Car battery "Vesta": reviews, specifications and types

Today, buyers put forward high battery performance requirements for their vehicles. Demand models with improved starting current, with increased power and other characteristics. They ensure the stable operation of the onboard network in all conditions. Westa battery is in demand. Reviews and characteristics of it must be considered before purchasing.

Manufacturer Description

Car battery Westa is known to the domestic buyer for its high quality. It is produced by an international corporation "Vesta". This organization conducts scientific and industrial developments in the field of creating devices for autonomous power engineering, introduces innovative projects. One of the activities of the company is the creation of automotive batteries. They appeared on the domestic market in 2002.Battery Vesta reviews

Today, Vesta is one of the largest manufacturers of starter batteries in the world. Its battery occupy 1.4% of the battery market. The company's plants are located in different countries. For the Russian consumer, the presented batteries are manufactured at a plant in the city of Kursk. It has significant production capacity and sufficient experience in the production of batteries. Kursk plant has been manufacturing batteries for cars for over 60 years.

Equipment and technologies that are used in the process of carrying out production cycles are characterized by innovation. A special approach to the creation of its products allows the company to supply modern varieties of batteries that meet the high requirements of global manufacturers of automotive vehicles.

Product Features

Considering the reviews on the battery "Vesta", we can note a large number of positive statements about the quality of this product. These products are suitable for operation in adverse climatic conditions of the Russian winter. Starter characteristics of these batteries are increased.Westa car battery

Also, the batteries of the presented brand are characterized by low self-discharge rate. Water losses are minimized. This allows you to increase product reliability during operation.

It is also worth saying that these are durable devices. They do not lose their performance even in severe frost. There are commercially available varieties of starter batteries that can be used even in the conditions of northern winter. This became possible due to the introduction of new, more advanced technologies into the production cycle. Also, when creating their products, the manufacturer has provided for high safety and environmental friendliness of the devices. This greatly increases the demand for batteries.


On sale you can find several types of car batteries Westa. They differ in cost, scope and performance. For different models of cars, trucks and other vehicles, you can choose the best option.

Today, the presented company supplies the market with four main categories of batteries. They are divided into a series of "Premium", "Economy", "Economy +" and "Standard".In accordance with the needs of the buyer should be preferred technology suitable category.Accumulator car battery Vest

In each of these categories includes a few more lines of batteries. The Premium series includes Red, Red EFB, Nomad batteries. Standard series includes batteries of the Vortex range. The "Economy +" category includes Docker, Vega batteries. In the series "Economy" presents the largest number of models. These are batteries Tunderbull, Mega Watt, Energy One, Istok, Racer.

Cost of

To make a conclusion about the quality of domestic products, you need to consider reviews, descriptions of batteries Westa. First of all, they differ in value. The Premium series includes starter batteries valuable from 4,500 to 13,200 rubles. Price varies with capacity. These are the most high-tech devices that are suitable for new cars with a large number of energy consumers.Reviews on the battery Vesta

One of the most sought after series was the Standard line. These batteries are fashionable to purchase at prices ranging from 4,200 to 9,500 rubles. These devices are suitable for cars with a standard set of energy consumers. The presented battery line is highly reliable and in demand.

Cars with a small number of electrical devices that are connected to the network can be equipped with a series of "Economy" and "Economy +" series. The cost of the presented products varies from 3200 to 10 300 rubles. This is a demanded equipment that Russian drivers buy quite often.

Description of the Premium Series Products

Westa premium batteries offer improved performance. They can be operated in the most adverse conditions, withstand deep discharges. At the same time, the equipment of this group differs by increased indicators of starting power. Even in cold weather, they are able to provide an easy start to the engine.Accumulator Vesta reviews of owners

Red batteries are durable. The warranty period is 5 years. This is a device that can operate at temperatures up to -40 ºС. It is manufactured using Calcium-Calcium technology. Such equipment can be tried on for cars with a large number of electrical appliances.

Red EFB batteries are designed for the newest car brands that are equipped with a start-stop system.They can also be used to move vans, on yachts and boats. This is the most modern, high-performance type of battery.

Nomad is an unattended series of batteries, which is designed for cars and trucks. They feature enhanced security features. A group of batteries is produced in accordance with the JIS standard. This allows their use for Asian cars.

Varieties of the Premium Series

Reviews of Westa Premium are almost always positive. A huge selection of battery models allows you to choose the right type of battery for your car. The Red series includes two types of batteries. The first group is intended for use in domestic, European and American car brands. Battery capacity ranges from 50 to 225 Ah.
Accumulators Westa 6st 55a

For Japanese, Korean and Chinese cars, Red JIS batteries are manufactured. Their capacity ranges from 40 to 95 Ah. Each size is available with both direct and reverse polarity.

The Red EFB series is represented by batteries with capacity from 55 to 100 Ah.

Nomad batteries for European and domestic cars can have a capacity from 55 to 230 Ah.The Asian group of batteries of this series is represented by equipment from 42 to 100 Ah.

Reviews of the Premium Series

Considering reviews about the batteries Westa Premium 6CT-65, 6CT-100, 6CT-45 and other varieties of this group, it should be noted a lot of positive statements from drivers. They claim that they are modern, high-performance batteries. They will not fail in any conditions.

Residents of the northern regions of our country managed to appreciate the benefits of this brand. They claim that the Premium series batteries are highly reliable and durable. At the same time, the cost remains acceptable, since the production of these batteries is carried out in our country.Westa Premium Batteries

Also, the owners of passenger and freight vehicles note the convenience of operating the Premium series batteries. In their configuration there is an indicator, a convenient handle for transporting the device.

Characteristics of the Standard series

Accumulators automobile JSCB "Vesta" of the Standard series are in high demand among buyers in Russia. This category is represented by the Vortex line. It includes equipment for the passenger (capacity 45-110 Ah) and cargo (capacity 140-225 Ah) car groups.

Presented categories differ in production technology.The passenger group of batteries is manufactured using calcium technology. This greatly increased the battery's starting current. They can work in frost up to -30ºС. At the same time, the batteries of the passenger series “Standard” can withstand heavy loads. They function normally when the ambient air heats up to + 60ºС.

The cargo group of the “Standard” series is manufactured using hybrid technology. Such equipment has a large load. To ensure the reliability and durability of the cargo group Vortex batteries, modern technologies are used.

Characteristics of the series "Economy +"

One of the best battery options for class B and C cars is the Docker battery. This equipment has a fairly low cost. However, it can provide high stability of the electrical system during operation.

Owners' reviews of the Vesta battery talk about Docker’s decent quality batteries. Positive electrodes of these products received an increased capacity. The lattice is made by modern expander technology. The separator is resistant to acid. These are high-quality batteries that fully comply with European standards.

The Vega series is designed for cars that do not have a large number of energy consumers. At the same time, special technologies that are used in its manufacture provide the equipment with increased durability, power and reliability.

Reviews about the series "Economy +"

Considering the statements of the owners of the batteries Westa 6CT-55A h, 6CT-60Ah, 6CT-100 Ah and other varieties, we can note a large number of positive user reviews. They claim that in their price segment they are the best types of batteries.

The presented equipment is highly reliable. With proper selection and operation, they will work long enough.

Developed line for passenger and cargo series. Batteries of the category "Economy +" are manufactured using modern technologies. For passenger cars in the Vega and Docker series, calcium batteries are produced. They can have a capacity from 45 to 100 Ah. The cargo group (140-200 Ah) is produced using hybrid technology. This is required by the loaded conditions in which the presented devices are operated.

Characteristic series "Economy"

According to reviews, Vest batteries of the “Economy” class differ in the most affordable price. This equipment was designed for cars that do not need high battery power. Their system provides standard equipment for electricity consumers.

The presented series is suitable for those vehicles that are not operated in extreme conditions. Under normal loads, the presented equipment will work for a long time.

In the presented lines of the segment “Economy” a large selection of models is presented. They are designed for trucks and cars. In accordance with the operating conditions they produce equipment using different technologies. This ensures high durability and battery functionality.

Reviews about the series "Economy"

Reviews of batteries "Vesta" category "Economy" mostly positive. In the absence of high loads, large temperature drops, the presented devices will work for a long time.

This is the most suitable type of battery for cars with a small number of consumers in the network.At the same time, the cost of this equipment is the most acceptable among all types of batteries. This makes the battery series "Economy" in demand.

Considering the features and types of batteries "Vesta", reviews of them buyers and experts, we can note the high quality of domestic-made batteries. These are relatively inexpensive and reliable products. Each driver can choose the appropriate type of starter battery.

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