Canni - new generation gel-lacquer

Well-groomed and beautiful nails are businessa card of any self-respecting girl. But how to create the perfect manicure at home? This will help professional gel-lacquer Shellac Canni. About its features and methods of application you will learn from this article.

Gel-lac Canni - high quality at an affordable price

Only high-quality varnish will allow to createeffective and persistent manicure, which not only adorns, but also strengthens the nails. Canni manufactures its products according to the principle of availability for any purse and material safety. It is through this that the brand has received great recognition among consumers.

The varnish is produced in 7 ml vials, whichprovides a fairly economical expense. A comfortable brush made of natural material makes the application process as accurate as possible. And bright and saturated colors can stay in their original form for a week. It should be noted that color fastness is the main advantage of Canni products.

canni gel varnish

Gel-lacquer is a new generation in the field of creationprofessional manicure. At the same time, the nutrient components that are used in production can strengthen the structure of the nail, preventing stratification. Therefore, experts advise the use of shellac for those who do not have strong nails.

Palette Canni

A feature of gel-varnish is a wide palettecolors, numbering 206 shades. Therefore, each woman can choose for herself the ideal coloring for all occasions. In the Shellak Colors series, you can find rich glossy varnishes from light beige to blue-black. Palette Pearl Effect offers pearly shades, which are increasingly found on the manicure of fashion bloggers and celebrities. And bright neon shades have been a trend for several years. Therefore, the manufacturer does not lag behind the modern fashion trends.

palette canni

How to use gel-varnish?

Easy to use even at homedistinguishes Canni products from its competitors. Gel-lacquer is required to be applied to the nail, degreased with a special solution. In this case, one layer is enough to produce a bright and saturated color. Normal nail polishes can not boast such an effect, since they require 2-3 layers.

However, it should be remembered that for drying of shellac withperforming a separate manicure will need a special ultraviolet lamp. You can buy it in the shops of professional equipment for nail stylists. The nail polish applied on the nail needs to be held under the lamp for 2 minutes, and then apply a fixing finish. The last layer is needed to ensure that the manicure remained in its original form as long as possible.

canni gel varnish price

To remove varnish from nails,who is called a professional by a remover. A typical liquid based on acetone is not able to completely remove the gel base. After all, its composition is completely different from the usual varnishes.

Canni (gel-lacquer): reviews from real customers

Judging the quality of any means can only be based on customer comments. The same goes for Canni products.

Gel-lacquer is very popular amonggirls all over the world. However, not every manufacturer sells it at an affordable price. A distinctive feature of shellac from Canni is low cost combined with high quality. According to buyers, you can buy gel-varnish in the range from 150 to 250 rubles, depending on the seller's margin. In addition, when buying from ten different shades and more offered a large discount.

Girls who regularly use gel-varnish,also note its persistence. With the right application, the product can hold on to the nails for up to two weeks without forming chipped and cracked even with daily household chores. It should be noted that this property of shellac is its main advantage. In addition, the varnish has no smell of acetone or perfume, which makes its use safe and pleasant. A gel texture allows you to evenly distribute the product, even without having professional skills in the field of nyl-stylistics.

gel varnish shellac canni

Canni - gel-lacquer, the price for which is quiteis a bright example of high-quality manicure products for home use. That is why it is recommended even by professionals in the field of manicure skills.

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