EGP Japan: pros and cons

Where the sun rises

Japan for many Russians continues to remain a mysterious country somewhere in the east. Everyone knows that they have invented sushi, anime and a lot of electronics. However, when a simple person hears the phrase "EGP of Japan", he is usually lost and cannot say what it is.

Special featuresJapan's economy

To be afraid of the abbreviation "EGP" is not at all necessary, since it stands for "economic and geographical position" and nothing more.egp japanThe characteristic of Japan from this point of view is rather positive, and this statement can be easily substantiated. First, Japan is geographically located in a large archipelago near the coast of China and South Korea, i.e. in fact, it is entering the dynamically developing area of ​​the external trade routes of the Asia-Pacific region, to which the center of world economic activity is gradually shifting. Secondly, the economic opportunities of Japannot limited to the agricultural field. The state is one of the largest suppliers of high-quality electronic equipment to the world market.Japanese brands have an almost irreproachable reputation and are benchmarks for the rest of the world.Japan characteristicThirdly, the EGP of Japan is also characterized by some isolation and closeness, as compared with other states of the same region. The reason for this was the centuries-old policy of isolation from the outside world and the desire of the rulers to make an economy that is oriented inward, and not for export.

On the history of the Japanese economy

Up until the middle of the 19th century, the Nippon empire tried not to maintain any kind of contacts with the West, be it cultural or economic ties. Only after the reforms of that time were able to obtain information about the economic component. It turned out that Japan, a century and a half old, was an ordinary agrarian country without any large industry, although the EGP of Japan even then allowed it to be a very rich country in its region, a kind of magnet for finance. In the late XIX - early XX centuries. various foreign firms began to operate in the state. These were mainly concession companies organized by American entrepreneurs, since the layer of those in Japan itself was not yet fully developed.Japan farmThis continued until the Second World War, during which the EGP of Japan played a negative role: the economic and transport infrastructure of the state were completely destroyed. The country went into debt to the United States and was faced with a rather difficult choice: to go the same way and continue or to make an economic revolution. The second option was chosen as a priority, and already 10 years later, by 1955, Japan was able not only to return everything borrowed, but also to start building its own economy. In the 1960s, the country took a leading position in the production of machinery, thanks to which many local firms turned into transnational corporations. In the mid-1970s, there was a slight economic downturn associated with the crisis caused by rising oil prices, but the country has overcome its consequences quite successfully.

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