Calorie mashed potatoes per 100 grams

Every third woman in the world needs to lose weight, and more than half of the female population strictly follows her figure, trying to abandon the use of spices and other additives in dishes. In this case, the fair sex are counting calories. For example, do you know what is the calorie content of mashed potatoes? It is very difficult to refuse this fragrant side dish during a diet! You shouldn’t deprive yourself of tasty food, it’s enough to avoid using such fat components as butter and milk in the recipe.

How to make mashed potatoes?

The preparation of any dish should be approached very responsibly. The acquisition of quality products is certainly the most important point, but the algorithm of actions in the kitchen should also be thought out in advance. If you are on a diet, count calories. Mashed potatoes for milk has an energy value of 90 kcal, and with butter - 120 kcal.If these figures do not frighten you at all, stock up with all the products and start preparing a side dish.

calorie mashed potatoes on water

Boil potatoes in purified form in salted water. Melt the butter and whip the egg, cook the milk. Optionally, add chopped dill and onion roasting. Put the hot potatoes in another container and chop with a rolling pin, periodically adding milk, beaten egg, melted butter. Continue to beat the mixture until the mashed potatoes turn out (the caloric value per 100 grams will be 132 kcal).

Three cooking methods

In the kitchen, the hostess should have all the necessary equipment with which you can make a dish of any complexity and consistency. To get the perfect mashed potatoes with a caloric content of 80 to 130 kcal, you can use three devices - each of them has its advantages, and which one to prefer, you decide.

calorie mashed potatoes with milk

  1. Mixer.With the help of this indispensable kitchen unit you can make mashed potatoes of any kind. Place the hot boiled potatoes in the bowl and add the egg, butter, milk and spices.In a few minutes you will have a great side dish ready. Calorie mashed potatoes, prepared in this way will be 132 kcal.
  2. Sieve. Rubbed products are great for children and the elderly. True, it will not be possible to skip an egg with butter through a sieve, but potato mash will be more dietary - only 80 kcal per 100 grams.
  3. Wooden tolkushka With its help you can make mashed potatoes of any uniformity. This method is much faster than wiping through a sieve.

Calorie mashed potatoes: independent calculation

Having preliminary data on the energy value of all products, it will be easy for you to find out the amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and other components in the finished dish. The table shows the calorie content of mashed potatoes with regard to additional ingredients (milk, butter, eggs) per 1.5 kg and 100 grams. Knowing this data, you can at any time be able to calculate the energy value of a portion of any weight.


The weight




Calorie content


1 kg





Pasteurized milk

500 ml






1 PC.





Butter (melted)

5 teaspoons





Overall rate

1.5 kg





The rate of 100 grams





Thus, the calorie content of mashed potatoes with milk and butter, prepared according to this recipe with the addition of one egg, will be 132 kcal per hundred gram. If you exclude one of the components, the energy value of the garnish will be significantly less.

Calorie mashed potatoes on the water. The best recipe for a diet

mashed potatoes in butter calorie

Boil several peeled potato tubers in lightly salted water. Without chilling, roll the potatoes. A pinch of black pepper and salt will enhance the flavor of the garnish. The calorie content of mashed potatoes on water prepared in this way will be only 80 kcal. Combine this side dish with boiled or raw vegetables, a small piece of fish. During the diet, do not serve it with meat components or bread, refuse fatty sauces, and then in a short time you will be able to bring your body in order.

Dietary mashed potatoes "Original"

mashed potatoes calorie per 100 grams

While losing weight, you should avoid eating salt and other spices that may adversely affect the figure. However, not everyone will be able to completely refuse fragrant seasoning, because then the dishes will become completely tasteless.If you do not recognize the side dishes without spices, cook the original mashed potatoes: calories per 100 grams will be only 80 kcal. The secret is to add unique ingredients, thanks to which the puree becomes tasty and fragrant even without the use of butter and milk. Boiled celery, mint, green peas, green onions, sage, bell pepper, lemon juice and nutmeg are spices that are not only harmless, but also useful during the diet. By adding them to the puree made on the water, you will greatly improve the taste of the garnish and will be happy to savor this dish.

Vegetable, mushroom and meat gravy to potatoes: preparation method and calorie content

In some cases, the side dish is less dietary than the main course. The energy value of stewed vegetables will be only 50 kcal, whereas the caloric content of mashed potatoes, cooked in water, is 80 kcal. Chop the eggplant, green beans, zucchini, carrots, onions and place them in the pan. Stew in the sunflower oil with the addition of tomato paste and spices. Serve the cooked vegetable stew with mashed potatoes.

calorie mashed potatoes

Mushroom sauce is also recommended to be served with high-calorie side dishes. Depending on the variety, mushrooms can be used fried, boiled or canned. What is the output of the dish will be calorie? Mashed potatoes, cooked with milk, have an energy value of 90 kcal, and in stewed mushrooms - a little more than 60 kcal.

If you are not afraid for your figure and prefer to use fat gravy to the side dish, grilled meat is just what you need. It will be a great addition to the delicate mashed potatoes, but keep in mind that its caloric content is almost 200 calories. Optionally, you can replace the meat with sausage or sausages.

Grandma's Mashed Potatoes Recipe: Calorie

mashed potatoes calorie

"It is not easy to be a grandson!", - say those who spend their summer time in a country house with their elderly relatives. Grandmothers, as a rule, cook all the dishes in butter, after which slender girls gain extra pounds. If you really want to treat yourself to something tasty and homemade, make your own mashed potatoes in butter (calorie - 120 kcal) or milk (90 kcal). In small quantities, it certainly does not hurt the figure, but you should not abuse this delicacy every day.

Butter is added to hot boiled potatoes along with milk and spices. Keep in mind that the cooled side dish will become harder. Great "grandmother's" mashed potatoes taste better than in the most expensive restaurants. For flavor add dill and parsley.

What is useful mashed potatoes?

calorie mashed potatoes with milk and butter

This side dish is the most delicious, but also one of the most high-calorie. A mashed potato prepared according to an improved recipe, with a caloric content of 80 to 130 kcal (depending on the amount of additional ingredients), nourishes the human body with microelements. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus have a beneficial effect on the skin, teeth and bones. Despite the fact that potatoes are mainly composed of carbohydrates and starch, do not completely abandon it. We should not also forget that mashed potatoes contain vitamins A and C, so that the use of this side dish is not only harmless, but also useful. Bon Appetit!

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