Does your heart ache? Find out the reason!

What is the first thing a person comes to mind when he suddenly feels that his heart is pricking? Perhaps, panic thoughts about a possible heart attack most often visit us in such a situation. However, there are many other causes of sudden pain in the chest, and they are not always associated with cardiovascular diseases. Problems with the lungs, stomach, muscles, ribs and even the nervous system can cause painful sensations in the chest. Some of them are insignificant, while others sometimes require urgent medical intervention.

Cases "heart"

heart prickChest pain usually manifests itself in different ways, depending on its cause. This may be shortness of breath, and a feeling of "tightness", and a sharp, sharp or stabbing pain in the heart. Among the most frequent "heart" causes, doctors distinguish the following:

1.Angina pectoris. When insufficient oxygen is supplied to the heart muscle due to blockage of blood vessels, it causes periodic bouts of pain in the chest, more like a slight squeeze. Has similar symptoms andpericarditis(inflammation of the heart bag), but here the pain is usually permanent and often returns to the neck and shoulders. It becomes even stronger when you try to breathe deeply, swallow food or lie on your back.

2.Myocardial infarction(he's a heart attack). Due to the weak blood flow through the blood vessels and oxygen starvation, the death of heart cells occurs. The consequences of a heart attack are very serious: a sharp heart pain is accompaniedstabbing pain in the heartprofuse sweating and nausea. Not less problems are caused by inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis), when a person has not only colitis of the heart, but also has severe weakness, high fever and breathing problems.

3.Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Occurs due to thickening of the heart muscle, as a result of which the heart becomes harder to push blood through the blood vessels. With this disease, a person is very dizzy and has a tingling heart, and he is experiencing nausea and breathing difficulties.

4. Less common causes of chest pain includebarow's syndrome(heart valve malfunction) andcoronary artery ruptureaccompanied by acute pain in the heart and palpitations.

"Non-cardiac" problems

colitis in the heartAs mentioned above, not only cardiovascular diseases can be the cause of a person having a sudden heart ache and colitis. Thus, pleurisy, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism and even ordinary asthma cause pain in the chest area. Gastrointestinal problems: hypersensitivity or gastric ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux disease, spontaneous rupture of the esophagus, hernia, pancreatitis can also cause acute and acute pain in the region of the heart. Even a fracture in the rib, muscle strain or nervous disorders (anxiety neurosis, panic attacks) often cause chest pain. Therefore, if you suddenly feel discomfort from the fact that it hurts and colitis in the heart area, immediately consult a doctor for an examination. You should not self-medicate in such cases, because only an experienced specialist will be able to determine the cause of your illness without errors and prescribe the correct treatment.

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