Biography of Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal is a famous Mexican actor, famous for his roles in both independent Spanish-language films and in Hollywood and on television. Stage art submitted to him in his youth - from the very beginning of his career, he was invited to be filmed by famous directors, and not at all by accident. It seems that this Mexican with his charming smile and openness to experiments was simply created to captivate with his charisma all lovers of extraordinary and intelligent cinema.
In the photo: Gael García BernalIn the photo: Gael García Bernal
At the same time, Gael Garcia Bernal is not only a multi-faceted actor, but also a wonderful person and an extraordinary person. Convince yourself by familiarizing yourself with the history of his life and a fruitful creative career!

early years

Gael Garcia Bernal was born in Guadalajara on November 30, 1978. His parents belonged to the creative professions: Patricia’s mother is a model and actress, and Jorge Angel’s father is an actor and director. Both spouses for the most part engaged in theater. In the Bernal family, three more children were born - two sons and a daughter.However, this marriage soon fell apart, and Gael had a stepfather, Sergio Yasbek, who was also involved in the world of cinema.
Gael Garcia Bernal in childhoodGael Garcia Bernal in childhood
From adolescence, Bernal maintained an active citizenship - for example, the future actor took part in peaceful rallies during the riots of 1994 in Chiapas, and also as a volunteer, taught to read locals who had not received education at the time, and worked with representatives of Indian tribes.


After graduating from school, Bernal entered the National Autonomous University in Mexico City. He studied philosophy for a couple of semesters, but then made the decision to take a break and set off to travel around Europe. The time spent alone with himself, benefited: Gael realized that he did not go that way and in fact wants to become an actor.
Gael Garcia Bernal in his youthGael Garcia Bernal in his youth
Therefore, in 1999, Bernal passed the exams at the famous London Central School of Stage Speech and Drama, thus being the first Mexican who entered there. At various times, this prestigious institution graduated from Lawrence Olivier, Judi Dench, Carrie Fisher, Martin Freeman and other famous artists.

Actor career

The first time Gael went on stage as a child with his parents, and he subsequently continued to appear in small roles in the productions of the local theater. To appear on television, as well as participate in performances, he began from childhood. Thus, at the age of 11, Bernal appeared in the soap opera Teresa (1989), which became the launching pad for Salma Hayek. Soon, Gael signed up to participate in another series - "Grandfather and Me" (1992).
Gael Garcia Bernal, Salma Hayek and Diego LunaGael Garcia Bernal, Salma Hayek and Diego Luna
Now it’s hard to believe, but the role of desperate youth Octavio in one of the novels of the drama “Love Bitch” (2000) was the debut work of an actor in a full-length movie. Collaboration with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu resulted in great success for both: the tape went to the Oscar from Mexico in the category “Best film in a foreign language,” and other independent filmmakers noticed Bernal.
Gael Garcia Bernal in Bitch LoveGael Garcia Bernal in Bitch Love
So, a year later, Gael worked with another outstanding compatriot - director Alfonso Cuaron: his film “And Your Mother, too” (2001) about the journey of the strange trio of lover friends to the sea received a number of nominations and awards, including for the best script and as a foreign picture of the year.Already here, Bernal demonstrated his absolute readiness for complete emancipation on the screen.
Gael Garcia Bernal in the film “And Your Mother, too”Gael Garcia Bernal in the film “And Your Mother, too”
Virtually every subsequent project brought Gael "dividends": a positive response in the press, admirers' admirers, work with well-known colleagues, new cinematic awards.
Gael Garcia Bernal in the film “The Secret of Amaro Father”Gael Garcia Bernal in the film “The Secret of Amaro Father”
Some of the roles of Bernal can be called typical for Latin American cinema, where such passions boil that you will not get bored - these are, for example, the films “Private Life” (2001), “The Secret of Father Amaro” (2002), “Points Above I” (2002), a synopsis for which may resemble the plot of Brazilian soap operas. However, despite the formal use of quite clichéd images and stories in the script, all these pictures have their own peculiarity and charm, which is largely due to Bernal himself.
Gael Garcia Bernal in the film “Che Guevara: The Motorcyclist Diaries”
And if at first the directors more exploited the sexuality and sensuality of this actor, then his talent managed to turn around with might and main. The image of the young Che Guevara, who Gael embodied in the biographical road movie of Walter Salles "Che Guevara: The Motorcyclist Diaries" (2004), became a 100% hit.The spectators did not see the threat of the Cuban revolution Che, but a medical student suffering from asthma who decided to go with a friend on a journey through Latin America. For this role, Bernal received a nomination from the British Film Academy.
Gael Garcia Bernal in the Drama “Bad Education”Gael Garcia Bernal in the Drama “Bad Education”
On the new side, the experimenter-actor was able to open himself in the drama Pedro Almodovar “Bad Education” (2004), playing at once two characters — transsexual Angel and the treacherous youth Juan. Viewers could only wonder: in the female guise of Bernal, it turns out, no less attractive than in its "usual" masculine. The actor appeared in a touching melodrama by Michel Gondry “The Science of Sleep” (2006), where he played the beloved heroine Charlotte Gainsbourg, the dreamy and awkward visionary Stephen, who sometimes confuses his surrealistic dreams with reality.
Trailer of the film with the participation of Gael Garcia Bernal "Babylon"
Again, Ignarritu Bernal allowed the film “Babylon”, which called under its banner a whole placer of famous actors: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Michael Peña, El Fanning and others. Approximately from this moment Bernal’s “penetration” into Hollywood began - in smallin short steps, he increasingly “took root” in the American film industry.
Gael Garcia Bernal in the film “Mammoth”Gael Garcia Bernal in the film “Mammoth”
The result of this commitment was the painting "Blindness" (2008) with Julianne Moore, "Letters to Juliet" (2010) with Amanda Seyfried, "The main thing is not to be afraid!" (2010) with Kate Hudson. He didn’t forget Bernal about the author’s cinema, which he always played for in the family drama “Mammoth” by Lucas Mudisson, where Michelle Williams became his partner, and in 2012 - in the biographical drama “No” by Pablo Larrain nominated for an Oscar.
Gael Garcia Bernal in the series "Mozart in the jungle"
Return to television after a long break, Bernal decided in 2014, subscribing to participate in the TV series “Mozart in the jungle”. The show about the backstage life of the New York Philharmonic existed for 4 seasons, and in 2016 it won two Golden Globe statuettes: the best series (comedy or musical) and the best actor - personally for Gael, for the role of charming young conductor Rodrigo. On the set, he didn’t limit himself to acting duties, but also performed in several episodes as a director and producer.
In 2016, Gael Garcia Bernal received the Golden GlobeIn 2016, Gael Garcia Bernal received the Golden Globe
Another successful actor's work was Bernal’s role as a policeman who announced a “hunt” for the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Pablo Larraina's Biopic “Neruda” (2016) was nominated for an Oscar as the best film in a foreign language.
Trailer of the film with the participation of Gael Garcia Bernal "Neruda"
Gael does not often act as a dubbing actor, although he likes this kind of work. The cartoon “The Secret of Coco” (2017), where a character named Hector speaks in Bernal’s voice, received two Oscars: for the best song and for the best animated film. The original version of the characters also voiced by Benjami Bratt, Alanna Yubak, Rene Victor and others.

Personal life of Gael Garcia Bernal

Despite the fact that the image of a passionate lover was largely fixed on the screen behind Bernal, in real life he seldom surprises the public with turbulent novels. It is known that at different times Gael was in a relationship with actresses Cecilia Suarez and Natalie Portman.
Gael Garcia Bernal and Natalie PortmanGael Garcia Bernal and Natalie Portman
In 2008, it became known about the novel Bernal and actress Dolores Fonzi. A year later, they had a son, Lazaro, and in 2011 a daughter, Libertad, was born. In 2014, the couple broke up, without commenting on the gap and its causes in the press. Officially they were not married - the reverse information in the media about this is incorrect.
Gael Garcia Bernal and Dolores FonziGael Garcia Bernal and Dolores Fonzi
Childhood idols Gael calls Klaus Kinski, Marcello Mastroianni and Daniel Day-Lewis, and he would like to work with Juliette Binoche, Javier Bardem and Emily Watson. However, Bernal notes that he is not afraid and even loves to cooperate with debutants, since cinema is, above all, art and the search for something new, and then already big names.
In terms of following the traditions, the actor considers himself a Catholic, but otherwise adheres to agnostic convictions.

Gael believes that it is impossible to be part of society and stay away from political processes. He willingly participates in seminars and forums where the problems of society, religion, politics, and the economic sphere are discussed. So, along with a number of well-known and influential countrymen, including Alfonso Cuarón, he signed an open letter to the country's authorities with a call to legalize same-sex marriages in Mexico.
Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego LunaGael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna
Bernal's best friend is actor Diego Luna, the star of Dirty Dancing 2, with whom they starred together in “And your mother too.” Together, the actors established a production company that operates in the Mexican and Latin American markets.
In varying degrees, in addition to his native Spanish, Bernal speaks several languages: English, Portuguese, Italian and French.
Gael Garcia Bernal can often be seen on the jury of various festivals.Gael Garcia Bernal can often be seen on the jury of various festivals.
Periodically, the actor is a member of the jury at various festivals. In 2007, he had the opportunity to choose the best paintings in the Berlinale, and in 2014 - in Cannes.

Gael Garcia Bernal now

The actor continues to actively roll. He lives in two countries, preferring either Mexico City or Buenos Aires. At the same time, Bernal periodically finds himself in the USA and Europe.

onMar 6, 2018 at 2:55 am PST

This year there will be several screenshots featuring Bernal: this is the drama “The Teacher” (2018), which also starred Maggie Gyllenhaal, the Mexican crime drama “Museum”, which already received the Silver Bear in Berlin for the best script, as well as the Argentine thriller “ Acusada.
On the set of the film "Museum"On the set of the film "Museum"
Negotiations are continuing on the participation of Gael in the new version of the adventures of Zorro. So far, the tape still has no final cast and release date, but there is a working title - “The Rebirth of Zorro”, and the director is determined - Jonas Cuaron.

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