Crown Resorts Henipa 3 * (Cyprus / Larnaca): photos, room description, service, tips and tourist reviews

Cyprus is a great tourist country for people with average incomes and higher, so it’s quite difficult to find really good hotels for relatively low money. When choosing a residence at one of the resorts in this country, you should pay attention to Crown Resorts Henipa 3 *.

Address and location on the map

This hotel is located in the resort town of Larnaca with a population of 72 thousand inhabitants. Although the town is not very big, but there is everything you need for a quality vacation with your family or a large group of friends. The hotel is located at: Dekelia Road, 7040.

We should also note the proximity of the airport, it is located in the same city just 10 km from the place of settlement. In the case of a preliminary reservation, a transfer from the railway station or airport to the destination is provided.

If a person arrives at Ercan airport, he will have to get to his destination on his own. The Crown Resorts Henipa 3 * hotel in Cyprus is almost 30 km away.

Terms of placement

Settled in the rooms only after 14:00, if you arrived before the scheduled time, you will have to wait in the hotel lobby. The guests report that it is impossible to check in before 2 pm, the hotel does not make an exception. On the appointed day, the apartment should be vacated until 12:00.

Crown Resorts Henipa Apartment

In this hotel it is recommended to book rooms in advance, in this case the price will be more attractive, as well as provide a transfer from the airport. Larnaca Crown Resorts Henipa 3 * is considered a family hotel, so there is provided a rest with children of all ages. If the baby has not yet turned two years old, then in this case he will be provided with free accommodation with his parents for all days.

Provide one cot, you can ask in the room for another, but in this case you will have to pay additional funds. However, this nuance should be clarified in advance when booking. The hotel is not allowed to stay with pets.

Types of rooms

There is a fairly large selection of different apartments. Guests can choose standard double rooms with one large bed or two single rooms. If necessary, you can put another bed for the baby. These rooms have views of the inside of the hotel.

If the family consists of four people, then rooms with one double bed and one bunk bed should be booked. They have a beautiful view of the pool, which is located on the adjacent territory.

Hotel pool

Also, there are rooms of increased comfort for more affluent visitors. Their windows also overlook the pool.

Crown Resorts Henipa has two types of bungalows, which are located separately from the main complex. Half of the houses have windows overlooking the pool, others overlook the hotel.

All apartments have air conditioning system, which allows you to hide from the incredible heat reigning here in the high season. They also have a minibar and satellite TV. There are not so many Russian-language channels here, but still they are. Regardless of the category of rooms, each of them has private bathrooms in which you can find a hairdryer and a minimum set of bath accessories.Still, do not forget that the hotel has only three stars. Ordinary apartments have old kinescopic televisions, and more expensive modern LSDs.

Each of the rooms has a small and cozy balcony, as it was said above, with views of the land or pool.

Prices in the hotel

The cost of a double room - from 5 to 8 thousand rubles per day, the price directly depends on the number of people living. For two it will be cheaper, if you need to additionally put one children's or adult bed, then more expensive. Also, the price varies depending on the type of food, you can order only breakfast or breakfast and dinner. The cost may rise or be slightly less if the view from the window is on land or you are going to arrive at the beginning or end of the season when people become much smaller.

Hotel on about. Cyprus

The price of family rooms (two adults and children) is slightly higher, but not more than one thousand rubles per day.

The cost of a bungalow - from 6 to 10 thousand rubles. In this option, the placement also takes into account the conditions, the view from the window and the number of people.

It is worth noting that the standard rooms are rather small, by and large except for beds, bedside tables, TVs and mirrors nothing fits anymore. In the more expensive rooms, the furniture is newer, and the apartments themselves are slightly larger.However, the size of the rooms corresponds to the three-star category, so there should be no complaints about the quadrature.


On the territory there is a small restaurant where all the inhabitants of this hotel eat. International cuisine without culinary excesses. Hotel guests celebrate a very high-quality food, it regularly serves dishes from fish, chicken, turkey, lamb and beef. Always on the tables a large number of fruits that can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

There is also a paid bar where you can order absolutely any drinks. As reported by the guests, the quality of alcohol is much better than in the popular resorts of Tunisia or Egypt.

Hotel in Cyprus

Boiled potatoes are often served as a side dish. There is no separate children's menu, but the child can always find something suitable. Despite all this, with vegetables in a hotel restaurant is quite difficult, often for several days there are no tomatoes, cucumbers and other things, and when there is, the choice is rather meager.

Adjacent territory

It cannot be said that the property is very large, but it has everything you need. For those who like to sunbathe - a small terrace with umbrellas and sun beds.There are also two swimming pools here: separately for adults and children.

Nature lovers can admire the beauty of a small garden, which is also located on site. There are several palm trees, well-groomed bushes, flowers and a lawn. In general, nothing special, but the guests like to walk here on warm evenings.

For children there is a small playground. Little visitors love to be here and play. In general, the area is clean and well-kept. The staff cleans well, so it's nice to be here.

Cyprus on the map


It is worth noting that for a hotel with three stars, there are quite a lot of different entertainment. For an additional fee, you can sign up for a massage or use the services of the SPA center. There are many bike lanes in this city, so you can rent a bike right at the hotel and take a ride on this two-wheeled vehicle.

There are table and tennis, and you don’t have to pay for it, but as reported by the guests, when the hotel is fully populated, it’s quite difficult to take advantage of this entertainment. People living here can visit the gym for free.Of course, it is far from ideal, but nevertheless there is everything you need, even if it is old.

In addition to entertainment at the hotel, nearby there are also a lot of very interesting places and attractions. First of all - the sea, it is only 150 meters away, which is one of the main advantages of the Crown Resorts Henipa.

The city center is only 7 kilometers away. There are plenty of entertainment, including the incredible Theofilos Georgiadis Park. Tourists love to relax in it, because in this place you can fully enjoy the beautiful nature of the island.

Beaches of cyprus

Lovers of beautiful architecture can visit the Tuzla Mosque, it looks majestic and will surely please visitors. In the city center is worth a stroll through the square of St. Lazarus with ancient buildings.

Also in the city there are many different bars, restaurants, parks, night clubs and other entertainment facilities for tourists of various categories. Therefore, there will not be bored here.

Crown Resort Henipa in Cyprus: reviews

Lodgers quite ambiguously speak about this place. There are a large number of shortcomings, but there are also many positive points.Most often, people complain about the quality of the rooms: the furniture is old, sometimes even broken, but if you contact the hotel management, it can be replaced.

Also reported poor quality plumbing. According to reviews, in Crown Resorts Henipa 3 * sometimes the guests even repaired toilet facilities on their own, which does not add any prestige to the hotel.

Despite such shortcomings, tourists note the proximity to the sea. A beach with a small amount of pebbles, but generally acceptable. When ordering an umbrella and lounger, you must pay 2.5 euros per day per person. The entrance to the sea is 1-2 meters, the descent is moderate, and the water is very clean. In the morning season the sea is very calm, but in the evenings there are small waves.

Cyprus flag

Also among the shortcomings are the lack of parking, so the car will have to be left outside the territory of Crown Resorts Henipa in Larnaca. Reviews of people report that there is no free wireless Internet. Access to Wi-Fi is provided only after an additional charge.

Room cleaning is average. The bed is changed once in three, or even seven days, which also "hits" the reputation of the hotel. On various tourist sites the rating of this hotel ranges from 4 to 6 points out of 10.


In general, the hotel is very good, given the cleanliness, proximity to the sea and the relatively low price. Everyone knows that during the season to rest in Cyprus is quite expensive, and the cost of living in this hotel is below average.

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