Gas boiler for water heating: types, device, connection, features of operation

A modern gas boiler is a complex unit operating on the principle of a heat exchanger. A gas burner with an igniter is placed in the lower part of the device, and a metal reservoir for water is mounted on top. Combustion, the gas-air mixture transfers the heat energy of the liquid. Two types of gas-fired water heaters are common: flow-through and storage.

gas boiler

Flow-through gas water boiler: description

The design of such a heater is a powerful system with a small volume of storage for the liquid. Compact and practical speakers have been used for many years. Modern modifications are equipped with a secure closed working chamber (cheaper models are of open type).The device has several levels of security control:

  • accounting of gas supply and pressure;
  • overheating protection;
  • adjustable modes depending on the season;
  • thermostats;
  • safety valves.

A flow type gas boiler requires special installation conditions. Mandatory of them is the presence of a special chimney. The column is mounted in a dry room in compliance with fire safety standards.

Instantaneous water heaters are available in the form of wall structures, the floor option can only be a storage tank, which has a substantial volume of several hundred liters.

Power calculation

All boilers, including gas, the main indicator is power. The higher it is, the faster and more you can heat the water for a certain period of time. This characteristic depends on the number of kilowatts produced. On average, 4.2 kJ of energy is required to heat a liter of water by one degree.water boiler

To heat the fluid to a comfortable 40 degrees, it will take about 170 kJ. The heater operation manual indicates the rated power (kW / sec).The 18 kW gas-fired gas boiler heats a liter of water to the desired temperature in 8-9 seconds. Therefore, for a conventional mixer, a column whose power does not exceed 18 kW is sufficient.


Most of the Chinese and domestic units have a low price, but they are made from cheap and short-lived materials. Particularly unsuccessful instances quickly fail, some can even melt at the maximum allowable temperature.

According to customer reviews, the most reliable products are well-known European brands or their authorized dealers. Among them are the following names:

  1. Gas boiler "Ariston".
  2. Water heater "Electrolux".
  3. Products "Bosch", "Indesit", "Valliant" and other companies.

These devices are adapted to domestic parameters of pressure, composition of gas and water. Work items are made of nickel-plated steel or stainless steel, equipped with long-lasting burners, covered with a special anti-corrosion coating. Water heaters meet the increased requirements of fire safety and serve at least ten years.

wall gas boilers

Accumulative water heaters on gas

Such a gas boiler is equipped with a heat-resistant capacity of various sizes. It is filled with cold water, which, under the influence of the heat radiated from the burner, heats up to the required temperature. As the cooling fluid is heated to the specified parameters. Maintaining the temperature in the tank is akin to a thermos and can be fixed for several days without additional heating.

By type of installation, the devices are divided into two types:

  1. Wall option.
  2. The boiler is gas floor.

It is recommended to mount the unit in a separate room, as it is rather massive and voluminous.

Hot water device

Modern boilers have two types of housing. The first option is stainless steel. Such devices are more expensive, but more durable. The second model is a metal case, covered with powder enamel. The inside of the tank is treated with titanium coating, special paint or other anti-corrosion coating.

The capacity of storage-type water heaters directly depends on a similar indicator of the burner.Wall-mounted gas boilers are equipped with installations from three to five kilowatts, floor standing options - from 6 kW and above. Devices can be issued with the closed and open combustion chamber. The first modification will require the presence of a standard chimney, in the second case - the kit is equipped with a coaxial exhaust gas.

When choosing a heater should pay attention to its compliance with safety standards. It must be protected from overheating, water and gas sensors, a safety valve, a thermostat, a control unit and, without fail, a draft indicator in the chimney.

gas boiler double circuit

Combined version

Combined water boiler for sale is rare. Nevertheless, this design is very practical and has the right to exist. In case the main source of energy supply is not working for any reason, the unit functions as a standard gas heater. Such a system is best suited for homes with single-circuit heating boiler.

The cumulative boiler of combined (indirect) heating as a source of thermal energy aggregates with the coolant from the heating system.The boiler communicates with the boiler using a special binding. The liquid heated in the heating system enters the water heater, circulates through the heat exchanger, transferring a part of the energy of the storage tank, then goes back. The important point is that when using such units the power reserve of the main device must be more than 30 percent.

Special features

The boiler gas double-circuit floor type with the internal store, despite the high cost and difficult installation, has a number of advantages, namely:

  • fast water supply;
  • reduced energy consumption compared with the flow model;
  • it is possible to switch the operating mode from summer to winter;
  • The device is reliable and easy to maintain.

Water heaters of accumulative type are usually installed in a private house or at an enterprise. First, they take up a lot of space. Secondly, the installation of such devices in apartments is strictly regulated.

 gas boiler Price

When purchasing a kit, you should choose the components of one firm, or those that interact with each other.For example, not all water heaters of one brand are suitable for boilers of another manufacturer.

Criterias of choice

Gas boiler is a complex and dangerous (with insufficient protection or inept connection) device. Therefore, his choice must be approached thoroughly and responsibly.

If the dwelling does not have a standard chimney, it will be necessary to purchase a unit with a closed working chamber, equipped with a special chimney and turbo exhaust hood. Such units are forbidden to install in enclosed spaces. Their installation is made in special utility rooms or boiler rooms, where there is productive ventilation.

An important role when choosing a device is its power. In order not to buy a heater that is not productive enough or, on the contrary, consumes more energy than is required, it is necessary to take into account the ratio of power and performance parameters. If the result is less than two units - this is the best option.

Mandatory aspect - security. Check for gas control, fuse for dry running and overheating, thrust and pressure indicators, safety valves.

Gas boiler connection

Without the appropriate qualifications and experience, you should not even try to install a gas water heater on your own. The slightest error can lead to irreparable consequences. Installation and connection of a column or boiler of another type must be carried out exclusively by a specialist who has the appropriate permission.

gas boiler ariston

The owner must consider a number of important factors:

  1. Installation of a gas water heater may only be carried out after obtaining an appropriate permit from the gas service representative. Simplifies its receipt, if you just replace the old column with a new unit.
  2. If the installation of the device is performed from scratch, obtaining a permit document will take a lot of time and effort. The purchased device must necessarily comply with existing norms and standards. In addition, the water heater must have a certificate.

Useful tips

In addition to the main criteria, when choosing a gas boiler, you should take into account the adaptation of the device to domestic operating conditions (parameters of pressure, gas composition and water quality).It is also desirable to pay attention to the combination with the type of connected heating system. For example, condensing boilers are mounted with low-temperature heating and interact well with a warm floor.

Another advantage is the presence of a service center near the house. In the official representative office, you can repair the device much faster, without waiting for the necessary spare part for months.

gas boiler connection


Gas boiler, the price of which depends on the modification, manufacturer, capacity and additional equipment, is excellent for residential and industrial premises in which there is no centralized hot water supply. The main thing is to choose the right power and volume of the device. With proper installation, a quality water heater will last a long time and will pay off quickly. The minimum price for European brands starts from 15-20 thousand rubles.

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