Change the image: how to choose the color of hair?

Most women are unhappy with their naturalcolor of hair. Someone wants to just paint over the gray hair, and someone completely change the image. Hair color is very important in shaping the image and style. Hairstyle can emphasize your dignity or, conversely, negate all efforts to create an image. In this article we will describe how to choose the color of to choose a hair color

There are three main types of paints: resistant, unstable and tinted. The latter will help you choose the color of hair dye, if you decide to radically change your appearance. If the chosen option does not suit you, then this remedy is washed two or three times. Unstable paint can be used. This tool will give the hair an amazing shine and will not penetrate deeply into the structure of the hair. Only it is necessary to consider the following nuance: such means badly overpaint the gray hair.

If you want to change your image for a long timetime, it is better to give preference to persistent paints. In most cases, such agents include hydrogen peroxide in their composition, which opens the hair flakes and destroys the natural pigment, replacing it with a new color. The more the content of this substance, the more intense the curls. Of course, such a tool violates their structure. Therefore, be sure to include in the beauty program a thorough hair care. Since the hair color is chosen for a long time, these colors provide a stable shade that is not quickly washed off. choose hair color for hairIn other words, you like the resultresult or not, it will take a long time to go with him. To get the desired image, let's look at how to choose a hair color. The test that will help you with this includes the following features:

  1. Define your color pattern. To do this, carefully study your skin tone, eye and natural hair color. A well-known fact that warm colors give the face freshness and emphasize blush. Therefore, if nature has awarded you ruddy cheeks, give preference to cold brown shades or an ashy blonde. Do not dye your hair in shades of red, if the skin is prone to allergies.
  2. Pay attention to the color of the eyes. If your eyes are of a warm color scheme, then the hair dye should match these colors. For example, a combination of bright red mane and green eyes - bright and at the same time a naturally beautiful image. how to choose a hair color test

Try to determine to which natural typethe looks you take: winter, spring, summer or autumn, how to choose the hair color professionals. For each such type there is a selection of shades and colors. For example, Winter is a contrasting and cold appearance. A woman with this type will approach ashen, dark-brown shades. Warm golden scale will look inappropriate. A woman is Spring, has fair skin and eyes. Natural hair color is often light brown or blond. To this type of appearance suitable warm color scale, but the ashy or light blond is categorically contraindicated. The colorotype "Summer" is characterized by gray, blue eyes. Skin of pink or pale blue. This type is quite complex in terms of choosing the right scale. On how women choose such hair color, you can watch for hours. In no case should not use dark shades, but the platinum blond, ash-blond color, light brown will perfectly emphasize the dignity of this appearance. Women-Autumn by nature brown-haired or brunette with a golden tinge of skin. This color is suitable for black, chocolate, brown, chestnut shades.

Now you know how to choose the hair color for each kind of appearance.

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Change the image: how to choose the color of hair Change the image: how to choose the color of hair Change the image: how to choose the color of hair Change the image: how to choose the color of hair Change the image: how to choose the color of hair Change the image: how to choose the color of hair Change the image: how to choose the color of hair