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The hellebore belongs to folk remedies and helps with chronic fatigue, diseases of the joints, neurosis, insomnia, liver disease, accumulation of toxins, metabolic disorders. It is recommended for diabetes and hypertension. This plant has a thousand-year history and another, already forgotten, name is the Christ's grass (there are opinions that it was accepted by Christ). It was used in their practice by Hippocrates and other famous healers.

The hellebore helps to lose weight. 
In recent years, Caucasian hellebore has been increasingly used for weight loss. Reviews about it are very different. He helped many in the fight against obesity. But there are some people who have not seen the benefits of its use. How does he act? The hellebore is used to cleanse the intestines. This is a kind of laxative. At reception of broth slags and salts are removed from an organism, the metabolism is adjusted.Throughout the time of reception, the weight decreases gradually, so unsightly stretch marks and sagging skin are absent in those who use the hellebore for weight loss. Reviews of people in this regard give him an advantage over other drugs. The duration of cleansing the body is different: someone is enough for three months, someone will feel the desired effect only in a year.

slimming reviewsThe hellebore is a poisonous plant.
Despite the wide popularity and long history of the plant, not everyone is ready to take hellebore for weight loss. Negative feedback is caused by the danger of poisoning in the event of the slightest overdose. According to the All-Russian Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (VILAR), the hellebore belongs to the fast-acting poisons. According to the conclusion of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Institute of Preclinical and Clinical Expertise of Medicines, the Scientific Center of Expertise and State Control of Medicines, this plant is classified as poisonous.
Different opinions
Opinions of experts about the dangers of grass for the human body are divergent. Supporters favor hellebore for weight loss. Their feedback is positive.On this point, they give their arguments. For example, the fact that poisonous are considered horsetail (used to treat pyelonephritis), as well as quite popular St. John's wort (included in many herbal preparations). But many experts still agree that it is not necessary to use a poisonous plant as a means for losing weight. Reviews of opponents of such radical methods of achieving perfection of the figure are negative. They believe that you can find an alternative. For example, put into practice fasting days, using hips and apples. Nutritionists offer a recipe for decoction: 2 tablespoons of the fruits of a prickly plant wrap with gauze and pour 500 ml of boiling water. Then add the sliced ​​apple and allow to infuse. Rosehip tends to reduce appetite, and this fruit absorbs dangerous microorganisms. In addition, both of these products are rich in natural vitamins.
Recommendations for use

hellebore caucasian slimming reviewsIf you do decide to try, take the dosage responsibly. You need to start with 50 mg (this amount of grass will fit on the tip of the knife). Increasing the dose is allowed after a period of ten days and the same 50 mg.The limit is 150 mg per day. In the case of headache, weakness, intestinal disorders, the dosage must be reduced. There are different ways of how to take the hellebore for weight loss. Feedback on this is also different. To which is more suitable:

  • Pour 50 mg of chopped grass overnight with 50 ml of water, which should be at room temperature. Drink infusion from morning to meal. Shake before use.
  • The same amount of grass, crushed to powder, eat in the morning on an empty stomach and drink water.
  • Dilute herbal powder with honey, take either in the morning or in the evening.

The main thing

The main thing in any business is the desire and desire to change something for the better. And the ways and means necessarily determined. Especially since there are plenty to choose from: Caucasian hellebore or some alternative.

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