El Mouradi Mahdia 5 * (Tunisia / Mahdia): photo and description, service and entertainment, tips and tourist reviews

In Tunisia, our compatriots go to rest not so massively, as, for example, to Turkey. This African country is only gaining momentum in the tourism business. Tunisians are trying very hard to make their resorts popular and in demand all over the world, therefore they provide their tourists with maximum comfort.

Add to this the mild climate, excellent beaches, unique sights, and you will have an overwhelming desire to spend your vacation in Tunisia. El Mouradi Mahdia 5 * - one of its exclusive hotels, where there are all the conditions for your vacation to succeed. Nearby is another hotel from the same chain El Mouradi Hotel. It is three-star, so the tours here are cheaper. This hotel is called El Mouradi Cap Mahdia. Reviews about him are great. It is recommended by most of those who have been here. We offer a description of these two hotels, as well as reviews of Russian tourists.

A few words about the resort of Tunisia

Almost every person, going on a trip, wants to get information about the place where he will rest. What is Tunisia? It is a small unitary state located in northern Africa, between Libya and Algeria. In the west of the country rise the Atlas Mountains, in the south - the mountains Ksur, from the foot of which extends the Sahara desert.

The bulk of the population of Tunisia is concentrated along the Mediterranean coast. Here the gardens are fragrant, the fields are turning green, and a vibrant life boils in the cities. Here are the Tunisian resorts. One of them is Mahdia, near which the El Mouradi Mahdia 5 * hotel is located. Mahdia is the southernmost resort town. It is located approximately in the center of the coastline of the country, on Cape Afrik. If you move further south, you can meet large and small coastal villages, but there is no tourist service in them. All resorts of the country are located north of Mahdia. These are Monastir, Sousse, Hammamet, Nabeul and others.

Live in Mahdia mainly Arabs. Only 2% is due to Berbers. But both of them are adherents of local traditions, which all tourists must respect.

Location of the hotel, how to get there

five star hotel El Mouradi Mahdia

El Mouradi Mahdia 5 * is located 4 km north of Mahdia, on the very coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Nearby are other hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping centers and a good asphalt road stretching along the entire coast.

900 meters from the pompous "five" is the outwardly more modest El Mouradi Cap Mahdia 3 *. Both belong to the same network. Therefore, tourists can move from one hotel to another, if the need arises.

From Russia to Tunisia can be reached mainly by plane. Only a few tourists traveling in Europe, are shipped here by sea, for example from Sicily, to which the shortest distance is 160 km. There is a ferry back and forth. Travel time is about 10 hours.

The nearest airport to Mahdia is named after Habib Bourguiba. It is located in the city of Monastir. From here to the hotel described - 45 km. Most tourists arrive in Tunisia by purchasing a tour, so they are expected to be transferred by a travel agency at the airport. He goes to the hotel for more than an hour.

If you want to get to the place of rest on your own, you can take a taxi, train or minibus.

Description of a five star hotel

El Mouradi Mahdia 5 * impresses the arriving tourists with a stately pompous view of the five-storey building, the design of which perfectly shows the features of Arabic architecture.The territory of the hotel is huge, beautiful, well-planned. It has green corners with flowers, palm trees and lawns, which are equipped with sun beds for tourists. Between these natural islands are laid paths, lined with colored paving slabs. The hotel has so many infrastructure that it looks like a small city. There is a swimming pool with a size reminiscent of a lake, an amphitheater, shops, a currency exchange office, restaurants, bars, tennis courts, sports grounds, a spa center, and many leisure corners.

the interior of the hotel El Mouradi Mahdia

The same grand design and inside El Mouradi Mahdia (Tunisia, Mahdia). Photos are only partly convey the look of the interior of this hotel, which seems to be tourists the palace of the Sultan of Arabian fairy tales. In the lobby there is a reception, the staff of which knows English. Here you can invite a doctor, book excursions, hand over personal belongings for washing, use fax and copy services. For business people the hotel is equipped with a conference room equipped with modern equipment. In addition, there are two rooms for negotiation.

For sports enthusiasts, there is a game room with billiards and tennis tables next to the lobby.

Wi-Fi in the lobby is free.According to reviews of tourists, it works well only at certain hours.

Hall conventionally divided into recreation areas. Each has its own exclusive design.

Accommodation in the "five"

El Mouradi Mahdia 5 * provides tourists with 364 rooms, among which 330 have the Standard category (ranging from 40 to 55 m2), and 34 - Junior Suite (area 70 m2). Among them there are accommodation options for two, three, four. Also in the rooms there are rooms for disabled and non-smokers. The design of the rooms corresponds to the category of the hotel. The floors are carpeted and the walls are decorated with paintings. In each room there are huge panoramic windows with thick curtains, well protected from the generous sunlight.

Furniture in rooms of European style. The kit includes a spacious wardrobe, beds, chairs, coffee table, mirror, table. An LCD TV, a fridge with a minibar (the maids replenish it daily for a fee), a safe (free of charge), air conditioning, a telephone, a hairdryer are provided for guests.

The spacious hygiene rooms have a bathtub, a sink with a large worktop, a toilet, slippers, bathrobes, and hygiene kits.

Despite the luxury of the number of rooms at the guests have a claim. So, tourists note that not all rooms have balconies, and the views from the windows on the wall of the neighboring hotel or on the road spoil the mood. In addition, the rooms are not cleaned properly, the plumbing works intermittently, bed linen and towels are old.

room in a five star hotel

Food in the "five"

Tours to El Mouradi Mahdia 5 * are offered only with the Ultra All Inclusive power system. This means that they are fed here throughout the day. Tourists get the first and second breakfasts, lunch, dinner, grill, snacks. In the bars they are entitled to free alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.

The hotel has 4 restaurants, a pizzeria, a cafe, three bars.

According to reviews of tourists, the choice of dishes here is huge. There are several types of meat, fish, seafood, side dishes, sauces for them, cheeses, sausages, various baked goods, salads, fruits and vegetables.

However, the level of service here is not high enough. This is partly due to the large number of tourists, which the staff does not have time to serve. The complaints of guests relate to the queues for everything and always, dirty dishes, diluted with water, alcoholic beverages.

Services for children

In the hotel El Mouradi Mahdia 5 * for kids is just paradise.Here for them a large but shallow pool and a great playground are built on the territory. In the room for young tourists aged 5-12 years running a mini-club.

Parents can order a cot in the room. In the restaurant in the presence of free high chairs. There is no separate children's menu, but you can always choose dishes that are suitable for kids of any age.

If you wish, you can order your child a nanny.

Animation for children is very good. They learn to dance, play, spend fun exercises, draw, mold. Children can demonstrate their dancing talents in the evening mini-disco.

swimming pool at El Mouradi Mahdia

Services for adults

Remarkably, you can spend time in Mahdia in El Mouradi Mahdia 5 *. The hotel has a huge freshwater swimming pool. The depth in it is different. There are areas where it reaches 180 cm. Around the pool there are many sun beds and umbrellas. In the afternoon, animators spend water aerobics and sport games in this reservoir. For sports lovers, three tennis courts have been built on the territory, which can be used free of charge, but by prior arrangement, as well as volleyball, mini-football, golf, petanque, table tennis.In addition, equipped with a place for archery.

Tourists can relax in the spa, where there are massage rooms, indoor pool, sauna, fitness room, beauty salon.

Animators cheer guests all day, both on site and on the beach. In the evening, they triple spectacular shows, conduct fun quizzes and contests.

Every day for guests organized a disco, the entrance to which is free.


Fairly proud of its beaches Tunisia. El Mouradi Mahdia in Mahdia, like its three-star "colleague" in the tourism business, has its own section on the coastline. To get to the beach, you just need to walk through the hotel. Guest reviews indicate that the conditions for recreation are excellent. The beach is covered with fine white sand, extremely gentle and pleasant for the body. The water in the sea is blue-turquoise, transparent and warm. Jellyfish are not. Sunset in the water smooth. The beach has free sun beds, umbrellas, a bar, showers, and various entertainment.

The beach season in this African country lasts from the end of April to the end of October. Precipitation here is extremely rare. The air temperature in spring and autumn is kept at elevations from +25 to +30 ° C. In summer, it rises to +35 ° C.The water is already warming to +23 ° C by June. In April, swimming in the sea is still cool. In May, the sea at the coast has time to warm up to +20 ° C. The same temperature in early October. Then it gradually decreases, reaching +12 ° C in January.

Reviews of El Mouradi Mahdia 5 *

Based on the opinions of tourists and on the rating, which is only 3.74 points out of 5, one can say that this hotel with a rich potential and wide opportunities does not have a good host. In this case, the minimum tour price (without a flight) for two for 7 nights is 56,300 rubles.

Reported hotel dignity:

  • Large territory.
  • Spacious rooms.
  • Many facilities for entertainment on site and in the hotel itself.
  • Great beach.
  • Ample and delicious food.
  • Good job animators.

Noted deficiencies:

  • The rooms are dirty, the furniture is old, the plumbing works intermittently (fails, and nobody is in a hurry to repair it).
  • Dirty dishes and queues in the restaurant and bars.
  • The acute shortage of sun beds on the beach and by the pool.
  • Inhospitable staff.

Description of a three star hotel

territory of the hotel El Mouradi Cap Mahdia

El Mouradi Cap Mahdia in Tunisia, although it does not have a high category, is one of the best. Many tourists who stayed here recommend it as a place of rest. It is one long two-story building, erected in the style of Arabic architecture.However, the rooms are modern and have all the necessary amenities. This "modest" hotel is built on a large scale. It occupies a huge area, in which 7 tennis courts, swimming pools, several sports fields, a spa, bars, restaurants, stables, where they give riding lessons, an excellent children's playground. All these objects are located in a beautiful garden where bright flowers are fragrant, and the shadow is created by palm trees and other exotic plants.

Accommodation in the "troika"

room at El Mouradi Cap Mahdia

Hotel El Mouradi Cap Mahdia offers its guests to stay in 226 double and 37 triple rooms. Among them are rooms for the disabled (4 units) and adjacent (14 units). The area of ​​all rooms is small, from 11 to 17 m2but the design is nice. Light furniture with an Arabic accent, curtains to match the bedspreads, floor mats with oriental ornaments create an atmosphere of comfort and celebration. Each room has a spacious balcony (on the second floor) or a veranda (on the first floor). Electrical appliances and equipment are represented by a TV (there are Russian channels), air conditioning, a refrigerator and a telephone. In the rooms of hygiene there is a bath with a shower, a washbasin with a table-top, a toilet, there is a powerful hairdryer. Everything is clean and tidy.Hygiene products (soap, gel, shampoo, conditioner) are provided as they are used.

Food in the "top three"

At El Mouradi Cap Mahdia, tours are only available with the All Inclusive food system. It is organized in the restaurant, the principle of distribution of dishes - a buffet. According to reviews of tourists, all dishes are fresh and tasty, a lot of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, sweets. During the day pancakes, pancakes, waffles are offered.

The hotel has two restaurants: one - indoors, the second - on site. There is also a cafe where they bake pizza of different kinds, and two bars. All kinds of drinks, cocktails, juices, coffee, tea, and water are offered free of charge from 9:00 to 24:00.

Meals at the El Mouradi Cap Mahdia Hotel


In El Mouradi Cap Mahdia it is interesting to relax both for adults and children. For kids, a wonderful playground has been built here, a mini-club is working, there is a separate children's pool. In the room, parents can order a baby cot, and in the restaurant they can use high chairs.

For adults, the hotel has not only a huge clean pool with plenty of sun beds around, but also a golf course, for playing football, volleyball, basketball, badminton. The hotel building has a games room with billiards and tennis tables.All sports equipment is provided free of charge (subject to a deposit).

In addition, guests can visit the spa, massage rooms, hairdresser, beauty salon, sauna.

Wi-Fi in the hotel is free, but works well only in the lobby.

All day both adults and children are entertained by lively animators. In the evening there is a disco.

Reviews of El Mouradi Cap Mahdia 3 *

This “troika”, many tourists put a solid five points. Tour operators have a rating of 4.3 out of 5 points. Among the noted advantages:

  • Beautiful territory.
  • Cleanliness is around (in the rooms, in restaurants, in the lobby, on the territory, even near the stable).
  • Comfortable rooms, good cleaning.
  • Delicious food.
  • Great job by waiters.
  • Many services and opportunities for entertainment, including horseback riding.
  • Good conditions for children.
  • Great beach, to which to go a half minutes.
  • A large number of sun beds, so they do not need to take in the morning.
  • Relatively low prices. They depend on the season. So, having a rest together, for 7 nights in October it is necessary to pay only 48,093 rubles, and in August - 77,579 rubles.

As disadvantages, some tourists call a small area of ​​rooms, not a perfect noise isolation, a line for delicious pancakes.

What to do at the resort

Resting in Tunisia, tourists can see the sights of this country, leading its history from the VIII century. At one time, there was a Phoenician colony and a Roman garrison. The country was ruled by the Byzantines, Arabs, Ottoman Empire. Each era has left its mark in the development of this small state. Many unique historical monuments have been preserved here. Guests of both hotels in Mahdia can see Ubaidallah’s mosque, the Borzh al-Ras medieval tower, the Skif al-Qala gate, the Turkish fortress, visit the old part of the city and the market.

In addition, tourists can go on a desert safari, go on excursions to Monastir, Sousse, Hammamet, visit the zoo located not far from it.

Information about hotels is written on the basis of reviews of tourists for the year 2017.

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