Can I get pregnant from mucus?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
December 28, 2012
Can I get pregnant from mucus?

Many who practice unprotected sex (without contraception) are tormented by the question of whether they can become pregnant from the mucus that is excreted in a man during intercourse. We will talk about this in this article.

Immediately, we note that male secretions contain a small amount of sperm. It depends mainly on the physiology of a specific representative of the strong half of humanity. In addition, the content of "tadpoles" in the mucus increases if several sexual acts go in a row. All this means that the probability of an unplanned pregnancy in this case exists. During the first sexual intercourse, it is extremely small, but, nevertheless, there are situations when a girl's egg cell is inseminated without sperm, as such. As a result, there was no full sexual intercourse, but there is a pregnancy.

Contraception is the only way to avoid problems.

If you do not plan to have children in the short term, you need to be protected in any case.According to statistics, interrupted sexual intercourse (the penis is removed from the vagina before the onset of ejaculation) provides only 73 percent of the reliability, while the condom 98! The difference is more than palpable. Almost the third part of couples practicing PAP sooner or later become hostages of an unplanned pregnancy. Therefore, think ten times before having interrupted sex. In addition, the fact that the condom reliably protects against all kinds of sexually transmitted infections is also important. This is especially true if you often change sexual partners.

Given the current diversity of contraceptives, there should be no problems with the choice of "protection". If you do not like condoms or you are allergic to them, use birth control pills, special spirals, vaginal suppositories ... It is better to be safe, because an unplanned pregnancy can seriously affect your plans and the future, in general. Therefore, do not bother with questions whether you can become pregnant with mucus - just use contraception during sexual intercourse.

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