Crusted Sugar Summary: The Amazing Song Collector Story

K.G. Paustovsky always tried to see the unusual and beautiful in the most ordinary things. And the characters of his short stories can be compared with the characters of larger-scale works. This also applies to the story "Spilled sugar", a summary of which is given below.

A bit about the northern summer

The summary of "Ground Sugar" should begin with the fact that the narrator is a tireless traveler. And in the northern summer he finds himself in the town of Voznesen'e, which was located near Lake Onega. The first ones he met were boys surprised by a fish, and not far from them was a policeman with whirlwinds and freckles.

The shining moon, according to the narrator’s observations, was not needed in those days — white nights had already arrived in the north. Northern summer is amazing, mysterious and beautiful. Sunlight turns the lakes into huge, clean mirrors, and its shine reminds us that winter has only hidden for a while and will soon blow again with frosty freshness.crushed sugar summary

Search overnight

In the brief content of “Ground sugar” it should be noted that the meeting of the narrator and one of the characters happened when the traveler was looking for an overnight stay. He went to the city, and a very plump man followed him with a beaver haircut. Immediately the narrator saw the indifference that emanated from this unknown. This fat one needed to go to the Kovzhu river for some forest matters.

This man was busy only with his own affairs, spoke in tongue-tied and was boring. It seemed to the narrator that even the sky became paler only because his conversations were boring.Paustotsky crushed sugar summary

Old house

In the summary content of "lump sugar" the important point is when the narrator saw a small log cabin. At the gate sat a girl with bright eyes and was lulling her rag doll. He asked if it was possible to spend the night in their house, the girl just nodded and led him inside. The man with a bobrik haircut did not lag behind the narrator.

In the upper room they saw an old woman in iron glasses and an old man leaning against a wall. He was very thin, and it was obvious from his clothes that he walks a lot because she was covered in dust.Meanwhile, the girl told her grandmother that one of the men was asking to spend the night.

The old woman bowed to the belt and warmly invited her to stay in her house, although because of the crampedness she would have to sleep on the floor. She spoke in a singing tone. At this time, a stranger enters the conversation.Konstantin Paustovsky crushed sugar summary

Talk man with a beaver and an old man

In the summary content of "Ground sugar", an important point is the conversation between the uninvited guest and the old man. This person (apparently, some official) told his grandmother that her life was at a low organizational level. Hearing these words, the old man opened his eyes, and they were almost as white as a blind person. He replied that it was necessary to endure, and such as this gentleman, neither money nor the mind will not make rich.

The man, trimmed with a bobrik, threatened the old man with the police, but the hostess stood up to protect him and asked him not to be offended by him, he said, he was a vagabond, homeless. With this statement, a fat indifferent gentleman perked up noticeably. He began to seek out where the old man came from and what he was doing. He called himself Alexander, and his house is everywhere, because there is no foreign land for him anywhere.

The old man collected human wisdom and shared a kind word. Only he was illiterate, and therefore hoped only on his memory.The interlocutor asked to show documents, to which Alexander replied that he had them, only he would not show them to him. Then this gentleman said that he would now lead someone to whom they would be interested and left, slamming the door. The old man said that this man had not yet matured as a person, and from such only vanity. Further, in the brief content of Konstantin Paustovsky's “Crusted Sugar”, readers will learn about the past of the wise old man.summary of the story crushed sugar

The Stranger's Story

The culminating moment in the short content of Paustovsky's “Spilled Sugar” is the story of an old man about his life. That person led the policeman to identify the homeless Alexander. But before you show the documents, he asked to hear his story.

His grandfather's name was Prokhor, and he had a great gift - singing. A man should take care of his voice, but now only Prokhor did not save him - he tore off. Once at the fair, he met with A.S. Pushkin. The poet, having heard Prokhor, offered to go to a pub. And they talked until the night. The grandfather, hopy and cheerful, returned, but not from wine, but from the beauty of the words with which Pushkin spoke to him.

Once, in the middle of the night, my grandfather was raised on official order.He saw a strange coffin that was tied up with ropes, asked Prokhor to the gendarmes who was lying there. And I heard that Pushkin shot him in a duel. His grandfather drove and it was so sad, sad for him that he could not stand it and sang. And the frosty night stood. Prokhor returned, but it turned out that he had disrupted his voice, and since then he spoke only in a whisper.

She was hurt by this story of a policeman, he was filled with good feelings for the old man and did not become a certificate to watch him. The narrator decided to look and saw that the old man was a collector of folk songs and fairy tales. When the guests left, the wise old man said that it was bad, when a person has a stale soul - from this life loses all its colors.crushed sugar brief briefs

Good deed

The short content of Paustovsky’s “Sugar Sugar” ends with the fact that when the narrator drank tea with her grandmother and old man, that freckled policeman approached the girl. He gave her crushed sugar and steering-wheels and told her to hand it over to his grandfather, and he left - he had to take up his duties.

The old man was delighted with the policeman’s good deed and said that because of the human kindness he wanted to live on. Grandmother told him that such kind and clean people like him live long in the world.Then the narrator went to another city and, during the voyage, watched the northern summer.

You can read a summary of the "crushed sugar" on "Briefley", but it is better to read the story in full. It is small, but after reading it, you want to become better and make this world a little more beautiful.

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