Emirates Stadium, London: address, photo, capacity

"Emirates" - the stadium of one of the greatest clubs in the modern history of football - "Arsenal". Until 2006, the London club played in its old arena, which was called “Highbury”. Emirates Stadium is located at Holloway, Islington, London.

The cost of the arena is almost 400 million pounds. Construction ended in the summer of 2006. Even from the photo of the Emirates stadium, it immediately became clear that this arena would be one of the most beautiful in England only, but throughout Europe.

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The management of Arsenal began to think about building a new arena for the club at the end of the last century. Initially, the leadership wanted to expand Highbury, but residents of the capital of England and the London city council opposed such a decision.

Emirates Stadium Capacity

After that, the gunners decided to build a new stadium near the old arena. The construction site was the Ashburton Grove building.According to the plans, the Emirates Stadium in London was supposed to open in 2003, but because of the crisis that hit the UK, the date when the arena was put into operation had to be postponed.

In mid-2004, a stadium bowl was built, as well as two bridges across the Northern Line of the Railway. A year later, the roof of the arena was installed. Abu Diaby (Arsenal player) solemnly installed the first seat in the stadium. In 2006, the Emirates Stadium was officially opened.


Emirates Stadium is made in the form of a plate with four levels. The architect of the object was an American architectural firm called Populus. In addition to the employees of the company from the USA, Arkadis members were present in the team. Also participating in the creation of the arena design was taken by the firm “Buro Happold”. The chief architect of the stadium is Sir Robert McAlpin.

Each of the four stands of the Emirates Stadium consists of four tiers. Middle tiers are the smallest. Above all seats is the roof of the stadium. Also in the arena there are two video boards. There are shops, toilets and restaurants in the premises near the stands.

Emirates Stadium Description

A hall was built in the arena, which was named “Spirit of Highbury”. It contains photos of Arsenal players who have played on the club’s old arena for 93 years. On the southern podium of the new stadium, a clock was installed, similar to those installed on Highbury.


The capacity of the Emirates Stadium is more than 60 thousand seats. The arena is the second largest number of places for fans in England after London Wembley and Manchester United Stadium called Old Trafford.

The upper level can accommodate more than 26 thousand spectators, and the lower - more than 24 thousand. On both tiers installed conventional seats. The middle level, which is called Club, provides a high level of comfort. It has 7,000 seats. Fans of the club can buy a subscription to the Arsenal matches for the middle row. The term of the subscription can be from 1 to 4 years.

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Above the Club level there are 150 lodges, the capacity of which is from 10 to 15 seats, a total of 2,222 seats. The price of one lodge for the season starts from 65 thousand pounds. Also in the arena there is a level for special guests. It is called "Diamond", and you can get into it only by invitation from the club.


In the late summer of 2009, the football club launched a campaign to “arsenalize” its home arena. The impetus was criticism from the gunners' fans, which concerned that the Arsenal shareholders considered the club only as a commercial project.

The main goal of the program was to create a club atmosphere. For this, artistic and creative tools were used. At the very beginning of the program, white seats were installed on the first tier of the Eastern stand of the stadium. Thanks to the white chairs, we managed to make a drawing of a gun.

Emirates London Stadium

It was within the framework of “arsenalization” that the hall called “Spirit of Highbury” was created. Outside the stadium, eight giant canvases were hung with images of legendary football players who defended the colors of Arsenal in London. Each of the canvases depicts four players.

Choosing a name for the arena

In 2004, Arsenal signed a fifteen-year sponsorship agreement with Emirates Airlines. According to the contract, the London club will receive £ 100 million in sponsorship money.

It was also decided that the new team stadium will take the name of the sponsoring company.Part of the deal between the airline and Arsenal was advertising on team shirts. The name of the company was present on the form of "gunners" for ten years from the date of signing the contract. At the end of 2012, the agreement was extended. The stadium will be named Emirates until 2028.

Opening of the stadium

Emirates was discovered by the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. At first it was planned that the Queen of Great Britain herself would solemnly open the arena, but due to health problems she could not attend the ceremony. Therefore, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, went to cut the ribbon.

Emirates Stadium

The discovery of "Emirates" was one level in the list of great events with the opening of the Western tribune at Highbury by King Edward VIII in 1936. On February 15, 2007, members of the Arsenal football club were invited to tea party by Queen Elizabeth II in her palace. The Gunners became the first football club in history to receive this honor.

Obtaining a license

In order to open the stadium, the club had to get the appropriate license. To get it, the team needed to conduct three events with an incompletely filled stadium.

The first “event” was the open day, which was arranged for the owners of club shares. The event took place on July 18, 2006. After 4 days, the first training of the team on the new field was held. To watch how idols train, about 20 thousand fans came. The third event, which allowed Arsenal to get the desired license to open the Emirates Stadium, was a football match.

First matches

The debut game at Emirates wore a friendly status. Arsenal and Dutch Ajax converged on the pitch. The match was organized in honor of Dennis Bergkamp due to the fact that the legendary striker decided to hang the shoes on a nail.

The first official match on the new arena of Arsenal took place within the framework of the English Premier League. The duel between the Gunners and Aston Villa ended in a draw. At the end of September 2006, Emirates saw the first victory of Londoners.

Emirates Stadium Photos

The match between Arsenal and Dinamo-Zagreb became the first European Cup match that took place in the arena. In early September 2006, the national teams played for the first time at the Emirates Stadium.

In October 2011, Arsenal held its 150th bout at Emirates.Dutch striker Robin van Persie scored a goal, which became the 200th for the stadium. A month later, the Dutchman became the first player who managed to score 50 goals in the stadium. In the Champions League game, the forward has issued a double at the Borussia gate.

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