the tree itself will grow, as the man himself grows, only in time give food and protection, until the body is strong.

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And I also support the view that a woman is not obliged to give birth, if this somehow limits her self-expression. After all, not every woman should realize themselves through children. The ways of realization are different: through social life, through marriage, through creativity, through the creation of various teachings, etc. A child is only one of the ways of realization, but not the only one. As well as a man is NOT OBLIGED to provide material benefits to either a woman or even a child. All this is a manifestation of free will and conscience, which no one can influence in principle. Each debt understands its own way, and there are many reasons for this.


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I agree with your opinion - a woman should not give birth if she does not want.The only question is how free is she inside herself, in order to send everyone to ... those who prescribe some behavior to her. Love is when "I want to give and give voluntarily." As for the one who gives birth to a child, I think this: he himself finds ways to incarnate in this World. Mother is the gate through which the child comes. We need the consent of the mother, and this is her great role. Because, having given birth, she for a long time subordinates her life to feeding and upbringing, she at this time performs a biollogical program, which is not always consistent with her personal one. How many unwritten women caritin symphonies ... but there are their children. The birth and upbringing of a child is a great gift and good, it opens the heart. And it is not known who receives more from this process - the child to whom the woman gave life, or a woman who knows how to LOVE and ACCEPT. This teaches motherhood.


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