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In Italy there is a saying that those who do not like tiramisu are crazy about panakoty! This delicate dessert will appeal to many. Therefore, this article will discuss how to cook panakota. Literally translated from Italian, the name of this dish means “cream jam”. In fact, the way it is. As a basis for dessert, cream is taken, which to taste very well with berries and fruits. Panakota dessert has a creamy white color, but if you wish you can tint it by dissolving the gelatin in fruit syrup or hot chocolate.

panakota recipeClassic panakota recipe

For the preparation we need one and a half liters of cream with 25% fat, one stick of vanilla, half a cup of milk and the same amount of sugar, ten grams of gelatin. In half a cup of water, dissolve the gelatin to complete swelling. In a separate bowl, mix the cream with the sugar. Then add vanilla sliced ​​along the stick. Bring the prepared mixture to a boil. As soon as the cream begins to rise, remove from the heat and let the vanilla infuse.Then take out the pod and leave to cool. Meanwhile, squeeze the gelatin, add some milk and heat it up. Next, combine with cream, mix well and pour into molds. Put in the fridge freeze for several hours. Before serving, dip the molds for a couple of seconds in hot water. This will make it easier to take out the dessert. Serve, watering berry sauce.

Panakota recipe "Coffee miracle" how to cook panakota

Take 400 ml of heavy cream (36%), 70 grams of sugar, 200 ml of milk, 15 grams of gelatin, one vanilla pod, 20 grams of coffee beans, 100 grams of strawberries, lime zest and fresh berries. Cream mix with milk, add sugar, vanilla, lime zest and whole coffee beans. Bring to a boil and cool to a temperature of 50 degrees. Filtrate, and then enter the pre-prepared gelatin. Mix and pour into forms that send in the refrigerator for half an hour. In the meantime, prepare the sauce and decoration. Pound fresh strawberries with one tablespoon of sugar. You can add more, depending on taste. Pour the panakota and decorate it with fresh berries.

Panakota Pancake Recipe

Panakota dessertPrepare a quarter cup of milk and the same amount of cream, three glasses of raspberry, two hundred grams of cream cheese, half a spoon of vanilla essence,six tablespoons of sugar, two and a half teaspoons of gelatin. For the sauce, we need two and a half cups of a mixture of strawberries and raspberries, a quarter cup of dry white wine and two tablespoons of sugar. Grind berries in a blender, and then grind through a sieve to remove small grains. Whip cream cheese with a whisk in a lush mass and add vanilla with sugar. Stir. Now in a bowl of the blender we mix with raspberry puree and beat in lush foam. Pour into the bowl. Gelatin pour into the milk and give it to swell. We warm the cream, but make sure that they do not boil. We add milk with gelatin there and mix it very thoroughly until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Gently pour cream with gelatin in raspberry-cheese mass. Crumble the mixture through a sieve and pour into molds. Leave in the fridge for two hours. For now, make the sauce. Wine mix with sugar. Heat until the latter dissolves. Add berries, cook for one or two minutes. Give cool and pour our panakota on top. Enjoy the appetite! As you can see, the panakota recipe is quite simple and cooking it at home is not difficult.

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