Fish-killer. Dangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans

Many are afraid of sharks killing people. However, these are not the only bloodthirsty inhabitants of rivers and seas. The killer fish live in some water bodies, where all carelessly bathe and fish, unaware of a possible threat.

Tiger fish Goliath

This creature is so dangerous that the famous piranhalooks on its background harmless little fishes. The length of the individual is up to 2 m, and the weight is over 30 kg. These fish gather in jambs and move in the reservoirs of the central part of the African continent. They are able to tear to pieces in seconds a huge sacrifice. The killer's mouth with yellow eyes has large fangs resembling knives. Their length is more than 5 cm.

Once on the river. Congo killed several people, the cause of the aborigines could not determine the cause. All have written off on the evil spirit and the dark forces. The situation was clarified by a fan of extreme fishing. He pulled out of the water a terrible monster. From this moment the Goliath fish instills even greater fear in the Aborigines and tourists.

killer fish

Som Piraiba

Beginning fishermen in the waters of the Amazon canto meet him. When such catfish killer catches the bait, it seems that it bites something big. Rybolov tries to get him out, not knowing who is hanging on the hook. The most terrible moment comes when you realize that a catfish with a length of 3 m is caught.

From his mouth, a man's legs can easily stick out. Som begins to make growling sounds, instilling fear. This fish is a potential cannibal. The teeth of the soma paraiba are very sharp and have a bend in the direction of the pharynx in order to prevent the prey from being released from its powerful jaws.

rare fish


Between India and China, r. Kali, which is notorious because people are disappearing and drowning in its waters in a strange way. The true cause of the tragedies could not be established for a long time. The horrors of the killer fish were confirmed after a terrible brown creature got into the hands of people. Its length was over 2 m, and weight - about 140 kg. The catfish's catfish have very sharp teeth and a strong desire to eat human.

A terrible predator, grabbing prey, pulls it down. Often the victim dies from lack of air before it is eaten. There is a version that the ogre became the fish because of the man himself. The local tribes have a custom to burn the dead and throw bodies in the pond.

fish description

The Great Barracuda

This creature resembles an organic torpedo,which has very terrible teeth (up to 10 cm in length). Fish-killers can be attracted by metal or shiny things. The length of the ichthyofauna representative is about 2 m, and the weight is over 45 kg. The fish attacks unprotected animals or objects that irritate it.

Dangerous fish can attack a person. To prevent a meeting with the jaws of a predator, one should stay away from muddy water bodies, mangrove forests and estuaries. Underwater hunters are at risk. During the attack, barracuda snacks tendons, tears off large pieces of flesh, kills in a few moments. On the east coast of the United States of America, many tragic cases of encountering this fish have been recorded.

dangerous fish

Common catfish

The reservoirs of Europe at first glance seemsafe. But in rivers and lakes there live slippery giant fish that look like demons. Fans of bathing should be careful, because the common catfish weighs about 180 kg and has a length of up to 4 m. It is very aggressive, the prey is captured by multi-row sharp teeth.

Official information about the size of thecan reach, no. According to archival data, it was found that individuals were caught up to 6 m in length and 3 m in weight. There are cases in which they bite divers. One of the catfish caught in the territory of Russia had a human body in the stomach.

goliath fish

Giant freshwater stingray

Reservoirs of the south-eastern part of the Asian regionhide in the thickness of the water a poisonous creature. Known to the whole world, a crocodile hunter died from a small sea sting. But there are terrible fish in the ocean in fresh water. The giant slope claims to be the largest fish that lives in such conditions: length - over 5 m, and weight - more than 0.9 tons.

These creatures are dangerous fish because they possess20-centimeter sting, which strike, like scorpions. But even without it, the ram can keep people under water only because of their mass. To avoid meeting with him, be careful when swimming in the waters of Asia.

scary ocean fish

Pike maskingon

Until today, lethal cases aftermeeting with this creature is not fixed. However, this fish description shows that the opportunity to win a fight with a person she has. Many are afraid to meet with her in her native element, because her length exceeds 2 m. The fish live in lakes located in the Northern Hemisphere. Its mouth is strewn with sharp teeth, capable of tearing birds, mammals and other inhabitants of reservoirs into pieces.

Dangerous fishes can cause serious injuries, andAn individual weighing 36 kg can drown a person. Pike attacked a thirteen-year-old girl, bitten her and dragged her to the bottom. Miraculously the victim managed to escape and escape from this monster. The fisherman from the overturned boat received multiple bites from the pike at a time when he was trying to get ashore. The main habitat of the predator is coastal vegetation. Pike grabs the victim, making a powerful leap forward from the ambush.

piranha fish killer

Electrical acne

This fish is the main predator of the Amazon basin. Defeating and attacking, the eel creates a very strong discharge of electricity. It is enough to deprive the consciousness of a horse. From the discharge of 600 V a person instantly dies. If the current is of lesser strength, it will lead to a loss of consciousness. In this state, a person will easily choke on the water.

Dangerous fish grow up to 250 cm in length with weightin 25 kg. Without the danger of getting an electric shock, they only pick up in rubber gloves. If you enter the river, where the eels live, you can get a fatal blow, because the water is excellent conduct electricity. Many cases of deaths from these dangerous predators have been recorded.

Mississippi Pancreas

This ancient monster lives in rivers insouth-eastern United States. Its length can be 3 m, and weight - 180 kg. These rare fish look like a crocodile: a large body and a huge mouth with a lot of canine teeth.

There is a known case when the shell explodeda man sitting on the pier and kicking his feet in the water. The creature tried to drag the man to the bottom, but he managed to escape. Encounters with the armor, which ended in death for a person, are unknown. But to exclude the fact that people were drowning because of them, it is impossible.

Shark Bull

The remaining killer fish are no longer so terrible whenDetails about this being are known. The shark-bull differs from a typical shark, posing an even greater threat to others. Its length is 2-4 m, and the weight is up to 270 kg. The fish lives in the sea, but can swim in freshwater rivers for thousands of kilometers, getting into the lake. From the action of these predators suffered a large number of people in the United States.

This shark is the most aggressive amongrelatives, since her blood contains a record amount of testosterone. The dead grip of her jaws is the strongest among all fish living in our time. Attacks predator should beware of fresh turbid reservoirs.


Rare fish are often a great threat,than those who are on hearing. Paku is a predator with a body length of about 90 cm and weighing about 25 kg. Fish has an eerie set of teeth that strongly resemble human. The creature perfectly wields them during the attacks. The homeland of the pack is the water of the Amazon. After it became the object of sport fishing, the range has expanded significantly.

In 1994, from the bite of this fish, twoa man from New Guinea. They fished in the lake when a mysterious creature bit off their genitals. Death came from severe blood loss. These killer fish are one of the most eerie creatures among the fish fauna.

Sawmill Stingray

The fish-saw can ruin an unwary person,turning it into minced minced meat. Noteworthy is the appearance of the fish, the description of which is as follows: length up to 7 m and presence on the snout of a saw with a size of up to 2.5 m. This device is provided with a multitude of cutting elements. The available data indicate that the predator does not hunt for humans, but cases of attack are not ruled out.

In pyelylogo slope very poor vision and stronginstinct to protect its territory. His attitude to casual guests and prey is the same - the desire to tear to pieces with the help of his saw. The situation is complicated by the fact that the fish does not betray itself until the very last moment, after which it is too late to be rescued. Anthropogenic impact led to the fact that the fish are on the verge of extinction.

Mackerel Hydrolik

These fish have such a terrible appearance thatit seems that they came from another planet or from the other world. The length of the animals is up to 1.2 m, and the weight is about 14 kg. Has canines with a record length of up to 16 cm. With their help, the victim is inflicted with death wounds. Fish has an incredible flair, biting in such a way as to damage vital arteries.

A person bathing in the Amazon, theoretically can get a wound of the heart or lung, which can prove fatal. The mackerel hydrolyte is an object of sport fishing.


There is another dangerous inhabitant of reservoirs -piranha. The killer fish have a flat body, the weight is up to 1 kg and the length is up to 50 cm. The lower jaw of the creature is slightly pushed forward. Teeth have the form of a triangle, their arrangement is such that when the jaws are closed, the upper ones enter the gaps of the lower jaws. This allows one to pull away from the victim a piece of flesh and immediately rush for the next.

A school of fish can absorb in a few minutesA 50-kilogram animal. The inhabitants of turbid rivers have a highly developed hearing and smell. They are able to feel the blood diluted 1.5 million times. At a distance of hundreds of meters hear the sounds released by wounded animals.

Fish Surgeon

There are more than 100 species of these fishes living incoral reefs around the globe. Among them there are very beautiful representatives. But divers better not to approach these handsome men, who have a length of about 60 cm. Their tail hides a natural scalpel. It comes instantly, as if under the influence of a spring.

Inhabitants of the seas use a knife for defense fromviolators of their territory. A person who approaches them, runs the risk of serious injuries with serious consequences. You can perish both from the strongest blood loss, and from reef sharks, which will not take long to wait.

Brown Snakehead

Representatives of this species came under closepublic attention, when the rumor began about their appearance in the waters of the temperate belt. Large representatives weigh 22 kg, and height - 120 cm. One of the most ardent predators is able to defeat almost any animal of medium size, which will meet. His teeth are sharp, like daggers, and his body is muscular. These creatures inflicted severe injuries to the workers of the rice fields, which found themselves in a territory controlled by a predator.

Aggressiveness of fish increases many times ina period when they protect the young. During the wild attacks, people suffered from bites and head blows. In a number of cases, this led to drowning. The fishermen caught a representative of the species greatly at risk. Defensively, they bitten people and pierced them with fishing rods during the attacks. From the actions of these predators, several children died.

Greenland Polar Shark

Bathing in the waters of the Arctic belt is by no meanssafer than in the tropics. The Greenland polar shark can grow to 6 m. Large mammals were found in its stomach. There are legends that inside the shark there were human remains. This polar predator instills fear in the Eskimos, who have long been familiar with the predator.

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Fish-killer. Dangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans Fish-killer. Dangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans Fish-killer. Dangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans Fish-killer. Dangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans Fish-killer. Dangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans Fish-killer. Dangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans