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When a newborn baby appears in the family, this is indeed a very significant event for parents. The life of adults, their habits, preferences change instantly and forever. Now, instead of quietly sitting in the evening at the TV screen or going to a cafe, mom and dad have to constantly face colic, washing and ironing diapers, paddlers, sliders, sleepless nights and teething.

In order for this difficult time to be at least a little easier, their personal hygiene products were invented for the toddler. One of them includes the Molfix diapers. Feedback about them will be reflected in this article. We will try to figure out whether they are as good as they are told, and whether they are suitable for all babies.

A good choice!

Pediatricians today are firmly convinced that the most correct and even optimal choice of parents for their baby, starting from the first minutes of life of the toddler, is precisely disposable diapers.Of course, the mere decision of the mother to use them does not relieve the problems; after all, it may be necessary to go through a long way of experiments until the most convenient option is selected.

molfiks diapers reviews

If, for the time being, the mother is not able to choose her product from a single manufacturer, she should try the Molfix diaper. It is thanks to them that the baby will receive excellent care, will be reliably protected from getting wet, and parents will not spend too much money.

Little about the brand

Brand Molfix is ​​owned by the Turkish company Hayat Kimya, established 80 years ago. Now it is a solid corporation, in possession of seven different brands. And the diapers, which are familiar to the inhabitants of seven dozen countries, she has been producing since 1998. The company's products due to the introduction of advanced technologies meet all the necessary standards of unsurpassed quality.

diaper molfix

Diapers "Molfiks" (reviews of them are overwhelmingly positive) are made from the finest material, which allows the crumbs to feel quite comfortable. In them there is a protection that does not give the slightest chance of leakage, even if the kid is playing more and more actively.Diapers "Molfiks", the price of which is quite acceptable even for not very wealthy parents, have an anatomical shape and an improved structure. Yes, and reusable Velcro can secure the diaper is not for one hour.

Dress according to all the rules

Sometimes moms complain about diapers: he, you see, is not able to retain moisture, and the baby after a short time is wet in the crib. But it is not always the diaper that is to blame. Perhaps you just need to learn how to wear it correctly. And everything, the problem is solved. And it is done this way: the toddler should be put on the changing table on the back, with a special baby cream to lubricate its delicate skin. The diaper should be positioned so that the figure is in front. Now you can gently fasten the clasps.

 molfix price

If suddenly the powder got on the clasps, or the mother accidentally took them with her fingers, on which there was a cream, you should not worry. Fasteners are quite elastic, reusable, and stretch pretty well. Therefore, even if they got the powder, they will still fix the diaper quite reliably.What else to pay attention to? Diapers "Molfiks", whose manufacturer is a company from Turkey, should be fixed so as not to affect the inscription with the name.

Using all these simple tips, young parents will quickly learn to cope with this task. They will not think that it is difficult and even impossible.

Advantages over others

On the modern market, you can find quite a few diapers for children of inadequate quality, causing a negative impact on the health of babies, constantly torn and often leaking. Therefore, conscious parents are trying to purchase hygiene products for their little ones not on the market stalls, but in specialized stores, choosing products from well-known companies - Pampers, Haggis, and, of course, the Molfix diapers for newborns.

pampers molfiks

A very important point is not only excellent moisture absorption and excellent anatomical shape, but also the fact that diapers are made of breathable materials, which allows the child's skin to be well ventilated.

Are pictures really necessary?

But in addition to such remarkable performance, diapers "Molfiks" (reviews about them are full of words of gratitude to the manufacturer) have a stylish, fashionable design.It may seem to parents that for babies there is no difference whether there are pictures on the diapers or not. But no! Bright colorful images attract the attention of the toads, raise their spirits, making changing diapers absolutely boring. In addition, parents do not have to worry about what colors these drawings are applied, because the Turkish manufacturer uses only natural dyes.

For little ladies and gentlemen

Pampers "Molfiks" (as well as similar hygiene products of other firms) can be universal and intended only for girls or for boys. Usually moms think that products for kids have a different cut. But this is not true. The difference lies only in the features of the distribution of the filler.

diapers molfix manufacturer

Since the little girls are writing for themselves, and the boys forwards, the absorbent in diapers for pretty babies will be located in the middle (closer to the ass), and in products for babies - closer to the tummy. Universal products are filled uniformly with the absorbent.

Recently, manufacturers have decided to distinguish diapers and color.For the young ladies they are in pink tones, and for gentlemen - in blue.

What do parents say?

About diapers "Molfiks" reviews, mostly positive. These hygiene products like moms and dads for many reasons: they can absorb moisture well, the smell is not felt, the fasteners are reliable and convenient. On the little ones, they sit very well, do not rub the legs. Even if the baby is quite active, he will remain dry, and the diaper will not slip anywhere - there are stretch marks at the back. The most important thing that moms tell, who have already bought these diapers more than once, is that there is no irritation and allergy. Yes, and the price is quite acceptable - on average, from 400 to 700 rubles per pack (meaning that the packs are of different sizes).

panties diapers molfiks

Shorts-diapers "Molfiks" is also quite comfortable and reliable. They are suitable for older kids. But the quality is not inferior to ordinary diapers. And though they are not very soft, but you can't call them tough. Such panties are quite suitable for children who are already walking. They have an anatomical shape, they are easy to put on and take off. Kids are comfortable in them. In addition, moms can not be afraid that the fasteners unfasten.

Terms of use

Offering such hygiene products, the manufacturer reminds all the time: in order not to harm the toddler, you must follow a few simple recommendations.

The main rule of application relates to the care of newborn crumbs. Their navel heals long enough, it is very easy to injure. And so that this does not happen, the right choice would be a diaper with a neckline or a special pad in the area of ​​the navel.

diapers molfix for newborns

As a super elite and inexpensive diaper should be changed immediately after the baby "goes to the toilet." Otherwise, he will be uncomfortable, the skin of the toddler will not be ventilated, diaper rash may appear. "Experienced" moms advise you to buy diapers with a reserve, so that in any emergency situation they were at hand.

Every time, putting on a baby Molfix diaper, it is necessary to process the skin of the baby with cream or special powder. Mommies should follow one more rule: when the used diaper is removed, no need to hurry and put on the next clean one. The toddler should be washed and allowed him to lie down for a few minutes with a bare booty, so that the skin can rest a little and be ventilated.And then the dressing procedure can continue.

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