Biography of Elena-Christina Lebed

Elena-Kristina Lebed is a TV presenter, known to the viewer on the program “Fun in Networks” on the Ukrainian channel “New Channel” and on the Russian TV channel “Friday!”. Previously - chief editor of the TV program "Fun", co-host of the show "FBI" ("Fantastic Bureau of draws"), the head and actress of the project "Adults as children."
TV presenter Elena-Christina LebedTV presenter Elena-Christina Lebed
In the course of the TV show about swindlers, she sometimes acted as a liar, revealing to the audience the typical schemes of “divorcing” people on the Internet. But more often she bravely got involved in dangerous stories, masterfully playing the victim, and exposed the fraudsters literally at the risk of their lives. The frail champion of the truth was repeatedly beaten and robbed, but could not be intimidated and stopped. In the period from 2014 to 2017. she managed to reveal more than fifty cases of frauds.


The future extravagant and fearless presenter was born on July 10, 1990 (some sources indicate 1979 year of birth) in the city of Kherson in the south of Ukraine (according to other sources, inBalakovo Saratov region). There is no information about her parents in open sources. Elena-Cristina - the real name "on the passport."
Elena-Christina Lebed as a child with her parentsElena-Christina Lebed as a child with her parents
It is known that in 2014 her father was mortally ill (cancer in the 4th stage), and to help him pay for expensive treatment, she sold her own things on the social network. A girl with great warmth and love wrote about him to her subscribers: "Dad ... of those people of honor and justice, which they hardly do now."
In an interview, the actress confessed that since childhood she had a very lively and indefatigable character, and joked that for this reason her relatives did not dare to have a second child. As a result, in the family she was the only and adorable child, who received the undivided attention of her mother and father.
Helen-Cristina Lebed's height - 170 cm.Helen-Cristina Lebed's height - 170 cm.
After school, she gained a serious specialty - cybernetic. But now, according to Elena-Cristina, from the “cybernetic” manifestations in her life she can only recall watching the fantastic tape “Terminator” with Schwarzenegger.

Career development

The career of a TV presenter for an active, intelligent and attractive Kherson began on channels M1 and ICTV, where she arrived, taking with her from the house a hot southern temperament and a favorite pillow,nicknamed "dumplings".
In 2011, she received the position of editor-in-chief in the TV show “Fun”, which appeared on the Ukrainian “Novy Channel”. As part of the show, she, along with charming leading Anastasia Kasilova, Dmitry Summar and Denis Rozgon, they not only gave practical recommendations on how not to become a victim of fans of easy money, but also convincingly played out various kinds of fraudulent schemes.
Elena-Christina Lebed began her career with the transfer of "Fun"Elena-Christina Lebed began her career with the transfer of "Fun"
For example, once they showed how to sit in a restaurant for a tidy sum at another's expense, they demonstrated a “divorce” of a taxi driver, with whom Elena-Kristina rode around the city for a long time, but paid nothing for the trip, and also told how to steal an expensive necklace from a jewelry store right in front of buyers and sellers.
Fun in the networks. Cosmetic scam
Subsequently, the actors, of course, returned money, bags and other things obtained by deception to the injured party. But all their brilliant "frauds" forced the direct participants and the audience in the future to be more circumspect.
Elena-Christina Swan in a swimsuitElena-Christina Swan in a swimsuit
The popularity of the show was facilitated by the participation in it of show business stars - Snezhana Egorova, Abraham Russo, Ani Lorak, Victor Pavlik and many others. Celebrities talked about such unpleasant situations in their lives, when they succumbed to various provocations, for example, recklessly believed lovely people who turned out to be apartment scammers. At each release of the show, the presence of consultants was also provided: a law enforcement representative and a psychologist.
The next step on the road to journalistic recognition was for Lebed to participate in 2012 in the New Channel TV show called “The FBI” (“Fantastic Bureau of Pranks”). She became her co-host (along with Denis Rozgon). The previous project "Fun" had to be closed, as they began to recognize the leaders on the streets, and it became difficult for them to turn the frauds.
To the new program, they invited couples in which one of the halves wanted to resort to play a partner to disaccustom him from any bad habit. In most cases, the girls wanted to teach their guys a lesson for the socks scattered around the apartment, and the men of their lovers for the unbearable jealousy.
Elena-Christina Lebed in the show "Adults are like children"Elena-Christina Lebed in the show "Adults are like children"
At the end of filming "FBI" in 2013, Elena-Cristine was offered to be removed with the sketch "Adults as Children" and appointed as the project manager. The show included 20 episodes, each of which consisted of sixteen comedy sketches. Their original headings became interesting and popular: “Repeaters”, where children from 5 years old ridiculously uttered the suggested words, “Razushalki”, where they explained different expressions. For example, “Feng Shui” - according to the girl Asi (7 years old), is her mother’s fur coat, and “living curly” means living with rams, Misha considered it the same age. In the sketch show, Swan appeared in various roles, including the nurse, the driver, the bitch-rival.
Elena-Christina Lebed gives advice on how not to become a victim of speculators
In 2014, Christina became the heroine of the program “Fun in Networks”, where, together with the creative team, she began exposing fraudsters from sale and purchase sites, marriage swindlers, various charlatans, pseudo-healers, blackmailers and other figures who dishonestly do business in the global network. They found them with the help of publications on websites of ads / acquaintances in different images - glamorous girls, students, and provincials.Investigations have proven that innocuous online dating is often life-threatening, can result in loss of money and property, stress and deep disappointment.

The personal life of Helen-Cristina Lebed

Charismatic and attractive, leading her private life carefully protects from journalists. She noted in an interview that her man was not afraid to let her go even into the forest with the bandits, because he fully trusted her and her film crew, and bodyguards. Elena-Cristina loves her dog named Fedya and active types of recreation: drive fast, dance vigorously, sing loudly. She likes skydiving, fantasy movies, smart men, fashion dresses, singer Britney Spears. She does not like autumn, mosquitoes and cosmetics.
According to the leader, she does not walk, but flies, does not use the elevator, but runs on the seventh floor up the stairs, overtaking him, does not stand in line at the cashier of a supermarket, but dances.

Elena-Christina Lebed now

In 2017, Elena-Cristina starred in a show on the New Channel “Stars under hypnosis”, an adaptation of the French entertainment TV show “Stars sous hypnose”. Having agreed to undergo a risky experiment under the guidance of the hypnotist Vladimir Efimov, they did not even suspect thatwhat will happen to them during the hypnosis session.
Interview Helen-Cristina Swan about perverts
On February 20, 2018, the start of the new season of the TV show with the participation of Swan "Fun with Nets" is scheduled.

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