Electric stoves desktop dvukhforochnye with oven, induction: reviews

Today, many are faced with the problem of placing the necessary items in a small kitchen. Cooking stove is a very important and indispensable attribute in any apartment or house. However, conventional stationary and embedded surfaces are quite overall, and to save space by reducing storage boxes is not very desirable. A good solution to this problem may be the acquisition of a compact tabletop, which is easily installed on any surface. The modern consumer market offers a huge selection of brands and models, among which there are tiles with external heating elements, induction and glass-ceramic cooking surfaces.

electric tiles table

Electric tiles desktop - mobile and easy to use devices.They are able to provide quality food in the most unforeseen situations. Available with one or more hobs, with and without an oven. It is mounted on a flat surface. Connects to the outlet.

Technical characteristics and cost of electric table plates directly depend on the class of the spiral and the material of manufacture. They differ in the method of control (sensory or mechanical) and power. Induction models have a timer, child lock, light and sound signals, and other useful functions.

electric stoves

"Pancakes" and spirals

Despite the cheapness, full-size electric tiles are desktop with old-style burners in the form of spirals or pancakes are less and less in demand - they are now considered not sufficiently economical and outdated. However, this option is quite suitable for giving, especially for those buyers whose budget is limited and who do not chase after fashion. Hosts who bring food with them in ready-made form so that they can simply warm it up before dinner, you can buy a single-ring cooker with an open spiral.

A simple open spiral - a heating spring laid on a stand and red-hot. This item is not secure and fragile enough.

Pancakes tiles are more expensive, but they look more elegant, and it is easier to wash them.

Tubular Heaters

They represent a spiral protected by a heat-conducting dielectric in the form of a heat-conducting tube. Such electric tiles are more reliable, although they heat up longer.

Infrared Halogen Heaters

They are an element whose structure resembles an incandescent lamp. Such tiles heat up almost instantly, but, according to user reviews, they are short-lived, because the light bulb burns out pretty quickly.

Tape heating elements

They are used instead of a spiral, due to which there is a rapid heating. Such electric tiles desktop have the most affordable cost. Rings can be different.

Glass ceramic hob

According to user reviews, glass-ceramic table plates have a lot of advantages: they are economical, heat up quickly and cool, and have a more modern appearance.However, such tiles are not a very cheap pleasure.

electric stoves, benchtop with oven

Double-sided electric stoves with oven

Despite its small size, this model is actually a full-fledged kitchen stove, but with a vertical arrangement of switches and a smaller volume of the oven. Like most standard plates, this “crumbs” provides such functions as the possibility of programming and protection from overheating.

The price of a universal mini-tile, as a rule, depends on the presence of additional functions in it. Budget table tiles with oven are designed only for baking and heating food, and you have to manually clean and wash this model. In the more expensive tiles, an automatic purification system (enamel or pyrolysis with fat absorption property), an integrated grill and an extended list of cooking programs are installed.

electric induction table tiles

Induction desktop electric tiles

This is the most modern option. Induction plates in appearance do not differ from glass-ceramic surfaces. But in the principles of operation of these devices there are quite significant differences.

Appearance and size

Such plates can be both free-standing and in the form of recessed panels. Desktop models are very comfortable, have a modern and aesthetic look and at the same time help save energy in the process.

The sizes of induction plates can have the most various. These are traditional cooking surfaces with 4 cooking rings. Also there are electric tiles desktop dvukhkoforochnye and tricomfort. The most compact are the models that have only one area for heating and cooking. The size of the selected plate is unimportant, since the products do not differ in their basic functions, and small models can sometimes even exceed large ones in heating time.

Thanks to the clear and simple display it is very easy to control such tiles. The electronic control system at the right time prompts a given mode.

table top electric oven

Types of desktop induction plates

There are several types of induction plates:

  • models having a flat surface;
  • combined;
  • tiles with a concave surface.

On such a plate, the cooking speed is very high. 1.5 liters of water boil an average of 3 minutes.On a conventional hotplate, this process can take up to 15 minutes.

Induction hob connection

Hob this category is easy to connect. This process is no different from connecting other electric cookers. A separate cable is required from the electrical panel. In addition, be sure to install a fuse. Connect the hob only to grounded outlets.

Induction Cookers Functionality

In addition to the standard features that are endowed with modern electric cooking surfaces, induction models have their own characteristics. Thanks to the advanced functionality, the use of induction plates becomes safer and more convenient. The important additional features that you need to pay attention to when buying are:

  • automatic blocking of switching modes;
  • heating the burner only if dishes are placed on it;
  • function of forced shutdown of heating.

In addition, it is not superfluous to have a residual heat indicator.

Disadvantages of induction plates

Table electric tiles, reviews of which are mostly positive,still have cons. Some users claim that their main disadvantage is the relatively high cost. Although if you search, you can find an affordable option at an affordable price. Also, according to some housewives, compared to other electric cookers, food is prepared too quickly (this should be taken into account in order not to spoil your favorite dish). The stove reacts only to the dishes that occupy at least 70 percent of the burner area.

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