Ferry "Princess Maria": reviews and schedule. Cruises on the ferry "Princess Maria"

The large cruise ferry "Princess Maria" makes regular flights, the route of which runs from St. Petersburg to Helsinki.


The ferry "Princess Maria" was built in 1981. at the Finnish shipyard Pernod. Its original name is "MS Finlandia". In terms of volume, capacity, and the number of beds, at that time it was the largest ferry in the world. In addition, it was also wide. This size allowed to take on board the maximum number of cars.

However, the "thick" ferry was very difficultmanage, especially in winter. This fact was the reason that "MS Finlandia" after eight months of its operation was sent to the shipyard of Pernod, where it began its journey. There it was reconstructed, giving it a more elegant form. In addition, in 1985, the Helsinki shipyard was renovated restaurants, changed the interior and completed additional cabins.

PARIS OF PRINCESS MARIAIn the fall of 1988 "MS Finlandia" has changed its owner. The owner of the ferry was the company "Suomen Yritysrahoitus". In early May 1990, MS Finlandia was renamed to MS Queen of Scandinavia. A month later it was acquired by the company "DFDS", which used a ferry on the line that runs from Copenhagen to Oslo via Helsinki.

"The Queen of Scandinavia" in 2000. again underwent a reconstruction. This time it was conducted at the Polish shipyard in Gdynia. From 2001 to 2007, a modern ferry went on the route Newcastle-Aimenden, after which he began from Newcastle to carry passengers to Haugesund, going to Stavanger and Bergen.

In February 2009, in the Swiss harbor Oskarshamn, the ferry began to be used as housing for workers. In December of the same year, the Danish police chartered the vessel, placing it in Copenhagen.

The company "St. Peter Line "ferry was purchased in 2010. The vessel began to use the route from Helsinki to St. Petersburg, giving it a new name. Since the spring navigation in 2010, the ferry Princess Maria has started its new life.

Organization of cruises

The company «St. Peter Line »offers its clients a wonderful holiday aboard a comfortable ferry. Passengers are waited with cozy cabins of various classes, restaurants, bars, cinemas, aqua-zone, shop "Duty Free", children's club. There is on the ship casino "Captain Nemo", the bulk of the profit which goes to charity.

CRUISE ON THE PARIS OF PRINCESS MARIAThe ferry "Princess Maria" takes on board up to 1600 passengers. On its automobile deck can accommodate up to three hundred and ninety-five cars.

How does the "Princess Mary"

The ferry timetable is permanent. He goes from St. Petersburg to Helsinki in a day. Departure time varies depending on the season - 19.00 or 20.00. In Helsinki, the ferry arrives at the Western Terminal (Lansiterminaali). According to local time, he is met at eight in the morning. Until seven in the evening passengers can visit the sights and go shopping in the Finnish capital, and then the ferry "Princess Maria" goes to the starting point of its route.

Restaurant "Explorers"

Cruise on the ferry "Princess Maria" isan amazing and unforgettable pastime. On the seventh deck for passengers, the restaurant "Explorers" was opened. The decoration of its walls used sea decorations. Pleasant for the eyes of guests blue carpets and the same color of tablecloth, on which the light from the stained-glass lamps gently lies.

PRINCESS MARIA PARAM SCHEDULEChef of the restaurant offers Russian guestsA menu containing French and Italian delicacies. Among its dishes - venison, whitefish baked with Provence potatoes, and tagliatelle, prepared from zucchini.

For guests from abroad in the restaurant are presentedtraditional dishes of Russian cuisine. This Siberian dumplings and beluga caviar, various pickles and snacks, famous borscht and cutlets in Kiev. In other words, everything that is the culinary business card of our country.

There are dishes and gourmet in the restaurant. This is the salad "Princess Maria", which includes warm goat cheese, as well as steak with the same name.

Unforgettable taste and has a delicate dessert"In Romanovsky". These are pancakes with strawberries and a ball of vanilla ice cream, the way of preparation of which was recreated according to the recipe of the chef of the royal family.

Varied in the restaurant and a wine list. Refined Italian, French, Australian and Chilean drinks are served here.


Cruises on the ferry "Princess Maria", undoubtedly,will be remembered and visitors of the restaurant "7 Seas". Its format is an abundant buffet, which pleases passengers with a variety of salads, snacks, hot dishes and seafood.

cabin ferry princess maria

In the restaurant "7 Seas" any guest can creativelygo to create your own dinner. Vegetarians, gourmets, as well as those who adhere to a special diet, can combine dishes to your taste. Unlimited red and white wine is included in the dinner. In addition, there is also a glass of champagne or a glass of vodka.


On board the ferry there is a lot of gambling entertainment. In the casino "Captain Nemo" there are slot machines and roulette. To spend time in this institution it is possible and behind popular card games.

There is a certain bet limit in the casino. On roulette this is one euro, and in the game on the cards - ten. Gaming slot starts from euro cents (one, two or five).

Fans of the casino on the ferry are recommendedbuy a special tour. Depending on the deposit made by the client, he or she is offered certain services of this institution. The prepaid amount may be five hundred euros, and one, three or five thousand.

The Highrollers are accommodated in "Deluxe" cabins,provide breakfast and dinner at the restaurant. The cost of the deposit includes a free transfer to the station. At the same time, the participants of the program, regardless of the level of payment, can spend at least four hours at the gaming table. For fans of sports poker tournaments are held on Texas Hold'em.

Fans of gambling are granted the rightbecome a member of the club "Captain's Club". Its members have the opportunity to participate in promotions, receive bonuses and discounts in bars and restaurants. They also have other privileges.

Ferry cabins

"Princess Maria" offers its passengers withcomfort to spend time. At the same time, customers are provided with comfortable cabins. Depending on the cost of purchased tickets, passengers can be accommodated in B-class cabins. They are on the fourth, fifth and sixth decks. This type of cabins is provided for accommodation of two or four people and is equipped with a bathroom and air conditioning. Without a doubt, the B-class is a wonderful combination of quality and price.cruises on the ferry princess maria

On the same decks are also other cabins. They are classified in class A. In these rooms there is a device for a wardrobe, there is an air-conditioner and a bathroom. From these cabins you can admire the magnificence of the starry sky at night, and in the morning you can enjoy the tender sun rays.

To the most convenient in the average price rangethe rooms for passengers of type "A-Deluxe". In these cabins, located on the fifth deck, there are rest areas equipped with a coffee table, an armchair, a sofa and air conditioning. The bathroom has a hairdryer. The price of these cabins includes breakfast in the restaurant.

ferry princess maria reviewsThe next type of room for passengers is the Deluxe. They are located on the sixth deck of the ferry. The walls of these cabins are decorated with paintings by marine painters. The services of the guests - air conditioning and hairdryer, mini bar and LCD TV, glass coffee table and soft comfortable chairs. In the cost of the cabin - breakfast with caviar and champagne.

Where can I spend time on board?

All passengers who have purchased ferry tickets"Princess Maria", reviews leave only positive. Numerous services offered by the organizers of the holiday, please all without exception. Passengers can visit the gym and swimming pool. At the service of guests - a Finnish sauna and bars. For children, playrooms are available.

Connoisseurs of tobacco and strong alcohol are waitinga cigarette bar. In the night club you can become a spectator of the show program. For passengers there are two cinemas with a capacity of up to two hundred and thirty guests. Here you can watch movies in 3D.

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