Dzhelking: reviews and results. Method of increasing manhood

For centuries, men around the world were worried about the problem. When going to the sauna or bathhouse, the heroes proudly showed their friends a powerful “unit”, they were not ashamed to bare themselves before women who were given unprecedented pleasure. And what remained of their comrades, whom nature did not reward with a long phallus? Search for ways to increase it!

Jelking reviews and results

Fortunately, scientists from all over the world have been developing ways to increase the desired centimeters since ancient times. The most popular technique is jelkling, the results and reviews of which confirm its effectiveness and safety.

Representatives of the stronger sex, concerned about the size of their sexual dignity, probably had to hear about this method of increasing it. Numerous publications tell in detail about the exercises of jelkking, and even more positive feedback from satisfied men motivates thousands of dissatisfied with their physiology.So what is the technique?

Basic concepts

Jelking technique

Jelking technique (abbreviated name jelk) is a set of measures aimed at increasing blood flow to the penis. The authors of the idea are the warriors of the Middle East. You should not assume that the main task of the method is to enlarge the penis. Jelk was an effective method of preparing 13–14 year old boys for adult life. The spiritual and physical mentors of the young men were their fathers. The purpose of regular workouts is to develop skills to manage their own desires, endurance, the ability to tame sexual energy. The increase in phallus in size was a side effect, which is in the hands of modern men.

Features of technology

According to the reviews and results, jelking is reduced to the desire to increase blood flow to the penis. A systematic mechanical effect on the organ leads to the expansion of the cavernous body and a visible increase in the penis in volume. Jelking lessons include sharpening several sets of exercises to perfection. Specialists who have dedicated their lives to studying the origins and comprehension of the techniques of the ancient sacrament,developed new exercises: for beginner boys, guys with experience and professionals who want to support the result.

Preparation and precautions

penis enlargement

Jelking technique is associated with significant health risks. Excessive diligence and failure to comply with safety requirements can lead to discomfort, pain, and even injury to the penis.

Due to the nature of its constitution, the penis is particularly sensitive to careless touches and active mechanical action. The result of negligent treatment and ignoring instructions can be a manifestation of redness, irritation, and even microcracks.

To avoid negative consequences, experienced masters recommend using jelkging cream. It can be a mild vaseline based composition with chamomile or aloe extract, and the use of aromatic oils is also acceptable.

Jelking lessons

Exercises for the penis should be carried out with incomplete excitation of the phallus. The optimal conditions are half or of the erect state. This issue should be approached responsibly,otherwise, a man risks not only not to increase his dignity in size, but also to damage especially sensitive vessels, leading to the problem of varicose veins.

According to the results and reviews about dzhelkinge, there are two main types of it - dry and wet. The first involves the use of lubricants before the procedure, when it is absorbed by 90% into the skin, and the interaction becomes dry. Wet involves keeping the penis moist for the entire duration of the workout. Despite the fact that the wet view is considered safer, you can achieve the expected result, provided the balance of exercises in a dry and moist form.

The essence of the procedure

Before embarking on the exercises of jelkling, it is necessary to conduct a series of preparatory procedures. An important rule is to warm up the penis. This event will allow you to tune to the desired mode, increase the elasticity of the cavernous body and minimize the risk of injury.

Note! It is only necessary to warm up the phallus - it is strictly prohibited to raise the temperature in the scrotum. Otherwise, the man risks to remain fruitless.

Heat enough for 3-5 minutes. There are several ways to solve this problem; the easiest is to rub the penis between your palms; you can also use a heating pad with a temperature of 55-60 degrees or a terry towel dipped in hot water.

After the subject of training warms up qualitatively, focusing on the reviews and the results of jelkling, it should not be fully excited, but partially, as described above.

When all the preparations are completed, you can proceed to the exercises. Few people know that in Arabic "jelk" means milking. This word best describes the basis of the technique and the specific feature of the techniques.

Penis enlargement: wet jelking

when the first jelking results appear

A lubricant, massage oil, cream or any other moisturizing agent is applied to the heated phallus. By joining the index finger and thumb together, form a ring that is “put on” the penis and lowered to the very base. Without unclasping your fingers, tilt the trunk downward, away from you, pushing blood toward the head. The head itself should be ignored, since its stimulation is guaranteed to cause an increase in erection, which is not shown when performing exercises to increase the penis. During a workout, it is allowed to change hands.In the first 5-10 lessons, 150-200 reps are enough. During the month, the number should increase to 500. Once the lubricant is absorbed, it is necessary to re-lubricate the penis. A man should not feel discomfort, the more painful sensations.

Technique dry jelk

jelking exercise

The movements performed in the described technique are similar to the previous method, the only difference is the absolute dryness that accompanies the process of its implementation. The grip is not carried out with your thumb and forefinger, but with your entire palm. When moving, the fingers do not slide along the trunk, but they pull off the skin. At the implementation stage of the exercise, the man may experience discomfort and even pain. Experts recommend a session in the morning. At this time, the concentration of testosterone in the blood reaches its peak. The main male sex hormone is a powerful analgesic that can reduce the sensitivity of the organ to a minimum. If a man feels a sharp pain, you should stop training for 1-2 days.

Pulling as one of the most effective exercises

The basis of this exercise are directed hand movements.It is necessary to comfortably sit on a flat surface and connect the legs so that the feet touch each other. The trunk of the penis is wrapped with the left hand and pulled out towards the left foot, similar activities are done with the opposite hand and foot. In the first week of classes, 50 repetitions to each of the parties will suffice, in the future their number should increase to 200.

Head Exercises

The described method has much in common with a wet jelk. In this case, an important condition is to maintain the correct pace. The thumb and forefinger are compressed into a ring at the base of the penis, it slowly moves towards the head and, when it reaches it, is fixed for 10-15 seconds. Slight pressure should be felt in the head. The optimal time for the exercise is 10-15 minutes. The amplitude and force of compression is adjusted by the man independently. The main conditions - the absence of pain and pressure.

Useful recommendations

Performing exercises aimed at increasing the size of the phallus, you must consider a number of features and precautions:

  1. Starting to perform a technician, it would not be superfluous to look through to read reviews from clients who have experienced the power of the Middle Eastern sacrament.
  2. You should not show heroism and perform more than the prescribed rate of repetition. The sensitive part of the body may be injured, and the expected effect will not come.
  3. Classes should be held daily in a relaxed atmosphere. The main thing is to relax and fully surrender to the process, avoiding extraneous, especially disturbing thoughts. If at first, after exercise, there is discomfort and a slight burning sensation, the first 10 days are allowed to conduct classes every other day.
  4. For best results, jelking can be combined with other techniques. For example, impressive indicators allow you to achieve Kegel exercises for men. Adaptive gymnastics stimulates blood circulation in the penis and increases muscle tone.

Jelk: Expectation and Reality

does jellking help

When do the first results of jelking appear? Based on the feedback from men who have experienced this technique on their own, amazing results are obtained. After a few months of hard training, according to users, you can count on an increase in the phallus by 8-12 centimeters.

Reviews of specialists in the field of urology and andrology are not so optimistic.The latter argue that to achieve the result described above, the sexual organ must be in a state of tension for at least 4-5 hours a day. This kind of load will not only lead to impotence and severe injury to a member, but are not even possible from a physiological point of view.

So does jelking really help? According to the reviews of experienced men, the use of the described technique by the boys of the Middle East and the many years of honing their skills could give quite real results. However, one should not hope for an intensive growth in an adult formed organism. All efforts and efforts can be nullified, and instead of an enlarged body a man will receive serious injuries and diseases.

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