Fish mullet - a small delicacy

Fish mullet is found off the east coastAtlantic Ocean. The largest herds wander in the Mediterranean and Black seas. Due to these circumstances, the fish of the red mullet was well known to the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians and other peoples who inhabited this region. In the descriptions of the culinary masterpieces that the noble Romans of the era of the decline of the empire were so fond of, mention is made of the dishes from this fish.Fish mulletEven then, gourmets appreciated the tastea small appetizing fish. Smaller in number herd of mullet are found near the Canary and Azores, off the shores of the foggy Albion, one of its subspecies can be caught even in our Baltic.

The fish is only found inthe coastal zone, never swimming far from the shore. In the open sea, she has nothing to do, as she feeds on small invertebrate invertebrates - mollusks, crustaceans and so on, and she sinks immensely into the ocean's interior, preferring depths of up to thirty meters. And only for spawning falls a little lower - up to fifty meters.

The largest specimens reach a length of justmore than thirty centimeters, and the most common size of fish - from twenty to twenty-five. There are few bones in it, so it's a pleasure to cook a mullet. Modern gourmets appreciate the fish is not less antique, so the cost of delicacy is maintained at a fairly high level. True, hardly anyone can, like the Romans,Fish mullet photobuy the largest specimens by weightsilver (in the literal sense). That's the kind she is - the fish is a mullet. You can buy a kilogram of frozen fish today for about three hundred and fifty rubles. Directly on the Black Sea coast, you may agree with the fishermen and a lower price, but it is unlikely to be very different.

The fishing mullet has its own nuances. Given that the fish has a benthonic lifestyle, the most common tackle for catching it is a donkey with a fifth-to-seventh size hook. As a nozzle for catching a mullet, a nemesis worm, mormysh or chopped meat of fresh fish is used. For bait, some fishermen use crushed mussels.

Fish mackerel prefers muddy or sandypriming. Moving over the very bottom, she probes the ground with her long antennae, looking for food. Nerestitsya fish from May to August, puberty reaching at the age of two.Fish mushroom buyDuring one season of spawning, the female may, for several"Calls" to sweep up to eighty-eight thousand eggs. In the first year of life, the mullet reaches a size of up to twelve centimeters, and only the fry of the late droppings grow much less. Life expectancy of a mullet is up to twelve years.

This unusual name was received fromthe Turkish word "beard". Obviously, because of his long antennae, hanging down like a beard. She also has a second, unofficial name - sultanka. Our Black Sea has a lot of symbols, one of them, without doubt - the fish is a red mullet. Pictures of this small sea delicacy adorn the walls of coastal cafes, photo exhibition stands and fishing sites.

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Fish mullet - a small delicacy Fish mullet - a small delicacy Fish mullet - a small delicacy Fish mullet - a small delicacy Fish mullet - a small delicacy Fish mullet - a small delicacy Fish mullet - a small delicacy Fish mullet - a small delicacy Fish mullet - a small delicacy Fish mullet - a small delicacy Fish mullet - a small delicacy