Cold Cough Drops for Adults and Children

A very interesting remedy for colds is cough drops. Most of them don’t taste like a medicine — sweet, tasty — rather, they look like candy, not like a pharmacological drug. But tasty - it still does not mean useless, think about honey, because it is also perceived by many as a delicacy, but its healing properties are indisputable and have long been recognized even by official medicine.

Action cough drops

Why are cough lozenges so popular today? The fact is that with acute respiratory infections, one of the most unpleasant symptoms is sore throat and cough. In some cases, when a person has a lot of sputum due to inflammation in the airways, a cough is simply necessary - it is a defensive reaction, with which the body self-cleans.

On sale in our pharmacies there are special lozenges and herbal remedies in the form of candies, which have a combined effect.These funds help to improve the discharge of sputum, and at the same time act as a fairly strong anti-inflammatory drugs. Such drugs include, for example, the well-known Doctor Mom cough candies, produced with different flavors: raspberry, orange, strawberry, lemon, and even pineapple. To be treated in this way is quite pleasant and completely burdensome - put the toffee in your mouth and you can safely go about your business. And cough lozenges for children are perceived by babies not as medicine, but as candy, so they put them very willingly in their mouths, without any whims.

cough drops

It happens and another cough - dry. It is caused by severe irritation of the throat and larynx due to the occurrence in them of acute inflammatory processes due to a cold, without the formation of sputum. Here special medications are needed, which, on the one hand, could relieve inflammation, and on the other, have a calming antitussive effect. In this case, special cough drops are also available.

With its therapeutic effect, fashionable tasty herbal remedies are required to contain various natural additives in them: menthol, honey, eucalyptus extract, sage, licorice, essential oils, etc.

Cough drops and lozenges - the names of the most popular drugs

  • Means "Strepsils" - contains anise and mint oils.
  • Karmolis lollipops - they contain alpine herb oils.
  • Means "Ajisept" - relieves inflammation not only in the larynx, but also in the nose.
  • Medicine "Doctor Mom" ​​- lozenges and lozenges based on medicinal herbs. Not assigned to children under 10 years.
  • Means "Grammidin" - a domestic drug that has antibacterial action.
  • Licorice cough drops - their base is licorice root extract.

cough drops

Antibiotic lozenges

With severe inflammation of the throat and upper respiratory tract, the doctor may prescribe topical antibiotics in the form of sucking sweets. It is best not to take these drugs yourself, even if the cough and sore throat annoy very much. Let the doctor first deal with the causes of this condition and write out the proper prescription. One of the most popular antibiotic preparations is Coldact Lorpis.

Tasty medicines for kids

Cough drops for kids:

  • Lollipops "Strepsils" - allowed for use by children from 5 years.
  • The preparation "Septolete Neo" - from 4 years.
  • Means "Karmolis" - from 6 years.
  • Medicament "Tantum Verde" - from 3 years.

cough drops for kids

Separately, I want to talk about Dr. Mom candy. As it was already written above, doctors consider it possible their appointment to children from 10 years of age. But the instructions for the drug says that they are prohibited for use for persons under 18 years of age.

Are there any contraindications to the use of cough drops?

Despite the fact that the candies from the pharmacy are very similar to ordinary candy, they are not. It must be remembered that these are quite serious drugs, which have a number of contraindications, which you should definitely read by carefully reading the instructions. This must be done before giving the medicine to the child or using it yourself.

For example, licorice cough drops, though they help well, are not recommended for people with hypertension, since their side effect is an increase in pressure. The instructions for the drugs "Karmolis" and "Doctor Mom" ​​says that these drugs should not be used for pregnant women, etc. Even seemingly harmless, herbal ingredients can cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

liquorice cough drops

It is absolutely unacceptable to haphazardly throw anti-inflammatory lozenges in the mouth by handfuls without a systematic approach;but to provoke the rejection of the body of any of the components of the drug is quite possible.

DIY cough lozenges

At home, any housewife can easily make an alternative to pharmaceutical preparations. For a long time, people have known that burnt sugar has the ability to soothe a cough, soothing the throat.

Cook it easy! We take a small saucepan (better enameled) put some spoons of granulated sugar in it, melt it over low heat and, stirring quickly, wait until it starts to change color to dark brown. As soon as this happens, the fire is turned off, and the burnt sugar is quickly poured into prefabs.

do-it-yourself cough drops

You can make cough lollipops with your own hands and another recipe, a more refined, but also very simple. To the sugar you need to add honey, decoctions of herbs (sage, chamomile), a few drops of lemon juice, grated ginger root. But in this case, the lozenges will already acquire a fairly strong specific taste, which the children may not like at all. Honey sometimes causes allergic reactions, and herbs too.

Another option - milk candy.A few spoons of milk are poured into the saucepan, the same spoon of sugar is put in, and everything is cooked until thick. Then we pour in forms and treat cough with pleasure.

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