Garlic during pregnancy

Everyone knows that pregnant women haveto eat in a special way. Since the normal development of the fetus requires a large number of nutrients, therefore, the future mother must include in their diet only natural products. But the benefit or harm of some products can be difficult to determine. For example, it is difficult for a woman to understand whether garlic is available for pregnant women.

Even specialists could not decide to the endin this matter. Some consider garlic a useful product, others categorically oppose it. But mostly doctors tend to believe that garlic can be eaten with pregnancy, but not too much, since it has unique properties and at the same time it can do harm. It is believed that the use of several lobules of this product per week will be quite enough. Such a portion will not bring significant harm, but the beneficial effects on the body will be significant.

First of all, garlic during pregnancyIt is used as a preventive tool that can protect the future mother from ubiquitous viruses, especially in the winter season. This simple-looking product contains a huge amount of vitamin C and improves the functioning of the immune system. Since it is not recommended to place vaccinations for women who are carrying a child, and to protect the body, garlic in this situation is an excellent alternative.

But for all its good, experts in the voiceargue that too much love for garlic can negatively affect the health of both women and the fetus. And indeed it is! The fact is that garlic during pregnancy promotes the activation of the tone of the uterus and its increase. Such an effect can lead to the emergence of a threat of miscarriage. It is this property of garlic that used to restore the female body after childbirth. Then the scientists found that because of him, the milk becomes bitter, and the baby does not like it.

Before answering the question, is it possible to garlicpregnant women, and begin to increase immunity in this way, you should remember about contraindications. In large quantities, it is harmful absolutely for all women in an interesting situation. It is necessary to give up garlic in case a woman has frequent nosebleeds, since it is peculiar to reduce blood coagulability. It is known that garlic is a good stimulator of the cardiovascular system. But if there are pathologies in this area, it is better to fear it.

All women, and especially during pregnancy,It is forbidden to include garlic in your diet, if there are stomach diseases, such as gastritis or ulcers. And, of course, when you notice that after meals with this spice there are rashes or itching, you should immediately stop using it. At late pregnancy it is better not to eat garlic, so as not to cause premature births increased activity of the uterus.

Scientists have carried out certain studies,which revealed that the taste of garlic for the fetus is not very pleasant. It is considered that any product can change the taste of amniotic fluid, which is why doctors recommend neutral products with taste characteristics. After each meal, specialists monitored the reaction of the unborn child and found that after the sweet dishes, he poured more liquid than usual. But after garlic - the muscles of the face of the fetus are strained, and the liquid swallows less often. On this basis, it was concluded that food with such spice does not bring the child benefits and pleasure.

So, the final decision to take eacha woman individually, in proportion to her reaction to the product. But remember that garlic during pregnancy is useful only in small portions, which can not harm the normal development of the fetus.

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