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Connect a network drive Windows 7 - wise anda practical solution on your part. Now I will explain why. The one who organized a local network in his home, constantly uses certain data that are on other computers, with the help of this very local network.

network drive

In order for the convenience of your work to improve,you can connect a network drive to your computer. What it is? It's just a network folder, which is connected in such a way that your computer or laptop will see it as your own hard drives. He is assigned a certain letter, after which you can simply forget that he really is located on another device.

So that you can attach to yourcomputer or laptop network drive Windows 7, open the standard explorer, which is located in the "Standard" folder. To do this, click the "Start" button, select "All Programs" from the menu that appears, expand the "Standard" tab. There will be necessary to us "Explorer", it and run. When you do, locate the menu at the top, which is called "Service". Open it and select "Mount network drive". At this point, the appropriate window should be opened, in which we will set the necessary settings.

network drive windows 7

Первое, что нужно сделать, это выбрать в The window that opens displays the desired letter. Once you do this, your network drive will assign it to yourself. I note that you can choose only the letter that has not been used by other devices (hard disks, CD-ROM drive, disk drives, etc.). After that, you need to specify the exact location of the directory. You must specify the required path to the folder that you want to use as a network drive. This can be done in various ways. For example, you can enter the exact address using the keyboard, and you can also locate this resource by clicking on the "Browse" button. The latter method will be much more convenient and faster.

An important condition:during the implementation of this procedure, the device on which this folder is physically located must necessarily be included. Otherwise, you will not be able to do anything, because your computer or laptop simply can not see the necessary directory.

In the event that you want to implementconnection on behalf of some other user, you will need to check the box for the use of other credentials. After that you will have to fill in all the necessary data of a particular user in the window that appears in front of you right after you confirm your choice with the "Done" button.

connect a network drive to Windows 7

When all the above actions are completed, a group called "Network Places" should appear in your window named "Computer". There will be reflected your new network folder.

Disconnecting the network drive is donesimilar method. Call the Explorer window, select the function of disconnecting the network drive from the "Tools" menu. In the window that appears, select the disk that you no longer need, and confirm with "OK".

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