The drug "Neuromultivitis": instructions for use

Description and composition of the drug

neuromuscular instructionThe “Neuromulvititis” tablets, the instructions included in the kit, define as a pharmacological drug, developed on the basis of group B microelements and prescribed as part of complex therapy for various diseases of the nervous system. This drug improves regenerative processes, stimulates metabolism, and also has a moderate analgesic effect. As active ingredients, one capsule of this drug contains two hundred milligrams of vitamin B6, one hundred milligrams of vitamin B1, and 0.20 milligrams of vitamin B12. The main auxiliary ingredients are magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone, polyethylene glycol, methyl hydroxypropyl cellulose, talc, and titanium dioxide. The drug “Neuromultivitis” is produced in the form of white tablets, packed in a plastic blister of twenty pieces.

The main indications for prescribing the drug

neuromultivitis medicationThe drug recommends the use of the drug "Neuromultivitis" as part of the complex treatment of such disorders in the nervous system as neuritis of various localization, neuralgia (including the trigeminal nerve), alcohol and diabetic polyneuropathy, intercostal neuralgia and lumbago. In addition, the intake of this pharmacological drug is very effective in the treatment of plexitis, degenerative diseases of the spine and sciatica.

Features of use and dosage of the drug

Use the pills "Neuromulvit" instruction advises strictly after taking a meal, without chewing. In this case, you should take one tablet one to three times a day. The duration of therapy is determined individually in each case by the doctor. As a rule, for most patients, it ranges from two to four weeks. However, the effect occurs within ten to fourteen days after the start of the drug.

drug neuromultivitisMajor contraindications and adverse reactions

The medicine "Neuromultivitis" instruction does not recommend taking patientssuffering from individual intolerance to the active and auxiliary substances that make up the tablets, as well as children under the age of twelve. In all other cases, the drug is well tolerated. Extremely rarely, all sorts of allergic reactions, nausea and tachycardia can be observed, triggered by the use of Neuromultivitis tablets. It can also cause itching, urticaria, skin rashes and angioedema. With the development of any of these symptoms, you should immediately stop taking this pharmacological drug and contact your doctor for the appointment of another drug with a similar spectrum of action. The most common analogues of the tablets "Neuromultivit" are the capsules "Sana-Sol", "Angiovit", "Vitacitrol", "Pikovit", as well as the preparations "Milgamma", "Viabex", "Revit", "Combibiten", "Kaltsevita", Neurogamma and Unigamma.

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