Congratulations with a wooden wedding. What to give for 5 years of marriage?

Wooden wedding is the fifth anniversarymarried life. A large number of divorces are due to marriages in which the spouses after 3-4 years of living together could not cope with the family burden. Therefore, it is believed that those who have experienced together five years of legitimate relations can be assured of the reliability of their union. Congratulations on a wooden wedding should be original and require a special approach.congratulations with a wooden wedding

Where does this name come from?

The tree symbolizes eternal life and immortality. It is a symbol of a home that gives the family hope and warmth. Wood is a durable material, and has its roots and shoots, which are the symbol of a new life.

It is believed that the changes that will occur witha couple throughout this year, will remain with them for life. Therefore, if the family has half-heartedness and roughness, it is better to bring in the relationship more joyful moments.

Rites on the anniversary

The most ancient and famous rite for 5 yearsA wedding is considered a joint tree planting. Since it is a symbol of the family, it is necessary to plant it in the yard of your house. If the spouses have not yet acquired their own dwelling, but, for example, rent an apartment, then plant a tree better near the parent's house. It should be the embodiment of the family, so no one can trust this occupation.

For planting it is better to choose a durable tree. Now there is a huge selection of different plants. Perfectly suitable birch, willow, oak and even pear or apple. If there is still no possibility to plant a full tree, then it is necessary to grow any ornamental plant at home in a tub.5 Years of Wedding

Anniversary is a holiday of love

5 years of wedding is considered to be a worthy datein order to mark it as follows. Arrange an evening full of romance, with walks in the place where the offer of the hand and heart was once made, or on memorable places that would remind you of the romantic beginning of your relationship. This will help not only to refresh your memory with pleasant memories of the wonderful moments of your relationship, but also bring variety to your life. Greetings with a wooden wedding can be supplemented by a pleasant dinner with candles at home or at your favorite restaurant. Give yourself an unforgettable day, spent alone together!

Be sure to take time to sharecreativity on this day. According to an old tradition, the husband had to make a craftwork out of wood, and his wife - to put a varnish on her and decorate with colors. This tradition is a symbol of the fact that the family always achieves everything together.

If you like more noisy parties with friends and relatives, then it would be a great idea to decorate the place of celebration with wooden elements in honor of the symbol of your holiday.congratulations with a wooden wedding

Congratulations on a wooden wedding is notjust a banal feast. One of the fascinating customs of the celebration is the tradition of decorating the tree with the congratulations of the guests. You can make a "tree of happiness" an ordinary houseplant - guests should tie colorful ribbons with wishes on it. This rite is so fascinating that it will be able to become an ornament of the evening and a solemn program, it will be remembered by all present at the festival.

Gifts and congratulations on the fifth anniversary of the wedding

As a rule, it is customary to congratulate on the jubilee with thisdate and give wooden items. Nowadays for such an anniversary wooden items for the interior of a house or a garden, wooden ornaments, furniture are perfect. Of course, not only objects made of wood can serve as an excellent gift on this solemn day, it is possible to present to the couple something useful and practical.wooden wedding congratulations to her husband

If a couple with a good sense of humor, thencongratulations with a wooden wedding funny - this is what you need! But still, we should not forget that the symbol of the five-year anniversary is a tree, so it is desirable that the gift should be from this lasting, like the family itself, material.

If you are a guest on a holiday, then,recovering on a celebration on the occasion of a wooden wedding, do not forget to come up with an original congratulation for the couple. What is the congratulation on a wooden wedding? Funny or more serious and thoughtful - they can be completely different. It depends on your imagination. As a gift, you can present all the same products made of wood. In this case, very different caskets, vases and other souvenirs will be very useful. Maybe you want to give a pair gift. Then an excellent alternative can be the same bracelets made of wood, they will symbolize a long-lasting relationship and family warmth.congratulations with a wooden wedding funny

Gifts for the husband, wife

If a wooden wedding is celebrated, congratulationsthe husband can be thought up independently, having enclosed in them all love. For sure, your half will appreciate such a congratulation. In combination with a beautiful gift, this approach will not leave him indifferent. This is advice not only for wives, but also for spouses, too, because to give a piece of your warmth to your beloved woman on such a day is a win-win option!


As a rule, the spouses who came to this date,could overcome many difficulties, half-heartedness and realize their plans for life, albeit not all, but still ahead. Such a family is increasingly reminiscent of the symbol of the fifth anniversary of its strength and independence. The tree by the age of five is already well rooted, begins to bear its first fruits. Also, young spouses can accurately understand whether the tree of their family is ingrained or whether it dries, bending under life barriers. Therefore, congratulations on a wooden wedding are very important for a couple, it will remind them of their unity, cohesion and love.

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Congratulations with a wooden wedding. What to give for 5 years of marriage Congratulations with a wooden wedding. What to give for 5 years of marriage Congratulations with a wooden wedding. What to give for 5 years of marriage Congratulations with a wooden wedding. What to give for 5 years of marriage Congratulations with a wooden wedding. What to give for 5 years of marriage Congratulations with a wooden wedding. What to give for 5 years of marriage