Can I make love during pregnancy?

How many myths go around this topic! Can I make love during pregnancy? Someone refuses, in order not to harm the baby, someone of moral and ethical reasons does not do this. But doctors strongly advise sex during pregnancy, explaining this with positive points for mother and baby. Sexologists point out the need to maintain a close relationship between a husband and wife. So, let's follow the train of medical thoughts to make the right conclusion.

Medicine, sex and pregnancy

Well, let's get to the facts in support of sex during pregnancy. Can I make love during pregnancy?

If during sex you are afraid to harm the baby, do not worry about him. The embryo is protected by the fetal bladder and amniotic fluid. A cervical cap closes the cervix, so that it is impossible to reach and harm the child.

As for hormones, making love during pregnancy reduces the effects of cortisol, a stress hormone. It has an adverse effect on pregnant women and children.Therefore, you can easily get rid of it through sex.

Let's talk about physical activity. Sex for a pregnant woman is a good opportunity to be in shape and easy to lose weight after giving birth. You can also improve immunity and health by increasing the level of immunoglobulin A, which protects against flu and colds. And yet - sex during pregnancy relieves stress and improves sleep.

And about the pleasant! Products of orgasm - the hormones oxytocin and endorphin, are produced only directly during intercourse. Why deprive yourself of pleasant moments, good mood and the feeling that life is beautiful during pregnancy? If the doctor did not talk about sex during pregnancy, be sure to try! Some women experience orgasm for the first time, making love during pregnancy. How wonderful to feel attractive, desirable, despite the cute tummy and whims!

An important factor in regular sex during pregnancy is the strengthening of family ties. A woman with gentle touches assures her husband of love and that she really needs him, especially now.

Emotions and poses

It’s no secret that a woman, pregnant or not, is very emotional, and a positive attitude is important to her. The hormone of happiness, endorphin, which is released from the mother during sex, goes to the child and has a very beneficial effect on him. Therefore, future moms do not worry about the baby, do not think about whether you can make love during pregnancy, choose a comfortable posture for both spouses.

Remember that pregnant women cannot lie on their backs during sex. Try lying on your side, on top of your partner, on all fours. Take care not to pinch the belly. Experiment and have fun. And if it is good for you, it will be good for the baby.

But if the doctor has seen at least one reason for sexual rest, follow the recommendations of a specialist. What could be the reasons for contraindicating lovemaking during pregnancy? If you find the placenta previa, the threat of miscarriage in the early stages, blood discharge from the vagina, cervical failure, if you yourself feel discomfort, pain during or after sex.

At the beginning and at the end of pregnancy, be especially sensible.Make wise decisions and correctly combine pregnancy and sex.

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