Do you know why the orchid does not bloom?

Seeing once a blooming orchid, it is impossible to pass by indifferently. The family has many species, the most common of them is phalaenopsis. It is this type of orchids that is sold in almost every flower shop, which means phalaenopsis live in most apartments.why does not the orchid bloomHaving bought a flowering plant, many discover that beautiful exotic flowers fall off over time. Not everyone knows what surprises an orchid can give, how much it blooms, and how to care for it. After the flowers fall, it takes a long time to wait for new flower stalks. Naturally, the question arises: "Why does not the orchid bloom, and what needs to be done to achieve faster flowering?"

Proper care and conditions

If we are talking about phalaenopsis, then this type of orchid is unpretentious. It tolerates partial shade, but brighter and more luxuriously blooms in a sunny place. The lack of light affects the tab of flower buds and may be the main reason why the orchid does not bloom.To get flower stalks in winter, orchids need to be illuminated with phytolamps. Otherwise, the flowering will have to wait closer to the summer, when the light day will increase significantly. The second reason that influences why the orchid does not bloom is the ambient temperature. The development of peduncles occurs faster if daytime temperatures are significantly different from many orchids are bloomingSuch a drop is always present in their natural habitat. Therefore, during the day you can put a flower under the rays of warm sunlight, and at night to carry in the cool. The third factor that determines when and how much an orchid blooms is the watering regime. Excessive watering is undesirable. Watering by immersion is dangerous for orchids growing in opaque pots. There is a risk of completely ruining the roots, especially if the soil mixture for plants is chosen incorrectly. If you alternate normal watering (as the soil dries) with poor, then the chances of getting flower stalks are very high. Indeed, in the homeland of orchids, the drought season is replaced by the rainy season. Thus, the normal life cycle of phalaenopsis depends on the watering regime.

Why does not the orchid bloom if all the conditions of care are met?how many blooms the orchid

There may be several options:

  • The plant is still too young. Young children transplanted from the mother plant may not bloom for two years. Therefore, you just need to wait.
  • During presales, your orchid is overfed with hormones. The result was two or more peduncles, a lush beautiful bloom that drained the plant. In this case, the next flowering may occur no earlier than one year. It is recommended fertilizing with special liquid fertilizer (root and foliar).
  • Depleted soil. Special soil for orchids consists of bark, moss and drainage. After about two years, the soil should be changed completely or partially. During the growing season to feed the plant.
  • Too big pot or permanent transplant. Phalaenopsis love small pots. Their active growth and flowering begins after full rooting and filling the pot with roots. Therefore, too spacious a pot will not bring benefit.
  • Infection of infection, stress, rotting of the roots and leaves. In this case, you need to eliminate the root cause.

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