Choosing wall mounted shelves

Hinged shelves not only represent an element of decor, but are also a useful and functional piece of furniture. Before choosing this product it is necessary to weigh all its aesthetic and practical preferences so that the product fully complies with them.

Regardless of the fact that the house has cabinets, walk-in closets and other storage systems, it’s quite difficult to do without this object in everyday life. If you want to combine the functionality with aesthetics in your home, designers recommend using wall-mounted shelves.

wall mounted shelves

Where to use them?

There are a lot of places to use shelves in the house. In the bedroom, for example, this thing will be useful for storing books, and in the children's room - for school textbooks and toys. In the living room there are many alternatives replacing this piece of furniture, for example, modular walls. But if you have a beautiful service or a lot of graceful statuettes, then it is just the wall shelf open that is useful, because it's a sin to hide and not show your beautiful things to anyone.

When buying this product, it is worthwhile to think over in advance what will be placed on it, since the load on the supports must correspond to the structural strength. For solid equipment it is worth choosing a solid shelf design, and for a bathroom under cosmetics, shampoos and creams, it may well be enough for a metal or glass shelf, a small, light and elegant, emphasized by various decorative elements and lighting.

wall shelf open

Wall Shelf Design

This piece of furniture in its field is represented very widely. Modern designers are constantly experimenting with such an element of decor, giving it all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes. But they still must have special requirements, since these things are a separate piece of furniture and must comply with the general concept of the interior. Traditional wall shelves hinged from wood are decorated with carvings, trimmed in gold, silver or bronze. Ordinary woodwork for rustic cuisine is simple, but at the same time beautiful in its rough finish.

Modern-style shelves have achieved a wide range: they can have a simple and unremarkable design, and can be a luxurious work of art.It all depends on the overall interior concept and, of course, on the taste preferences of homeowners.

Great variety

Let us consider in more detail what sort of shelves there are that can be found in furniture stores and catalogs of design firms:

1. Metal hinged shelves.

Not those rough pieces of iron that you could imagine, but the finest elegant products that can take any form. Often use the following varieties:

• Modular - located on the wall opposite to the headset. They look like a few planes for placing on them all sorts of decorative gizmos.

• Wall corner shelves mounted - as you can guess, hung in the corner of the room. Happen as with one level, and with two. These shelves look interesting in the dining area, for example above the kitchenette.

• Open horizontal - ordinary structures that can be combined with any furniture in color.

It is worth remembering that the hinged shelf - first and foremost a piece of furniture, and it should fit well into it.

2. Wooden shelves.

Wood products, in turn, are divided into:

• Wall shelves mounted with hidden mounting - quite an interesting option due to the fact that the surface goes straight out of the wall. True, there is a drawback - such a regiment cannot be wide.

• Multi-level vertical - have the form of a vertical rack, from which horizontal surfaces depart.

• With drawers - nothing emphasizes the classic interior more than a carved shelf with drawers.

3. Glass shelves.

A very thin version of the hinged shelf, which fits perfectly into most modern interior styles, where emphasis is placed on straightness and simplicity. Unfortunately, hidden fasteners in this case can not be used. But on the other hand, special holders will add even more charm to your interior.

One might ask, “what are thin glass shelves used for?”. After all, a frame with a photo can be simply placed on the wall. But in reality, using thick glass (from 6 to 8 mm), you can not worry about the fact that this material will fall apart under the weight of heavy objects placed on it.

In particular, such products are good for storing various dishes to unload the upper drawers in the kitchen.After all, hinged shelves were created to expose all the beauty of the products placed on them for all to see.

wall corner shelves

Advantages to use

The first and main advantage of using these pieces of furniture is that they can take up little space, but a large number of things can be placed on their surface. In addition, wall mounted shelves add functionality to parts of the room. For example, in a small bathroom, the corner shelves will not only fit beautifully into the interior, practically taking up no space, but also allow you to store the necessary trifles on them.

This item can be a great solution for a children's room, in which piling up furniture is undesirable, and quite a lot of things are used. On such shelves you can store both toys and school supplies.

wall shelves design


Undoubtedly, wall mounted shelves - an excellent design solution for almost any room. They will not only help to put things in places, but also will bring uniqueness and originality into the interior, make it attractive and very stylish.

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