Fish oil for hair: feedback on the results

In the modern world it is quite difficult to keep beautiful and healthy hair. External factors and harmful habits negatively affect the state of the curls. There are many natural substances that are beneficial to the hair, and do not cause adverse reactions. Therefore, many women use them as an alternative to salon procedures. These drugs include, according to reviews, fish oil for hair.


Fish oil is an oil that is obtained from deep-sea fish. The drug is produced in the form of purified oily liquid, which has a specific taste and odor. The form of release, in addition to the liquid, are gelatin capsules with positive properties. The composition of fish oil includes:

  • Vitamin A. Makes hair and nails healthy. With constant reception leads to the normalization of the cells responsible for accelerating the regenerative processes.
  • Vitamin D. Helps absorb microelements that support the beauty of curls.
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids contribute to the normal functioning of the follicle, which enhances hair growth. Strands gain shine and beauty.
  • Iron helps transport oxygen to the hair follicles.
  • Oleic and palmic acids can improve hair structure.

Fish oil hair reviews

Constant use of fish oil for hair, according to customers,normalizes metabolic processes, makes the curls healthy and beautiful.

The benefits of fish oil

Loss of curls brings women not only aesthetic, but also practical trouble. To solve the problem associated with the growth of curls and brittle nails, fish oil is capable. It shows a positive effect in the event of such problems:

  1. With dull and dehydrated hair.
  2. Dry scalp.
  3. Restores elasticity and resilience.
  4. Improves nutrition of hair follicles.
  5. Hair loss, which is associated with a lack of nutrients and poor work of immunity.
  6. Brittle nails.
  7. Slows down the aging of cells.

Fish oil for hair reviews buyers

According to user reviews, fish oil for hair can be used not only for oral intake, but for outdoor cosmetic procedures (masks).

How to use

When choosing products that contain fish oil, you need to consult a specialist. To conduct reception should be according to the instructions, without increasing the dose of the drug yourself. The course duration is 60-90 days, 1-2 capsules per day. Break - 30 days.

The tool can be used not only as a treatment, but also for prevention.

According to reviews, fish oil capsules for hair can be applied externally. In this case, it is used in liquid form and rubbed into the skin. Capsules can be used - 4 pcs. Crush them in a small container and rub into the hair roots. Wrap with polyethylene and leave overnight.

Fish oil for hair user reviews

In the morning, wash off the curls with shampoo. The duration of treatment is several weeks depending on the damage to the strands.

Masks with fish oil for hair

To improve the effectiveness of therapy, you can take the tool not only inside, but also make masks based on it with the addition of useful ingredients. To prevent unpleasant odor, you can add a few drops of grapefruit or lemon essential oil to the mass, which will have an additional therapeutic effect. According to the reviews, a fish oil hair mask is made this way:

  • To moisturize dry and irritated scalp, it is necessary to warm the product in a water bath and rub it into the hair roots in circular motions. Mask left on the head for an hour.
  • To improve nutrition and moisturize the hair, beat the yolk and mix with 3 tablespoons of fat. Then apply to the roots of the hair and the entire length. Mask left for an hour, and then wash off with shampoo. Apply 1 time in 7 days.
  • When the tips of the hair that split: mix 3 tablespoons of the drug and a spoonful of almond oil. The mass is thoroughly mixed and applied to the entire length of the curls, paying particular attention to the tips.

Fish oil hair benefits reviews

Before the procedure, to achieve a positive effect, you need to warm up the fish oil.

Application for dry hair

Dry curls are exposed to adverse factors:

According to reviews, fish oil from hair loss can be applied in the form of masks. Dry curls need special care.

The mask is done as follows: mix 3 tablespoons of fish oil and a spoonful of olive oil, then add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil. Mix thoroughly and apply to hair the entire length. Gently massage and leave on curls for 2-3 hours.

Fish oil for hair loss

The reason for the weakening of the curls and their loss becomes an unbalanced diet, in which there is no necessary amount of minerals and vitamins. Without the necessary elements, the body has to expend its own resources. In this situation, the hormones that are needed to nourish and strengthen the hair follicles are not produced.

Fish oil anti hair loss reviews

According to reviews, fish oil against hair loss is used in the form of masks. To do this, you must combine in equal quantities burdock oil and fish oil. Mix the mixture and apply on curls. Cover with cling film and leave for 2 hours.

Mask is best done after hair coloring or the harmful effects of curling, ironing or perming. The procedure is carried out no more than 1 time in 7 days.

How to eliminate the smell

According to user feedback, fish oil for hair when used in masks leaves an unpleasant scent on the curls. After each procedure, rinse the strands with the following means:

  1. Lemon juice is added to water.
  2. Infusion of chamomile or rosemary, which is prepared as follows: 2 tablespoons of herbs per cup of boiling water.
  3. In a water for rinsing add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

Rinsing the hair after the procedure with one of these products can easily eliminate the smell.

What vitamins need to be taken with the drug?

To achieve the effect of complex treatment of curls, you need to combine cosmetic procedures with a balanced diet and taking the necessary vitamins. They are substances that provide nutrition and hydration of the strands, as well as promote their active growth. According to reviews, fish oil for hair growth is taken in combination with the following elements:

  • IN 1. Takes part in an intercellular exchange, providing cells with nutrients. If there is an insufficient amount of this vitamin in the body, the curls become dry and split at the tips.
  • AT 2. It instantly saturates the cells and tissues with oxygen. In case of deficiency of this element, the curls become thin, brittle and begin to fall out.
  • AT 3. Strengthens blood vessels and capillaries, making them resilient. Curls are saturated with oxygen, which heals their structure.
  • AT 6. Slows down the natural aging processes of tissues.Hair becomes smooth and soft.
  • AT 7. It activates the nutrition of cells, contributes to the accumulation of fatty acids. Element restores the structure of lifeless hair.

Fish oil for hair growth reviews

To replenish the body with the right amount of vitamins B, it is recommended to include legumes, hard cheese, walnuts, carrots, cabbage, beef and liver in the diet. In the right amount of B vitamins are present in germinated wheat grains. 100-120 g of green mass, used once a day, fully corresponds to the daily rate of the element.

Precautionary measures

Despite the fact that according to reviews, fish oil for hair is an extremely useful product, there are cases when it is not recommended to take it (especially inside). The following are contraindications:

  • Individual intolerance.
  • Allergy, which occurs as a reaction to the reception of fish and seafood.
  • Increased levels of vitamin D in the body. Eating fish oil can lead to hypervitaminosis.
  • It is not recommended to use the tool with a high content of calcium in the body.
  • Thyroid dysfunction.
  • Concrements in the gallbladder.
  • Preoperative period.

Fish oil should be taken with caution in such cases:

  1. In pregnancy, because neither the benefit nor the harm means is proven.
  2. When prescribing drugs that lower blood pressure.
  3. With existing wounds and cuts.
  4. People who have diabetes should be screened to determine the effect of the drug on blood sugar levels.
  5. People who suffer from heart disease, the required dosage of the drug must determine the attending physician. Fish oil can disrupt the heart rhythm and increase blood circulation.
  6. Since the tool is a product of fish processing, it cannot have a permanent composition. It may contain heavy metal salts and toxins. The drug must be selected from a trusted manufacturer, and not buy the product of unknown companies.

It is best to drink fish oil after meals to avoid indigestion.

Result of application

According to reviews, the use of fish oil for hair is especially noticeable after several weeks of ingestion inside and out. Women note the following changes:

  • brittle curls are restored;
  • there is a beautiful natural shine;
  • hair becomes smooth and well combed;
  • the growth of curls accelerates and stops their loss;
  • dandruff completely disappears.

Women note not only positive changes in curls, but also nails. They become stronger and not stratified. After applying fish oil to the hair, the reviews about it are mostly positive.

Women's opinions

Customer feedback on the use of fish oil suggests that the tool is effective and solves many of the problems associated with hair growth. Only a systematic application returns the brilliance and beauty of the curls.

After use in the form of masks of fish oil for hair, according to reviews and photos presented below, a significant improvement in the appearance of the hair is confirmed. In addition, the entire body is fully healed, including the skin and nails.

Fish oil hair mask reviews

The only drawback that women note after using the product is the smell that remains on the hair. To prevent this from happening, the mask should be thoroughly rinsed with a specially selected shampoo and not independently increase the time of the procedure.

Using fish oil as a means to improve the growth and beauty of the hair, it is possible to achieve an effective result in a short period. As a result, locks will return their natural brilliance and beauty.

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