Ideal crimes do exist, if only because some robberies and murders committed 10, 50 and even 100 years ago have not been solved until now. However, criminals are often carrying a seemingly perfect plan, but then some unrecorded trifle interferes with the course of events and puts an end to a criminal career. The editors of VvyayVse.rf collected several cases when a carefully planned operation collapsed due to trivial trivia.

Hacker, who summed up the love of video games

Max Butler, nicknamed Ice (not to be confused with the serial killer Icy - his story will be told to you by the film with Michael Shannon) was a gifted hacker who had organized at the time the largest theft of credit card numbers in history.
In the spring of 1998, he hacked into a government website while local programmers repaired a security system. But he was quickly identified and sentenced to one and a half years in prison for unauthorized access to federal data.After being released, he wrote a utility for the Bifrost Trojan, which avoided the attention of the antivirus. The program helped him connect to the American Express database. Butler stole credit card numbers and resold them to third parties. In total, he stole about 2 million credit card numbers, for which he received $ 86 million.
Hacker Max Butler calculated on the small fact of his biographyHacker Max Butler calculated on the small fact of his biography
Tracking the guy failed. Having grown rich, he decided to retire and began to live a normal life with his girlfriend, who did not even suspect with whom he shared the bed. But in 2007, the FBI agents knocked on the door to Butler’s house. Calculated it because of the insignificant details of his biography.
In 2006, the feds detained a 21-year-old former accomplice of Butler, Jonathan Janonne, for selling data from foreign maps. The young man "split" and told about all his misconduct, including cooperation with Butler. Of course, Jonathan did not know his real name. But during the interrogation, the guy mentioned that his accomplice once told how he was one of the two main suspects in the hacking of the source code of the Half-Life-2 game. These two names were well known by the FBI - the first was German Axel Djembe, who was guilty and at that time was already behind bars, well, the second was Max Butler.The scammer received 13 years in prison, but then he knocked off his sentence for several months - until 2019.

Daring Mexican Fast Food Smuggler

In 2017, in the United States, an employee of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, 53-year-old Gilberto Escamilla, was sentenced to 50 years in prison for stealing more than a million dollars of public funds with the help of ... fajitas.
Fajitas - Mexican tortilla with meat and vegetablesFajitas - Mexican tortilla with meat and vegetables
The scheme was brilliantly simple: he ordered a fajitas party at a local Mexican restaurant on behalf of the Office. Delivery arrived, he met the courier and took away the order, and the bill was exposed to its management. It turns out that the state paid for the food. He himself later resold fajitas (to whom, we in the editorial office of can only guess) and put the money in his pocket.
Surprisingly, Escamillae got away with it for nine years. During this time, it has been enriched by $ 1.2 million. The Office of the Office was a prison for juvenile delinquents, so the restaurant decided that the state decided to feed them with junk food. And the management of the Office did not notice anything - here it is, a tangled bureaucracy. The man who had worked there for many years knew all the subtleties of the internal chicanery and was not afraid to be calculated.
But no matter how much the string is twisted, the end will come. Starting with small volumes, Gilberto tasted, and by the time everything was covered with a copper basin, he placed an order for 363 kilograms of Mexican cakes. A cunning civil servant was let down by a truck driver - he could not have imagined that such a large order was intended for a private person, and immediately went to the Office’s food department, where he was just thrown up in surprise - which fajitas?
Gilberto Escamilla in courtGilberto Escamilla in court
At trial, Escamilla admitted his guilt and lamented his greed. After all, if he continued to do small purchases, most likely, he would not have been calculated.

When awkwardness is helpful

Among robbers, “air crimes” are considered to be a special chic. So the British Rawson Watson could earn prestige among his colleagues in the underworld, if it were not a minor confusion.
Pictured: Rawson WatsonPictured: Rawson Watson
With the help of accomplices at London Heathrow Airport, he made his way into the passenger compartment of the passenger boeing heading for Madrid, opened the casing and hid there before the flight began. He knew that in the luggage department a suitcase with Spanish peseta would fly (there were about 1.5 million in British currency inside).He had prepared a special wooden box in which he threw money. The calculation was that when the recipient of the peseta suitcase opens it and discovers it is lost, while the security service calculates all passengers who have disembarked from the board, Rawson will be far away.
The crate in which Rawson hid the moneyThe crate in which Rawson hid the money
But alas, the worker who serviced the luggage tape was either too weak or clumsy - he accidentally dropped Rawson's suitcase. From the blow, he opened, revealing the world stolen bills. The thief rushed to flee and managed to escape from the chase - this happened in 2000, even before the September 11 terrorist attack, so that the meager security at the airport failed. However, skin particles remained on the Boeing skin, and Rawson's DNA was at the base of the police. When 3 years later, the police stopped him for drunk driving, they soon rejoiced at the unexpected prize.

Bank robbery in the USSR

On August 5, 1977, 1.5 million rubles were stolen from the State Bank of the Armenian SSR - adapting to the modern realities, approximately $ 2 million.
It all started like this: two brothers, Nikolai and Felix Kalachyan, received valuable information from the gunner: the money is in the vault on the second floor. The walls and doors of the room are armored, but the ceiling is plain, concrete.Above the vault is a staff lounge, which can be accessed through the roof of a nearby apartment building adjacent to the wall of the bank building. There is no security inside the bank building, because the money is hidden in a secure vault under the alarm.
Nikolai and Felix KalachyanNikolai and Felix Kalachyan
The criminals have developed a plan for 5 months and have thought through everything to the smallest detail. It was planned to get to the lid of a neighboring house and jump into the window of the staff room, then make a hole in the floor and go down to the vault. They even stocked up on a baby umbrella and water: first they were going to tie it to the foot so that the falling sounds of crumbling concrete would not make noise, and they thought to cool the drills and quench their thirst from exhausting work.
A week before the operation, Nikolai had an accident and was in the hospital, but after consulting, the brothers decided to act according to the old plan. Everything went like clockwork. Once in the room through a window, Felix made a hole in the floor with a diameter of 34 cm and got out with 30 kg of bills. The brothers managed to escape without leaving a single clue to the investigators. In addition to one - most of the stolen bills were a series of AI.
Crime scene photoCrime scene photo
By Brezhnev’s decree, the production of this series was frozen, and already issued banknotes were forbidden to be put into circulation. The Kalachyan brothers figured out how to get around the obstacles by deciding to buy government bonds in order to cash them later. In this way, they managed to “wash” about 100 thousand rubles in Tashkent, where the government’s decree was overlooked. In the future, one of the brothers began a romance with Lyudmila Aksenova and asked her brother Vladimir to buy bonds. He went to the savings bank, but because of the delay of the cashier (she messed up with a friend) panicked and ran away, leaving the cashier to pay 3,000 rubles.
The cashier suspected something was wrong and ran to the police, where, thanks to a photographic memory, she managed to describe the portrait of a strange visitor. The authorities quickly came to Vladimir and found out the identity of his sister's lover. On the night of June 7, 1978, the Kalachyan brothers were arrested. They were sentenced to death, but the leadership of the Armenian SSR beat a pardon from the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. A pardon document arrived at its destination a day after the sentence was carried out.

Chicago "murder for arousal"

A couple of young people from Chicago in the 20s — 17-year-old Richard Loeb and 18-year-old Nathan Leopold — got bored with life very quickly. Their parents were so rich (one had a supermarket chain, the other was the shipowner) that they fulfilled every whim of their sons. In addition, both graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and were admirers of Nietzsche's nihilistic ideas.
Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold decide to challenge societyRichard Loeb and Nathan Leopold decide to challenge society
Such a cocktail of life circumstances “presented” the world with two cynics who are confident in their own superiority over the other “untermensch”. In correspondence, young people often called each other "supermen for whom there are no obstacles." It is not surprising that the idea of ​​murder “just like that” finally came into their heads. Both wanted to check the edge of their capabilities and anticipated how the police would get off their feet, roving around the city in search of murderers.
The criminals planned to kill for four months. The victim was a 14-year-old Bobby, with whom Nathan played tennis. On the eve of the chosen date (May 24, 1924), Natasha rented a car under an assumed name and bought items at a hardware store to kill the boy and disfigure the corpse: chisel, rope and hydrochloric acid. Thanks to the connections, he also managed to get 2 pistols.
The criminals on the car met Bobby at the school and offered a ride. The boy agreed; he had only a few minutes left to live - the path from the school to the outskirts of the city, where with one blow of the chisel Richard cut short his life. After waiting for the night, the boys wrapped Bobby's body in a bathrobe and shoved him into a drainpipe by the railroad, after which they sent a letter to the parents for ransom and burned all the evidence. No evidence, no witnesses.
Bobby, the victim of two nihilists, and the place where his body was foundBobby, the victim of two nihilists, and the place where his body was found
Bobby's body was found the very next day. All because the flow of water in the pipe turned out to be stronger than Richard and Nathan had supposed, and the body was slightly pushed out. In the morning, the railway workers saw a pale foot sticking out of the pipe. Arriving police found expensive glasses at the crime scene, which only a few were sold in the city. One couple belonged to Nathan ... And if the lawyers could still refute this accusation, then when the examination checked Richard’s typewriter and found out that the note to the parents was written with its help, it was useless to unlock it. The young men confessed to the crime and received a life sentence.
Points that helped solve the murderPoints that helped solve the murder
A few words about the fate of the criminals: thanks to the money of the parents, both provided almost resort conditions in the cells. Richard forcibly forced other prisoners to sleep with him, and in the end one of the victims fought back and made him cut with a razor blade to death. But Nathan was pardoned in 1958. Repenting of his deed, he devoted the rest of his life to auxiliary work in the church and died in 1971 of a heart attack.

Great train robbery

The greatest robbery on the railroad in history occurred on August 8, 1963. In a raid on a postal train en route from Scotland to London, 15 people were received, and their “catch” was 2.3 million pounds, which today is equivalent to 46 million pounds or almost 4 billion rubles! By the way, the money was shabby and to be written off, so in fact there were no real victims in this theft: they were supposed to be described and burned at the London state bank.
The leader of the gang, a young antiquary Bruce Reindols already had experience of gang raids. A year earlier, he and his subordinates robbed a collection van at Heathrow airport, having stolen 62,000 feet of sterling, and before that he had spent several years in prison: first for burglary, then for beating a bookmaker.
Bruce Reynolds (center)Bruce Reynolds (center)
Although the Great Train robbery was subsequently romanticized in the press and in the cinema, it was an ordinary sneaky gangster raid. For several months, Bruce was carrying out a plan of robbery and was training his accomplices on a rented abandoned farm, bringing their actions to automaticity. On August 8, the plan was put into action. Companion Reynolds had previously put a black bag on the burning green semaphore and simulated a red brake light using a flashlight. When the train stopped, a gang of ski masks burst into the driver's cab. Hacking armored doors turned out to be a simple matter, and in just 5 minutes the criminals reloaded the bags with bills into a truck fitted in advance to the tracks.
Photos from the re-enactment of the greatest train robberyPhotos from the re-enactment of the greatest train robbery
There were no witnesses who would meet their car on the way to the headquarters - the Reynolds guys had pre-installed fake road works signs on their route, so all the cars were detouring. And already from the farm, the money was transferred to a rented corn dab.
The search for the robbers began immediately.The fact that people appeared on an abandoned farm, the police quickly learned. But the detectives were met by an absolutely empty farm with fingerprints erased from all possible surfaces. One Reynolds did not take into account - his subordinates with boredom wanted to play the monopoly in the attic. With her something to erase prints completely forgotten. All the "fingers" were found in the file, and it was not difficult to calculate the identity of the robbers. A year later, 12 of the 15 robbers were arrested, 11 of them received the maximum prison sentences of 30 years in prison.
The editors of suggest that you also read about crimes that have been revealed.

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