Furnace "Buleryan": reviews and disadvantages

The heating system "Buleryan" is an all-welded steel structure, on the sides of which there are multiple pipes. Cold air enters from the floor, it penetrates through the lower pipes of the pipes and heats up. And then it moves through the pipes, pressed against the heating device of the heater.

Already heated air comes out of the upper pipes, which is evenly distributed throughout the room. Already 15 minutes after the furnace is kindled, the air reaches a temperature of 120 ° C.

Reviews about the main benefits

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User reviews about the furnace "Buleryan" will allow you to figure out what is the described design. It is quite compact, but easily copes with the heating of a room of up to 100 m.2. If you purchase more powerful equipment, it will be able to heat the room up to 400 m2. The period between the bookmarks of firewood at the same time reaches 12 hours. According to users, during the operation it is necessary to put firewood in the firebox only a few times a day so that the furnace maintains a constant temperature in the room.

If you want to buy a heating furnace "Buleryan", you should read reviews about it. From them you can learn that firewood burns out at a certain speed, which is affected by the power output. It also affects the type of wood. Only 3 hours after the device starts operating, the room warms up and the air in it reaches an acceptable temperature.

If the area is impressive, then it is recommended to install several ovens or purchase one unit, the size of which will meet your requirements. Such a furnace, according to users, is not only convenient, but also versatile. It does not generate smoke and soot in the room, saves firewood, and also has a convenient door for laying firewood, which simplifies operation.

Main disadvantages

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If you decide to install the furnace "Buleryan" in the garage, experts recommend reading the reviews about it. Among them we should highlight the ability of equipment to operate solely due to firewood. It is necessary to mention also that the large volume of generating gases never burns, flying into the chimney.

Firewood does not burn completely, the stove smokes at the same time, and soot goes into the chimney pipe.This implies the necessity of removing the pipe at 3 m from the height of the furnace. All these are additional costs, to which it is necessary to add the fact that the pipe needs thermal insulation. It does not matter if the construction is made of metal or brick.

Reviews of the long-burning furnace "Buleryan" also say that condensate from water, soot and tar accumulates in the chimney during operation. This is due to the fact that the fuel does not burn completely. The pipe is coked, and during kindling an unpleasant odor is formed, which is especially important after a long idle time.

Consumers emit one more minus, which is expressed in the fact that dust burns on the hot metal of the structure. It does not improve the atmosphere of the premises. The principle of operation of the heating device leads to such consequences: the design is designed for heat transfer from the surface. On one tab, long burning and maximum heat transfer is not so easy to ensure. To do this, you will have to master the skills of adjusting the valve. Reviews of the furnace for giving "Buleryan" say that burning by the method of corruption causes many side effects.

Reviews about the analogue "Buleriana"

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When you read the reviews about the heating furnace “Buleryan”, “Breneran” it is time to study. This equipment is an analogue of the convection device and is the development of Professor Butakova. The unit is identical to the “Buleryan”, but the latter is the fruit of German developments, while the “Breneran” was first released in Russia.

The design differs from the "Bulerian" large section of air tubes and their impressive number. They are hidden in the case, and the air intake takes place at a right angle. According to users, the case is made in the form of a parallelepiped. The chimney is introduced into the upper plane.

For ash, the design has a built-in drawer, the system is complemented by a grate. It is the entry point of the chimney that makes using the stove not very convenient. When you change the position of the valve on the pipe, you can easily burn yourself on the upper part of the body or the base of the pipe. As consumers emphasize, the butterfly valve does not have a lock, and when you try to expose the blower yourself it moves under the weight of the handle.

In the furnace, firewood burns almost completely, only a minimal amount of them remains. In the convection ovens of the Russian production, according to consumers, you can find flaws, they are expressed in the absence of elements, as well as poorly made seams. If you read reviews about the long-burning furnace on the wood “Buleryan”, you can understand that it does not possess such defects. The smallest models of units cost about 9000 rubles.

Reviews about the features of the operation of "Buleryana" in a residential house

For houses of temporary residence and country houses, Buleryan is the ideal solution. However, many consumers, in their words, doubt whether it is worthwhile to install such equipment in residential premises. Here, customer opinions diverge, so it is worth a more serious approach to the study of this issue.

After reading reviews about the Buleryan furnace, you will be able to understand that such a installation can have a negative impact on a healthy atmosphere at home. With a portion of the air inside the structure, ordinary dust is drawn in, which first heats up and then begins to burn. Thermal decomposition does not require too high a temperature.Buyers emphasize that the combustion products of dust particles are present in the air and can have a negative impact.

In order to get out of this situation, it is necessary to purchase “Buleryan” and a conventional oven. The first will heat the house, and the second - to maintain a constant temperature. Experts emphasize that with the correct location of the “Buleryana” and the observance of elementary rules and frequencies, it is permissible to use a similar installation in a residential building.

Operating reviews

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You will be satisfied with the use of the oven, if you pay attention to its operation. Manufacturers claim that the design described is universal. Sometimes it is even compared to a solid fuel boiler. However, this belief is not entirely true.

The best fuel for the furnace is wood. It is recommended to use non-resinous rocks. This should include:

  • birch;
  • poplar;
  • acacia.

Pallets and briquettes are great. According to consumers, it is better to make kindling with logs, but briquettes are perfect for the burning process. Do not use flammable substances during ignition.Reviews of the furnace "Buleryan" say that before laying the firewood it is recommended to dry them on the furnace, then their burning will be more efficient.

The aforementioned period of work on one tab of fuel will be relevant only when the furnace is fully loaded. Do not make chimney pipe smaller than recommended. In order to ensure successful combustion, good traction is needed, which is possible only with a total chimney height of 5 m.

Consumers emphasize that the pipe should be collected against, and not in the direction of the gases. This will prevent resin from falling onto the floor that flows out of the oven holes. With proper installation of the chimney resin will return and burn. Owners of private houses who successfully use Buleryan note that twice a year you should check the smoke. This will eliminate problems with heating equipment.

Feedback on installation features

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The Buleryan 100 furnace, reviews of which you were able to read above, according to consumers, should be installed at some distance from flammable objects and materials. The distance should be 1 m. If the surfaces are covered with plaster, then this parameter can be reduced to 75 cm.

"Buleryan" is usually installed on a pedestal, which acts as a decoration and serves as a functional element. Inside, consumers are advised to make a niche for firewood. Usually the base is made of piles.

Reviews about the features of cleaning

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After reading the reviews and drawbacks of the Buleryan furnace, you can decide whether you should buy such equipment for the dacha or at home. But if you have already made your choice, then you need to get a closer look at how cleaning is carried out. No matter how high quality the heating equipment is, from time to time it requires maintenance. The Buleryan will eventually begin to show signs of contamination. According to consumers, they are expressed in the following:

  • lack of traction;
  • deterioration of melting;
  • difficulty closing the gate.

For cleaning, you can use one of several technologies. The main thing is to be safe. Reviews and disadvantages of the furnace "Buleryan" suggest that such equipment may be a source of increased danger. Consumers are not advised to use such a popular burning burn. This method is dangerous, though effective.Some daredevils decide on this extreme move.

Its essence lies in heating the pipe to a temperature when the metal turns red. Resin under such conditions simply burns out, and the chimney is cleaned. Clearing, according to buyers of the furnace, can be also mechanical. To do this, use a special rod, with which you need to get into the pipe from the roof.

The length of the chimney above the surface should be about 3 m, so this approach is no less dangerous without the use of insurance. In winter, such manipulations are not worth it. After reading the reviews of the owners of the furnace "Buleryan", you will select for yourself another way - through the glass. If the chimney clogged thoroughly, and it is impossible to clean it from above, then you can knock on the pipe. However, in this part of the resin will still be in place.

The smoker is sometimes cleaned from the inside, although this option is rather complicated. From scrap materials you have to do something like a folding meter with a ruff at the end. You can use aluminum corner or pipe. The design should be pretty easy.The height of the pipe is decent, and if the device is heavy, then cleaning, according to the owners of Buleryana, will be quite difficult to carry out.

More economical and easier to use hard but flexible wire or cable. Its end is necessary to roll the ring to the diameter of the pipe and clean the chimney through the glass for condensate. According to the homeowners, where Buleryan is installed, this procedure has one minus. It is expressed in the fact that in the process a lot of dirt is formed, but you have to spend no more than an hour on cleaning.

Reviews of "Buleriane" with a water shirt

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Reviews of the owners about the furnace "Buleryan" allow us to understand that you can find a design with a water circuit on sale. The premises with the help of a similar installation are heated by active circulation in heat exchangers. Such a furnace, according to buyers, is an unusual and at the same time simple device. The body has the shape of a cylinder and consists of two levels. It resembles an ordinary barrel.

Reviews of the Buleryan furnace make it possible to understand that the lower level of the design is a fire chamber, which is necessary for preliminary ignition and raising the temperature to the level of the combustion chamber.The upper compartment is needed for burning wood gas. The main task of the furnace is to heat water in a large volume. According to buyers, the device has elements that distribute energy to water heating and heating.

Features of the operation of the furnace with a water circuit

During the operation of the installation, hot water enters the heating system or storage tank, providing the house with a comfortable temperature. It is recommended to use distilled water together with this installation. The heating system will be closed. In addition to such water, you can use low-freezing coolant antifreeze, which is a universal composition. This will provide the system with anti-freeze protection if you are not permanently at home.


Externally, the stove resembles a solid steel drum. The device has thick walls, a set of pipes and heat-resistant coating. All this contributes to the rapid heating of the air and its even distribution throughout the house. The equipment works on the principle of natural convection.

When consumers read reviews of the Buleryan furnace, they understand that this installation has advantages in the form of high efficiency, as well as work efficiency, but also its own drawbacks.The latter are expressed in the design features. It provides for the presence of a combustion chamber, which is open, which leads to overdrying of air and the spread of a specific smell.

Condensate droplets may settle on the pipes on the stove, since slow smoldering of the fuel contributes to the cooling of the exhaust gas. But buyers were able to cope with this drawback. They complement the design of the casing.

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