Does Mantoux do?

It is not a secret to anyone that many of our families have developed a negative attitude towards the universal vaccination of children from birth. Now, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the parents themselves, and not the medical workers, decide whether to make Mantus to their child or not.

Tuberculin test - what is it?

Currently, the Mantoux test (tuberculin test) is a relatively reliable and informative preventive test for diagnosing children for tuberculosis.

The test is based on evaluating the response of the immune system when a specific drug such as tuberculin is injected into the body.

Mantoux test is done to identify adolescents and children who need to be re-vaccinated against tuberculosis, but also those who have already become infected with the causative agent of this disease. Parents who decide themselves whether to make a child Mantoux or not should know that it is impossible to diagnose "tuberculosis" based on the results of this reaction only. For a complete picture, additional tests and research are needed.

How is the Mantoux test evaluated

The test for tuberculin begin to make children when they are 1 year old. This procedure is carried out no more than 1 time per year. Does Mantoux do the reaction twice a year? This happens only in special cases, and then doctors have the right to insist on re-examination. After all, the situation with tuberculosis in Russia is becoming increasingly alarming from year to year.

The first time against tuberculosis is vaccinated in the maternity hospital. Repeated revaccination is appointed at the age of 6 years and 14 years. In some cases, even at the age of 11, based on the Mantoux reaction.

Equally important is an objective assessment of this reaction. Testing in children is carried out 72 hours after the test was conducted. To evaluate the Mantoux reaction, a transparent ruler is used, which measures the lateral size of the papule (diameter or width of redness) in millimeters.

The reaction is considered positive if the papule has a size of 5 mm or more. There are degrees:

  • severe degree - 15-16 mm.
  • average intensity - 10-14 mm.
  • weak positive - 5-9 mm.
  • very pronounced - papule size 17 mm or more.
  • doubtful - papule 2-4 mm and redness without compaction.
  • negative - 0-1 mm, papule is completely absent or only a shot is visible.

Contraindications for Mantoux test

Tuberculin research is an extremely important and necessary procedure.All parents are obliged to know that it is strictly contraindicated to do a Mantoux test in the following situations:

  • the child is not yet one year old;
  • he has allergic conditions and skin diseases;
  • there is rheumatism and bronchial asthma;
  • periods when chronic diseases are exacerbated;
  • in the children's institution quarantine is announced.

In all these cases, there can be no dilemma - whether to make manta or not. Research on tuberculin is strictly prohibited.

Reasons for parental anxiety

With the help of research on tuberculin, the onset of the disease can be detected in its hidden form. In this case, speaking about whether to make Mantoux, you can definitely answer - yes, if:

  • you have relatives with tuberculosis, and the child has had contact with them;
  • your child has been (a guest) in an area where tuberculosis is highly prevalent among the population;
  • the reaction to Mantu in a child annually and steadily increases
  • there is a “turn” - the result of the test abruptly jumped, for example, a few years was the result of 10 mm, and then for the year increased by 5 mm, and became 15 mm.

The main thing that parents should know about, wondering whether it is necessary to do Mantoux, that this is not a vaccine at all. This is a specific sample that helps detect tuberculosis.And in our time, when this disease has become so widespread, it should not be neglected.

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