Economic freedom

The concept of freedom has historically been examined withdifferent points of view. Everyone remembers that there is an understanding of freedom as anarchy, or, on the contrary, as a conscious necessity. Freedom of choice implies the existence of alternatives. The free state is associated with pluralism and democracy. What is economic freedom?

This concept assumes that a person has the rightdecide on their own, what activities he should choose, whether to work for hire or to engage in business. In addition, we can freely choose goods, give preference to this or that manufacturer.

Economic freedom in a market economymeans that an entrepreneur can choose in which sphere to realize himself, where, in what kind and amount of activity to conduct activities aimed at the production or sale of goods or services and making a profit.

Economic freedom in the modern sensehistorically developed long and very difficult. It can be said that in world history this concept was formed between two extremes: complete personal freedom and great economic risk, on the one hand, and the dependence of man on external factors and the priority of economic security, on the other.

At the moment, economic freedom isbalancing on the fine line between strict market control by the state and "anarchy" in the field of entrepreneurship. The latter phenomenon could be observed in the 90s of the last century. Now the main principle of regulation of economic relations is to maintain this balance, avoiding infringement of human rights, and at the same time to exercise a clear regulation of these rights through the law.

This is necessary to ensure that the society does notfell into the abyss of relations in which only power is ruled, but each person would have the freedom to choose the directions of his activity and self-realization.

The modern economy of most countries does notrequires directive management, however, there are mechanisms for state regulation of the market in those situations where it is necessary to accelerate its development.

It can be said that economic freedomexists only for socially responsible persons. Selfish human needs should be limited to the need to balance their rights and their activities with the interests of others and the society as a whole. Only if a person understands and accepts this, he can become a full participant in economic relations.

Thanks to this duality, society develops, and its stability is maintained. It can be said that economic freedom and social responsibility are inseparable concepts.

At the moment, social responsibilityis understood not only as a consideration of the needs of other people and their economic interests. This concept extends to the natural environment, which is a source of raw materials, and as a result, profit.

For many recent years, irrationalthe use of resources entailed a sharp deterioration in the quality of the environment. For a long time, entrepreneurs were considered to be people who would stop at nothing to profit, and the concept of "ecology" is an empty sound for them.

However, at the present time a seriousthe need to change the forms of social responsibility with respect to the use of natural resources. Unfortunately, in our country the level of understanding of the consequences of uncontrolled exploitation of sources of raw materials is still very low.

So, economic freedom is possible only in thatsociety, where there is a developed social responsibility, which includes not only the observance of the economic interests of other people, but also care for nature, which is the source of raw materials and the basis for the development of the economy of any country.

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