"Calvin Klein": perfume with character

Kelvin Klein began to create back in the 60's. Then he and his friend Barry Schwartz created a trademark, initially focused exclusively on clothing. The first revolution occurred when Kelvin contrived to create from workers, in fact, jeans pants - super-sexy and at the same time democratic clothing. The second revolutionary revolution Klein produced with the introduction of the style of unisex, popular among urban teenagers. In his work he departs from glamor - only clean, clear lines, minimalism and conciseness, and on the way out there is refinement and unobtrusive sexuality. This trend has shifted to accessories from "Calvin Klein": perfume for women and men, glasses, underwear, watches.

Calvin Klein perfume

We will talk only about fragrances herethis fashion house. The image of the creator as a "benefactor of moral principles" has passed to the perfume "Calvin Klein". They are attractive and individual, expressing themselves a symbol of the ultramodern era - to be a person, not to meet standards, to be an individual, liberated and free in their manifestations. Klein creates fragrances unisex, but also perfume compositions "For her" and "For him." In them, men are brutal, and women seem to be elves-nymphets.

What was once considered a bold find, alreadyhas long been a classic from "Calvin Klein". The spirits of this house can be either floral or fresh, oriental and sweet, as well as fruit or astringent. But they are equally dope, enveloped with an invisible trail, giving the wearer a bright note of individuality. Among the products of this house you can choose flavors for summer and for winter, both for young, bud-looking teenage girls, and for women who have already reached their heyday.

Calvin Klein perfume for women

It is interesting that alltrifles: the shape and color of the bottle are tied to the fragrance, create an organic whole with it. This is the whole "Calvin Klein" - the perfume from this company is not applied by external polishing, they are part of a person's nature. If they are alien to the owner, they will not open. Take at least the composition "Sheer Beauty": it is suitable for sentimental, sensual women. A sweet but gentle fragrance causes associations with a beautiful naked body, with the softness and smoothness of its lines. The first chords are juicy fruits of peach and red berries. Sensual jasmine and bergamot, peony and tender lily are hidden in the heart of the composition. And in the train goes the sweetness of vanilla, the sexuality of musk and the languor of sandalwood.

Another novelty from "Calvin Klein" - perfume "CKIN2U HER "represent the generation of the 21st century, chatting makes people close to each other, regardless of the boundaries and distances separating them.The individuality is the main thing in the modern world.No matter how you look, it's important who you are.The composition simply explodes with bergamot spray, currant leaves and pink grapefruit juice.The main theme is a white cactus and a white orchid, and in the final chords the neon amber, red cedar and vanilla souffle sounds.

Perfume Calvin Klein

Fans of style unisex will probably have totaste the new development of the house "Calvin Klein" - the perfume "CK IN2U HEAT". A wonderful choice for the summer season. Especially revealed in hot, hot nights with a bright cocktail of martini and apples. In the core of the composition is hidden a mysterious mixture of sandalwood, cedar, ginger and orchid. And for these macho fragrance "Obsession for Men" is suitable.

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