Cosmetics "Smashbox" (Smashbox): manufacturer, reviews

It is difficult to find a fashionista who has nevercollided with such a brand of cosmetics, as "Smeshbox." The mere name brings to the thrill and delight of the fans of cosmetics. Cosmetics Smashbox has become famous all over the world for its incomparable quality, durability and rich palette of shades. Unfortunately, it is not as affordable as the products of other popular brands. Today we decided to consider in more detail the cosmetics of this brand. According to the results of our article, every beauty can make her own conclusions whether it is worth paying a lot of money for this product.

Professional decorative cosmetics

Many women, choosing between professionalmeans and usual, will stop the choice on the first. But what is their difference? Perhaps only in value. Judging by the numerous comments of girls using decorative cosmetics, the word "professional" is now written even on the most affordable tubes and boxes. Cosmetics "Smeshbox" refers specifically to the professional. It is not just expensive, but very expensive, and not every lady can afford to buy something from the brand presented by the brand. But on the basis of enthusiastic reviews of girls who have a means of "Smeshbox" in their cosmetic bag, I want to believe that the quality is really on top. So, before you read the reviews, you need to learn more about the brand itself and the cosmetics that it produces.

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Why use professional cosmetics?

First of all, I would like to know why the usuala woman needs professional means? The thing is that they are easier to use, they hide all visible defects. For example, judging by the reviews of girls, the "Smeshbox" foundation is able to perform miracles. It is applied easily, does not lay down a dense mask, does not clog pores, has a huge palette in which every girl will find her own tone. In addition, it keeps on the face throughout the day, does not lubricate, does not cause shine. In general, the ideal in all plans is cosmetics. Smashbox - professional decorative tools of the new generation.

Differences lie in the fact that before cosmetics withSimilar properties were created exclusively for use by models and actors. With her help, all the flaws were concealed, but she clogged the pores, weighted the skin and could not be used for everyday make-up, because it harmed the epidermis and did not give any care. Cosmetics "Smeshbox", in contrast, in the composition has many components useful for the skin, which are carefully looked after, moisturized and nourished. The texture of all the means was developed by professionals, and now it fits perfectly on the skin, but does not make it heavier, does not close the pores.

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Brand Creators

Who has the idea to create an everydaycosmetics with professional qualities? They were photographers Davis and Dean, who have an idea about the quality, because they have all their life connected with decorative cosmetics. The grandfather of these guys is the legendary Max Factor, whose name is popular cosmetics, which is in great demand.

Photographers once decided: why not become a competitor to the "Max Factor" and not to produce funds that are suitable not only for filming, but also for everyday make-up. And it began to develop: in 1996, residents of Los Angeles were able to try on a new cosmetics.

But the cosmetics "Smeshbox" did not become popular, contrary to expectations of producers. As it turned out, there was not enough flashy packaging and loud advertising, which was corrected.

And let the whole world learn about the brand

A lot of competitors were with the new company: all manufacturers had in the assortment lipsticks, tonal bases, powders, shadows. "Смешбокс" has decided to take the market promptly, that other manufacturers have remained far behind. Thus, having concluded a contract with one of the popular TV channels, the producers launched the first television store. On the screens there was a lot of decorative cosmetics, and a pleasant voice informed the women of fashion about her unspeakable qualities, steadfastness, palette and other virtues. In addition, delivery was organized. It was necessary to call the number indicated, and the courier will bring the cherished lipstick straight home. What more do women need? Shopping without leaving home is a dream!

Soon, cosmetics "Smeshbox" has becomepopular not only in America, but also far beyond its borders. The only disadvantage of women is the price of Smashbox. Reviews say that for the cost of one lipstick you can buy two from no less popular manufacturer. Despite this, the brand's profit annually is estimated at millions of dollars. Today the brand was acquired by Estee Lauder, but the management was left for the creators.

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Earlier to buy cosmetics "Smeshbox" wasproblematic, but today thanks to the development of social networks, you can simply order the necessary tool. Numerous retail chains offer women cosmetics for this brand, but not everyone decides to buy it. Why should you give a large amount, because there is a huge selection of cheaper counterparts? It's all about the quality of Smashbox. Reviews about cosmetics are diverse. For example, the shadows are written that they are produced in a rich palette, have a convenient package, are well applied, do not roll down during the day. Also, the girls say they have not regretted the money spent, because the shadows are consumed quite economically, there is no need to correct the make-up during the day, as it seems that the cosmetics have just been applied. Women with the problem of fatty eyelids noted that the shadows of "Smeshbox" can get rid of this problem.

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Feature Packing

Coming to the store, it's hard not to notice on the shelvescosmetics of the manufacturer described. Packages are created in stylish black color, there are no patterns - only strict lines and a minimum of inscriptions. Such a style, no doubt, will be appreciated by women, endowed with taste, a sense of style.

Speaking about this cosmetics, I want to note that no one tool is tested for defenseless animals. Manufacturers prefer to hire volunteers for this purpose.

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Improved product

Manufacturers are not only thinking about their ownprofit, but also about the sensations of consumers. Every year the compositions are improved, silicone and oils are removed, weighting make-up is removed. In their place come specially designed components that allow cosmetics and oil-free to apply well to the skin, stay all day, hide imperfections and defects.

Especially the girls liked the "Smeshbox" powder. They write about their impressions, with pleasure sharing their opinions. It is said that the powder does not crumble, does not overlap the skin with "powder," it is completely invisible. At the same time, cosmetics perfectly mask flaws, do not dry or tighten the epidermis.

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Beware of fakes

Cosmetics "Smeshbox" is becoming more and morepopular, and some unscrupulous people rush to use it. If you want to get really high-quality tools, then do not contact suppliers who promise a 50% discount and offer brand cosmetics at too low prices. For comparison, we wrote for you the real price tags of cosmetics, taken from the website of the online store.

  • mascara - no more than 1,200 rubles;
  • sculptor for the face - not less than 3 000 rubles;
  • powder - from 3 000 rubles;
  • a pencil for dyeing eyebrows - from 2 000 rubles;
  • lipstick for lips - from 1,500 rubles.

We have chosen to get acquainted with the prices of the mostpopular cosmetic positions, which are used every day by almost every woman. Be careful and do not look for more profitable offers, because they can only create scammers.

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