Excursion to the sights of Pyatigorsk

One of the most popular cities in the cluster Kavminvod - Pyatigorsk, through the charming ancient streets of which it is so interesting to walk. Sights of Pyatigorsk can be inspected within 1-2 days. Depending on the amount of free time, an excursion route is compiled.

A little bit about Pyatigorsk

The name of the city gave the mountain Beshtau, whose summit is divided into 5 spurs.

Pyatigorsk has been counting its history since 1780. In the modern city, many mansions, hotels, administrative buildings, which are monuments of history and architecture, have been preserved. In Pyatigorsk numerous monuments and sculptures are carefully preserved. All this makes the city look unique.

Mineral water

Mineral water is a landmark of the city of Pyatigorsk. In the year of the founding of the city, hot mineral springs were discovered on the slopes of Mashuk, later scientists conducted research on their medicinal properties.

Today, there are about 100 wells in Pyatigorsk, from where mineral water of various types comes. You can try it in the pump room and drinking galleries located in the city. The most famous of them are:

  • Lermontovskaya;
  • Academic;
  • Central;
  • Cold Narzan and others.
Lermontov Gallery

Lermontov places of Pyatigorsk

The main attractions of Pyatigorsk are associated with the name of Mikhail Lermontov. The museum complex is a quarter of old buildings and includes:

  • the house of P. Verzilin, where the quarrel between Lermontov and Martynov took place;
  • the house where the poet lived;
  • houses of Chilaev and Usmanov’s colleagues, in which separate expositions are opened.

The complex includes the house where the composer A. Alyabyev lived. It is planned to open an exhibition on the role of Lermontov in music. Not far from the museum is a monument to Mikhail Yuryevich.

You should definitely visit the place of the poet’s death on the slope of Mashuk.

Lermontov's house

Parks of Pyatigorsk

The vast park areas of Pyatigorsk are well-kept and look elegant at any time of the year. Description of the sights of Pyatigorsk should start with the parks:

  1. "Flower Garden". The most famous and oldest park, there are about two centuries.Here you need to pay attention to the grotto of Diana, the Lermontov Gallery, where the exhibition and concert hall, as well as the figure of Kisa Vorobyaninov. The upper part of the Flower Garden is a terrenkura with specific sites, among them the Chinese gazebo and the Museum of Stone Antiquities.
  2. Former breech, now park them. Kirov. Created in 1829, many trees for 300 years. In the upper part of the park, walking avenues decorated with fountains and sculptures are laid, entertainment and attractions are concentrated in the lower part.
  3. Emmanuely. Located on the southern slope of the Mikhailovsky mountain. On the way to the lake Proval, you can see the grotto of Lermontov, the gazebo "Aeolian Harp", the house of Elsa, visit the exhibitions in the Academic Gallery.
    Arbor Aeolian Harp
    Viewing platforms allow you to enjoy the sights of Pyatigorsk.
  4. Perkalsky dendrological, which contains unique collections of medicinal and ornamental plants, many of which are listed in the Red Book.

Local Lore Museum

Next to the "Flower Garden" is a museum where you can learn about the history of the development of these places, culture and life of the indigenous people of the Caucasus. Presented about 125 thousand exhibits.

Mount Mashuk

There are many pedestrian and cycle paths along the mountain. At the top of the mountain, where the TV tower is located, there is a cable road 964 m long. They are allowed here only as part of the excursion.

There is a landmark in Pyatigorsk, the photo of which must be taken, is a huge portrait of Lenin laid out on the slope of Mashuk. It is perfectly visible from the cable car cabin.

Lake Proval

This small karst lake on the slope of Mashuk is unique in that it is located inside the mountain. Water temperature +26aboutC ... + 42aboutC. The unique blue color of the lake is given by bacteria that live in water saturated with hydrogen sulfide, which rises from the depths.

The tunnel to the lake was broken in the middle of the XIX century, before that those who wanted to drink water were lowered into the basket. In the wall installed icon of St. Pantelelemon.

The entrance to the tunnel is decorated with the figure of Ostap Bender.

The entrance to the lake Proval

Nearby are the Shameless Baths - water from the Dip falls to the surface, where the most daring bathe.


The sights of Pyatigorsk include the Necropolis - the place where Lermontov was originally buried. Here are the graves of famous people who have done a lot for the development of Pyatigorsk: scientists, writers, doctors, architects and the military.


It is difficult to leave Pyatigorsk without a fur coat. The local fur market is known far beyond the Caucasus.Fur products can be purchased at company stores at plants or go to the fur market, which operates on Tuesdays.

Neighborhoods of Pyatigorsk

Considerable interest are the sights of Pyatigorsk and its environs.

4 km from the city is n. Inozemtsevo. The Terek stud farm works here, where Arabian horses are grown. Admire purebred horses can be on the views in the arena.

40 km separate Pyatigorsk from the village of Suvorov, a glorious hot thermal springs. Bathing in mineral water brings pleasure and joy.

The ascent to the magmatic mountain Beshtau with a height of 1400 m is also interesting. In 2-3 hours you can walk 6 km along winding paths and climb to the top, from where a wonderful view of the city opens. At the foot of Beshtau open horse club.

From Pyatigorsk organize excursions to other cities of CMS, Elbrus, Nalchik, Vladikavkaz, Grozny.

Route options

The route is based on the amount of free time and the interests of travelers.

Academic Gallery

In a tour of the sights of Pyatigorsk for 1 day you can include:

  • visiting the house-museum of M. Lermontov;
  • Park "Flower Garden";
  • walk on the street.Krasnoarmeyskaya through the Academic Gallery and the Pirogov Baths to the Lake Proval;
  • climb on the cable car on the city of Mashuk.

It will take a whole day.

If you can stay in Pyatigorsk for 2 days, then you should add to the route:

  • Necropolis;
  • Local History Museum;
  • walk along Kirov Ave., where ancient buildings are preserved;
  • place of death of Lermontov;
  • rise on the TV tower.

Those who are going to rest in Pyatigorsk for 3 days, will have time to inspect:

  • Emanuele Park;
  • climb Beshtau;
  • go to the water park;
  • purchase fur coats;
  • visit the Suvorov thermal springs;
  • to visit the stud in Inozemtsevo.

How to get to Pyatigorsk

Getting to Pyatigorsk is easy; you can choose any type of transport:

  1. Going by car on the highway R-217, you will find yourself in Pyatigorsk.
  2. Intercity buses arrive in Pyatigorsk from 56 cities, travel time and cost need to be found at the point of departure.
  3. Several trains from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as from other cities, arrive daily in the city.
  4. In the city of Mineralnye Vody, an airport operates, and it will be 25 km to Pyatigorsk. You can use the train or bus, they depart from the railway station Minvod. To the station from the airport there is a bus number 11. Simply order a transfer or take a taxi.

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