Eagle Rocks in Sochi: description, attractions, interesting facts and reviews.

In the Khostinsky district of the city of Sochi is a tempting natural object - the Eagle (White) rocks. A lot of tourists and climbers visit these places every year: who enjoy the scenery, and who for climbing exercises. The cliffs are known for their vertical cliffs.

Location and Description

Eagle Rocks are located in Sochi, a cozy town on the Black Sea, in the territory belonging to Matsesta forest area of ​​the city national park. The mountains are located on the right side of the river Agura, about two kilometers from its mouth. It is very close to the Agursky waterfalls, which are also the pride of these places. Another landmark is Mount Agur, opposite which are the Eagle Rocks.eagle rocks379 meters above sea level and 125 above the level of the Agura River - this is the height of the White Mountains, as they are also called because they consist mainly of yellow sandstone and gray limestone.The official name they got because of the large number of eagles that nestled on these rocks.

The area of ​​Eagle Rocks is a favorite place for climbers, climbers and speleologists, because the slope of the mountains is almost vertical, hanging over the precipice, and in the vicinity there are several karst caves with a depth of 15 meters. At the same time, one should behave extremely cautiously in order to avoid accidents, which often occur due to the negligent behavior of tourists.

From the top there is a stunning view of the Aibga ridge and the mountains of the Caucasus: Chugush, Sugar Loaf and Achishkho from Pseashkho. Directly opposite (from the observation deck) is the peak of Big Akhun.

How to get there?

From Sochi to Eagle Rocks you can get by bus number 120, 121, 180, before reaching the stop "Old Matsesta". From her path will lie past the hydrogen sulfide sources, from them in a straight line you need to go along an asphalt road another 800 meters to the stele with an eagle - the symbol of these places. Then after another 400 meters of ascent there will be a panoramic glade with a beautiful view of the sea, from it, following the signs, you can go to the cashier to pay for the entrance to the territory. This path lies through picturesque landscapes, but the road is not easy, so you should wear hiking boots or sneakers, and also stock up on drinking.eagle rocks sochiThere is another option that is much more beautiful, but longer in time. Near the Agur gorge - in the place where the tributary flows into the river, there is a scenic trail with a rather steep climb leading up to Picnic Glade. From it you need to take the left and continue to go up: the difficulty of the traveler's path will be rewarded with a panorama that opens from the statue of Prometheus.

Can I drive?

It is also possible to get close to the Eagle Rocks by car, but only you need to go on a good SUV, because cars will not pass here. From Matsestinskih baths, you need to turn to the right and get ready for extreme sports in the form of a bad road and terrible shaking. In principle, the road passes not far from the pedestrian path, which is shorter but steeper.

Local legends

Who is Prometheus, is known to any schoolboy, because the legend of his feat, of suffering in the name of mankind is included in the compulsory school curriculum. But the fact that he was chained to the Eagle Rocks (as the local tale says) is known only to a few. But the story told in schools is incomplete, and only locals know its details.eagle rocks how to getWhen Prometheus was chained to the rocks, Agura's girlfriend learned about this, gathering water in local streams. She took pity on the hero and secretly carried water and food to him. The evil eagle, who was kicking Prometheus’s liver in the afternoon, was in charge of this, and in anger he threw the good girl off a cliff into the abyss. The spirits of the forest turned it into a river, and Agura continued to communicate with Prometheus, murmuring with her own waters. These conversations and heard Hercules, who came to the aid of a friend and freed him from the shackles.

According to the second version, Ahyn (deity of the Caucasian mountains) turned into a river a compassionate girl for her secret forays to Prometheus. And after many hundreds of years, Agoura continues to delight tired travelers, tourists and animals with its cool waters.

Monument to the brave man who dared to disobey the gods

About the appearance of the monument to Prometheus also make up legends. One of them says that even during the years of Soviet power and the heyday of communism, local authorities decided to put on the observation platform a statue of Prometheus to attract more tourists. Alexander Kapralov (a national craftsman from the city of Omsk) made a statue weighing 16 tons and a height of just over two meters in the form of an athletically folded man with arms raised to the sky, on which fragments of chains hang as a symbol of freedom.eagle rocks sochi how to getWhen the statue was almost completed, the USSR collapsed, and the authorities were not up to the sculptures. So the work of the master would have disappeared if it were not for the Sochi entrepreneur, who offered to install Prometheus to the top of the mountain for his money. In 1998, it finally happened, and since then, the hero’s powerful torso reminds everyone of the need to defend their beliefs.

By the way, the eagles, previously nesting here, changed their habitat to the neighboring rocks, and the site with Prometheus is flown around.

Interesting Facts

In ancient times, Mount Akhun was one with the Eagle Rocks, but as a result of the strongest earthquake a tectonic plate split. The Agura River, which is nearby, aggravated the rift and, washing away the soft rocks of the mountains, forever divided the related rocks.

On the territory of Matsesta forestry, in which the White Mountains are located, it is forbidden to collect herbs and flowers, as many plants growing here are listed in the Red Book.

From Eagle Rocks there is a path to the Lower Agursky waterfall, whose height is thirty meters. It can be seen if you approach the very edge of the cliff, which is desirable not to do because of the unstable edge and loose rocks (despite the fact that the fence is still stretched).eagle rocks reviewsSkeptical personalities call the statue of Prometheus a fugitive convict who surrenders to the authorities. Everyone argues the extent of their spiritual elevation.

Pitsunda (Crimean) pine, a tree listed in the Red Book, grows on the tops of rocks and gentle descents. In such massive amounts, it grows only in the area of ​​the Eagle Rocks.

Guest reviews

All holidaymakers who have visited the cliffs note that getting lost in these places is almost impossible, even if there is no map: there are many paths around with signs, arrows and marks along the way. Problems, how to get to Eagle Rocks from Sochi without a guide or sightseeing tour, will not.eagle rocks by carIn the summertime, there is a small snack bar on the observation deck where you can relax, have a drink and have a delicious local cuisine, enjoying the smell of flowering rhododendrons. The only disadvantage that tourists note is that the prices here are quite high. If you are tuned to a budget holiday option, it is better to take a snack and water with you.

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